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					Micro Niche Site – The Plan
     Written By: TheArticleMen

Welcome to the Micro Niche Site Plan. In this pdf we hope to give you a brief plan to get you on
your way to those ranking positions you desire. As you know Google loves quality content and
Authority Sites so we aim to guide you through the basics of on-site and off-site SEO optimization.

As we provide MNS Sites (micro niche sites) with EMD (exact match domains) we give you that
little advantage to help you rank. We cannot give you services for backlinking but with every micro
niche site you purchase from us we give you the following:

    EMD with high CPC and Low competition.
    Unique high quality articles.
    On-site SEO Optimization.
    Bookmark your domain using our software to give you a head start.
    Ping your website to 100's of servers to get you indexed faster.
    An initial guide to building links

                                     On-site SEO Plan
Well we provide the initial On-Site SEO with a few special plugins and modifications.
    All in One SEO Pack
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Simple Sitemap
    Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny
    Facebook Button Plugin

For each new article written we advise you to update your site map and your meta tags for each
article to continue the On-site SEO.

How to do this?

It’s really simple just follow the instructions below:

Add new post – Place your article – Scroll down to the bottom and add your Meta title,
Description, Tags. And Publish.

Each post will show a Facebook/Sharelike Button that your guests can click to spread the word.
Now let’s go through a few of the SEO plugins for you:

Simple Sitemap is a basic plugin that shows every page and post on your site on one page and this
is placed on your sites right/left side bar; GOOGLE loves this as it makes it quicker and easier to
index and crawl your site.

Tips – Each time you add a new page/post update your sitemap from the admin plugins section.

Google XML Sitemap – This plugin is more for backdoor access for Google to search your site and
gather specific keywords to help rank your content. You will need to generate the sitemap and
submit it to your Google webmaster tools account.

ShareButton Plugin – We are all aware that Facebook/twitter is the 2 top social networks around.
This plugin is a simple tool that integrates a Share/Like/Tweet button so your users can share your
content. The advantage is it should give you a backlink automatically. Some will be do-follow and
some no-follow but hey its FREE traffic right?

So to sum up the On-Site SEO:

1. Always update your Sitemaps.
2. Always update your Meta Tag/Descriptions for ALL posts and pages.

Now we do offer FREE bookmarking for all new websites. But do you really want to rely on
someone else to do your work for a fee? Or would you like to minimalize future costs?

Bookmarking is a must task for all new websites. So we would advise you to take a look at the
following software and choose one you like and purchase for future websites and for future
months as you will be advised to bookmark your site once per month.

Bookmark Demon:

Bookmarking Plan

    Bookmark your site to your software’s database.
    Every 30 days repeat this step in order to update the bookmark sites with your new
    Write long descriptions about your site on the bookmark software.

That’s really all there is to do for bookmarking; once every 30days. We have ranked a site to first as
a test with just bookmarking and no backlinks. So it sure is a great SEO boost and start to your new
                                   Social Submission
1: Social Bookmarking Sites

A VERY good and popular way to get your website listed on Google is through social bookmarking
websites such as Not only do these sites give your website exposure, but they also
create tons of backlinks. These sites are indexed by Google pretty regularly, and so your
submissions stand a good chance of being indexed quickly. 3 simple steps of getting setup on social
bookmarking sites are:

   If it applies, make sure to optimize your article / post headlines for maximum interest. (see: "10
Sure-fire Headline Formulas That Work")
   Got to to sign up for, and submit your website to, social bookmarking
   Make sure to submit your major articles and posts (but don't overdo it!).
   Make sure to add friends and comment on other posts / articles. The more friends that you
have, and quality posts and votes that you've made, the more chance you have to get traffic (and
backlinks) to your website.

2: Hubpages & Squidoo

Squidoo and Hubpages are both websites that provide users with one webpage to write about any
topic. This is pretty useful since, just like the social bookmarking sites, these sites are indexed
regularly and rank pretty high on Google. A good strategy is to submit articles that include links
back to your website, to these sites as pages. Submit articles with enough quality and people will
link back to your Squidoo and Hubpages sites.

Summary: Submit your site to the following
                                    Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a great way to advertise and create backlinks. A Secret: There is usually a lot
less competition for the ranking of videos in searches, than the ranking of websites. So there is A
LOT of potential to get yourself noticed. Not only will people link to and view your videos, but they
will sometimes put your videos on their websites as well! 3 steps to creating backlinks through
videos are:

Sign up for the video website and enter information about your website in your website profile.
Post funny, shocking, or informative videos that have to do with your website. Make sure to use
software like Camtasia to edit the video so that it includes a branded watermark (An example:
BigBadBully: Teach Your Dog To Sit).

Make sure to also post your videos to your blog or website with added text.

(YouTube and Google Video are great websites to create backlinks)

                                  Cheeky Backlinks ;)
Here are a few tasks to do once your sites up and running to get you a couple of FREE high PR
websites pointing to your blog/website.
Enter the following URL into your web browser, replacing "" with your domain
                                         Your Tasks

Ok guys this is a few tasks for you to do to help you on your way. I assume you have done all of the
above and look into the video marketing and purchasing the tools we suggest. So here’s a little list
of to do once your site is up and running

Backlinks: As a new site for the first month you should work on building 10-15 backlinks per day.
These can range from commenting on edu/.com/org/gov blogs in your niche. To find these blogs
simply navigate to Google and search the terms powered by wordpress"niche keyword".

Find a few blogs write a few comments leaving your site link and submit :) to check the PageRank
of the site we advise this tool :link to clickbank tool: HIGH PR blogs PR2+ to comment on is a must.
So always check the blog page rank before you comment.

NOTE: Most free software and tools give the wrong results so we advise to use recommended

Forum Profile Links 5 per day: Forum profile links are a great way to get a high range of quality
backlinks. It’s a simple task and anyone can do this. Simply search for forums in your keywords on
Google. Check the PageRank again as always by using this tool :link to clickbank tool: then simply
filter your high ranked forums onto notepad. Register on the forum edit your profile add your
website link and edit your forum signature with your keyword anchor text and your website link.
For example : lose weight fast
Then start to post and join conversations on the forum each time you post you link is posted to so
you gain an easy backlink.

This is all we really can share for new sites as we do not want to see you sandboxed by Google.
Once your first month is passed start to build more and more links or email us: to purchase further SEO services.

Tools we believe you should buy: - Bookmark demon - Magic Submitter By Alexandr Krulik - Magic Article Rewriter And Magic Article Submitter - Video submission software for video marketing - Auto Forum Poster - Automated Social Bookmarking And Blog Commenting
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