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									Asthma Educator Day
    May 7, 2012
Who are Asthma Educators?

 Nurses
 Respiratory Therapists
 Nurse Practitioners
 Physicians
 Social Workers
 Pharmacists
 Physician Assistants
Where would you find an
Asthma Educator?

 In offices
 In clinics
 In schools
 In hospitals
 In pharmacies
 In the community
What does an Asthma
Educator do?

 Educate
 Encourage
 Empower
Asthma Educators
 They teach patients:
   self-management skills to help keep them out of
    the Emergency Department and the hospital.
   what asthma is.
   how to avoid triggers that may cause or worsen
    their asthma.
   how and why they use their medication.
Asthma Educators
Encourage patients by:
 developing a partnership.
 developing a trusting relationship.
 working to develop a management plan they
  can follow in their everyday life.
 encouraging them to enjoy an active life.
Asthma Educators
 They give patients the information they need
  to manage their asthma.
 They give patients the tools they need to
  improve and live a good quality of life.
Happy Asthma Educator Day!

 Do you know an Asthma Educator
    who has made a difference?

  Thank an Asthma Educator
    The Association of Asthma Educators is the premier interdisciplinary
professional organization raising the competency of individuals who educate
                   patients and families affected by asthma   .

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