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                                   Rewards Policy
(This policy should be read in conjunction with the policies on Behaviour and Learning &


Everyone feels better after a pat on the back and here at Caton Community we
believe that rewarding good learning, behaviour and attitudes contributes to
happy children and a happy school.
Yes we have high expectations and it goes without saying that we expect all
children to try their best, be kind, helpful and trustworthy but we acknowledge that
rewarding children for doing just that will nurture those attributes further.


   Reward positive attributes
   Acknowledge special occasions
   Educate children about ‘treats’
   Develop self-motivation

What the school will do

    Positive praise for any observed positive attribute.
    Certificates will be given for a range of learning and positive behaviour
    House points
           These will be given for exceptional learning, attitude and behaviour by
            any member of staff and collected individually by children in each
           Individual certificates will be given for 25 (Bronze), 50 (Silver), 100
            (Gold) house points.
           Gold Award winners to receive an item from the ‘Golden Box’
           Collective House rewards at the end of each term – joint activity such
            as ‘Popcorn Party’

    Stickers may be given at the teacher’s/Head Teacher’s discretion for positive
    attributes. Welfare staff will also give stickers for good behaviour, manners
    and eating habits at lunchtime.

   Golden Box
          Children will receive stickers for a variety of learning activities at the
           teacher’s discretion (home reading, learning times tables etc.). On
           receiving 10 stickers the child’s name will go into the Golden Book and
           have the chance to pick a prize from the box at the end of the week.
          Children who demonstrate the most resilience by completing the most
           learning tasks at the end of a week will choose a prize from the box.
          Staff will nominate children for excellent learning/attitude/demonstration
           of the 5Rs and put their names in the Golden Book– these children will
           choose a prize at the end of the week.
          Prizes will be quality assured by staff and will reflect a range of
           interests and diversity.
          We are a Healthy School but believe that this should not preclude
           children from receiving sweets as a treat on an infrequent basis in
           order to learn about ‘treating yourself’ and moderation.
          Items which reflect early sexualisation, gun/knife crime will be

          Each child will receive a gift and card on their birthday which will be
           presented during lunchtime break.
          Presents will be age appropriate and quality assured by staff. They will
           reflect a range of interests and diversity.
          Items which reflect early sexualisation, gun/knife crime will be

What parents will do

   Support the school by celebrating any successes their children achieve.
   Acknowledge the successful attributes and good behaviours recorded on
   certificates and stickers by asking what they are for and offering praise at
   Talking to their child/children about the behaviours that attract rewards and
   that they need to be earned.
   Share their own successes and how they’ve been rewarded
   Support the school through explaining that praise comes in many forms and
   not to always expect material rewards.

   What the children will do

      Share their successes with parents and family by taking home certificates and
      showing stickers.
      Explain what they got their certificates and stickers for.
      Praise others for learning and good attitude by saying ‘well done for xxx’.
      Take note of the things they’re rewarded for and strive to do these things
      more often.
      Understand that praise comes in many forms and not to always expect
      material rewards.

  What governors will do

      Support the school in delivering the policy effectively by upholding its values
      and reviewing the policy every 3 years.

      Act as users of the policy when in and around school.

This policy will be reviewed by the Head Teacher, staff and Governing Body
every 3 years.

Shabnam Cadwallender
Head Teacher                                                   October 2011

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