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        Head of Neighbourhood Services

      Housing and Regeneration Department

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Job Description

Person Specification
                              Job Description
Job Title: Head of Neighbourhood      Prepared by:
Business Unit: Housing Services       Date: 18 November 2011
Grade: SMG3
    Purpose of the job: Deliver a value for money, high quality
      neighbourhood service, which provides excellent customer contact,
      improves satisfaction and enhances the quality of life and opportunity
      for residents.
Key Responsibilities:
   1. To deliver an integrated approach to neighbourhood management and
      business plans for Neighbourhood Services which enables
      achievement of corporate plans and targets and against which
      progress can be clearly measured.
   2. To ensure very effective and appropriate enforcement of tenancy
      terms and conditions, including the detection and prevention of illegal
      occupancy to reduce costs and sustain and improve the quality of life
      for residents.
   3. To deliver a high quality, responsive, multi functional customer contact
      service, working closely with Property Services and contractors, to
      ensure that customer service standards are met and customer
      satisfaction is continuously improved.
   4. To deliver an anti social behaviour service which deters, prevents,
      stops and addresses the underlying causes of anti social behaviour by
      taking decisive action in partnership with key stakeholders so that the
      quality of life an opportunity for residents is improved.
   5. To lead resident engagement so that residents are involved in the
      development of strategies, policies and plans and resident satisfaction
      is continuously improved.
   6. To prepare and agree the budget for Neighbourhood Services, identify
      and deal with over spends and deliver ways to improve value for
      money by reducing costs and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
   7. To develop and maintain effective relationships with relevant
      stakeholders, Council, contractors, internal and external customers
      (tenants and leaseholders), colleagues, residents groups and
      community organisations.
   8. To regularly report on key performance indicators a range of forums
      and meetings, committees and steering groups to ensure effective and
      timely decision making and demonstrate continuous improvement in
      service delivery.
   9. Manage the performance and development of the Neighbourhood
      Team, ensuring that all team members have clear objectives and
      targets, through regular reviews and appraisals in order to improve
      service delivery and customer satisfaction.
   10. Build an effective team through leadership and personal example so
       that team members are fully engaged and prepared to go the extra
   11. Ensure good practice is identified deployed to achieve best in class
       service status. Champion innovation and creativity in the design and
       delivery of services. Critically assess and challenge current service
       delivery methods and implement any changes to improve performance
       and reduce costs

The post holder will report to the Director of Housing Services. He or she will
be responsible for 80+ staff,

Post holder is responsible for a total budget for people, premises and supplies
of £5m
The post holder is responsible for delivering effective neighbourhood
management to 18,000 homes across the Borough, effective involvement of
the residents occupying those homes and for 1,300 incidents of anti social

Nature and Scope
   1. Attend formal and informal meetings, often in the evening, both
      internally and externally, with officers, Councillors and customers as
   2. Participate in all relevant training as required.
   3. Develop and deliver policies and procedures and all statutory
      requirements with particular regard to financial regulations &
      procedures and lettings protocols.
   4. Maintain a working knowledge of the Health and Safety at Work Act
      and associated legal requirements and regulations and promote
      compliance with and high standards of Health and Safety
   5. Responsible for responding to emergencies, in or outside of normal
      office hours to ensure that the impact on residents is minimised, and to
      assist with the setting up and running of rest centres, as required.
   6. To ensure the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, Local
      Government Act 2000 (Access to Information) and related regulations
operate, and guide users in relation to confidentiality of information.
Organisation chart
                                Director of Housing

                                    Head of

Neighbour Services                          Neighbourhood           Sheltered Housing
     Manager                               Services Manager
 (Hammersmith)                                 (Fulham)

              Housing Manager                           Housing Manager
                    (X2)                                      (X2)

                          Tenancy Management                              Tenancy Management
                             Officers (X10)                                  Officers (X10)

                Hammersmith                                    Fulham
                  Reception                                   Reception
                     x5                                          x5

                     A track record of business planning, budget management and
                     assessing and managing risk.
                     A good understanding and knowledge of housing, anti social
                     behaviour and other relevant legislation and regulatory frameworks
                     within housing together with evidence of a clear understanding of all
                     aspects of Neighbourhood Services and customer contact
                     Significant experience in strategic management and achieving
                     sustainable improvements, sometimes in challenging circumstances,
                     with the ability to translate strategic objectives into operational plans.
                     A successful record of developing new opportunities, leading and
                     managing change, including developments associated with the
                     implementation of neighbourhood management strategies.
                     Proven success in developing effective working relationships,
                     partnerships with other agencies and communicating and influencing
and                  A successful record of establishing a positive performance culture,
Experience           effective performance and service quality that involves users and
                     providers in driving up standards and performance.
                     Evidence of success in promoting equal opportunities through
                     innovative, integrated and client/community focused service provision.

                     A successful track record and substantial background of consistent
                     achievement as a senior manager in housing management services
                     including evidence of a clear understanding of the statutory and
                     regulatory functions.

                     A track record of business planning, budget management and
                     assessing and managing risk.

                     Significant experience in strategic management and achieving
                     sustainable improvements, sometimes in challenging circumstances,
                     with the ability to translate strategic objectives into operational plans.
                     A degree or appropriate professional qualification within the remit of
Qualifications       neighbourhood services with evidence of continuous professional
& Training           development (CPD).

                     Learns and develops


                     Continuously improves

                 Delivers results

                 Customer focus

                 Takes responsibility


                 Self management


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