electrical engineering by ya60e53


									Thesis Title: analysis of micro machine's          Date:9/8/2008
operation in MEMS systems

                               Micro machines appeared in
Student Name: Mohammad zia     technology in the last two decades and
                               introduced itself as a new end modern
Student Number:81149607        technology that most of the medical
                               equipments, robots satellites and so on
Program of Study: electrical   used this kind of technology now.
engineering                    micro machines and micro actuators
                               are subset of MEMS that their motive
Field of Study: power          are resulting forces by electrostatic
                               forces (90 percent of electrical field )
Thesis Advisor: Dr. karimi     Motion of micro actuators in the
                               structure of MEMS are linear or
Thesis Co-Advisor              rotational than in linear motion, we
                               used the micro motors with
Thesis Consultant:             electrostatical, magnostatical
                               ,pizostatical and electromagnetical
Second Student:                mechanisms . measurement of force
                               and torque in this kind of linear and
Keywords: Micromachines,       rotational systems is on of important
MEMS, Microactuators,          parameters that discussed in detail in
microsystem                    this thesis

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