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									 DECEMBER 2009 • ISSUE 0008                                     A PUBLICATION FOR VOTING MEMBERS OF MARYLAND FARM BUREAU

   Ocean City gathering
   features hot topics
   and top speakers
       Maryland Farm Bureau members will gather for education, enter-                   French Visit
   tainment and policy making during the 94 Annual Meeting and Conven-                  Bruno Le Maire, left, French Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries,
                                                                                        recently made a visit to Chuck Fry’s Rocky Point Farm in Tuscarora to discuss
   tion at the Clarion Resort Hotel in Ocean City. The event will be held
                                                                                        farming issues in the U.S. Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Buddy Hance,
   December 6 to 9, 2009.                                                               center, was on hand for the event with Fry, at right. The French entourage viewed
       Changes in the traditional schedule include a move to hold the Young             Fry’s dairy operation as well as his turkey raising facility.
   Farmers and Women’s Leadership Committee meetings concurrently on
   Sunday, December 6th. The two groups will share an opening luncheon
   and speaker at 12:30 p.m.
       Maryland Farm Bureau President Mike Phipps welcomes all mem-                  All Aboard for the New and
   bers to attend and participate in the many activities planned at the
   convention, including several interesting break-out sessions. Other               Improved CREP
   highlights will include committee meetings, discussion on resolutions and
   the annual awards banquet.                                                        By Royden N. Powell, III
                                                      (continued on page 4)          Assistant Secretary,
                                                                                     Maryland Department of Agriculture

Exciting Lineup for AFBF Annual                                                          If you are a farmer or landowner looking to earn additional income from your
                                                                                     land, don’t let this train leave the station without you. Recent changes to
Meeting in Seattle                                                                   Maryland’s Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) now provide
                                                                                     even more financial incentives to farmers who remove environmentally-sensitive
    Climate change legislation, livestock care issues and social media tools will    cropland from production for 10 to 15 years and plant streamside buffers, protect
be at the forefront of topics discussed during conferences at the American Farm      highly erodible land or establish wetlands to safeguard local streams.
Bureau Federation’s 91st annual meeting, Jan. 10-13, in Seattle, Wash. AFBF              CREP, a federal-state conservation program, was reauthorized and re-
President Bob Stallman will deliver his annual address on Sunday, Jan. 10, during    vamped earlier this year to help even more farmers stabilize and protect marginal
the general session.                                                                 crop and pastureland. By simplifying program requirements, increasing land
    The exciting conference lineup includes Christopher Horner’s “story behind       rental rates and offering a one-time signing bonus of up to $200 an acre, CREP
the story,” Global Warming: A Red Hot Lie?, on Sunday. Horner, a frequent            helps landowners reduce soil erosion, protect water quality and create wildlife
guest on national news shows, has testified before Congress, spoken to the           habitat while earning dependable income from enrolled lands. It’s a good invest-
European Parliament and is the best-selling author of two widely acclaimed           ment choice for landowners looking to supplement farm earnings with steady
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        Maryland Farm Bureau
                                                  Farm Certified Agents Show Commitment
          W. Michael Phipps, President
     Patricia Langenfelder, 1st Vice President
                                                  to Customers
          Chuck Fry, 2nd Vice President
       Mel Hollingsworth, Administrator
                                                       The better your insurance agent knows and understands your farming operation, the more he or she can act as your trusted
                    Directors                     partner helping ensure you have the insurance coverage you need while helping keep your farm insurance costs reasonable.
           Glenn Stahlman, Allegany                    Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company developed its On Your Side Farm Certification program toward this goal. A
         Jeffrey Griffith, Anne Arundel           farm certified agent is trained to work closely with you to identify farm risks, and to help you prevent losses before they occur.
         Ross Moreland, Anne Arundel
              Keith Wills, Baltimore              That can keep you and your family safer, and can benefit your bottom line.
               Walt Wells, Calvert                     Along with exclusive training on different types of farm operations, including buildings, equipment, crop and livestock types,
          Harry Moreland III, Caroline            and the coverage available to protect them, On Your Side Farm Certified agents are asked to make service commitments to
             David W. Beall, Carroll
                Joe Kuhn, Carroll
                                                  their customers. Farm certified agents are trained to provide customers with:
              Wayne Stafford, Cecil                   · A personalized risk assessment report
               Pat Wathen, Charles                    · An annual insurance review
          Brinsfield Lowe, Dorchester
                                                      · Follow-up calls after a claim or coverage changes
          Thomas Browning, Frederick
           Raymond Ediger, Frederick                  · A contact when new farm coverage become available
             Paul D. Miller, Garrett                   Farm certified agents must re-certify every three years to stay current with changes in agriculture and trends in farming
           Samuel Fielder III, Harford            and ranching.
              Howie Feaga, Howard
                Brian Quinn, Kent                      Look for an On Your Side Farm Certified agent for professional service from farm knowledgeable insurance agents. More
         George Lechlider, Montgomery             Nationwide farm insurance agents are becoming certified every week. To find if there is a farm certified agent near you, call
          Chris Parker, Prince George's           800-228-6700. Thirty-one agents in Maryland have recently made the commitment to superior farm protection by becoming On
         Bob McCormick, Queen Anne's
                                                  Your Side Farm Certified.
            Joseph Wood, St. Mary's
             Larry Thomas, Somerset
               Eddie Boyle, Talbot                  City               Agent Name            Agency
             Galen Long, Washington
           William Kenney, Wicomico
           Daniel Holland, Worcester
                                                    Bel Air
                                                                       Peter Crilly
                                                                       John Philip
                                                                                             Peter B. Crilly & Assoc. Ltd.
                                                                                             John Philip Ins.
                                                                                                                                 Get your winter
          Evelyn Wilcom, FB Women
          Elaine Moreland, FB Women
         Brian Johnson, Young Farmers
                                                    Bel Air
                                                                       Mary Lynn Hickey
                                                                       Robert Hulburd
                                                                       Debra Betker
                                                                                             Rick Gerety & Assoc.
                                                                                             Robert G. Hulburd
                                                                                             George E. Messner
                                                                                                                                  citrus savings
         Hannah Amoss, Young Farmers                Bowie              Aubrey Walker         Aubrey R. Walker
                                                    Catonsville        Robin Platte          Michael B. Platte
            Maryland Farm Bureau                    Chestertown        Jessica Strong        Dukes-Moore
                                                                                                                                           Are you interested in
                                                    Cumberland         Janice Smith          Knippenberg Agency
            Susan G. Summers, Editor                Cumberland         Patrick Buck          Knippenberg Agency                                citrus savings?
            12221 Fingerboard Road                  Easton             Mark Nagel            Gregory M. Whitten
             Monrovia, MD 21770
     (301) 865-1045 • Fax (301) 865-1057            Easton             Pam Knopp             Bayside Ins. Assoc.                      The Maryland Farm Bureau
         e-mail: ssummers@comcast.net               Frederick          Mert Adams            Adams Ins.
         Designed by Jennifer C. Hankey,
                                                    Frederick          Sharon Davidson       Davidson Ins.                                 Citrus program is
                 HDI Corporation                    Finksburg          Scott Iannantuono     Scott Anthony Iannantuono
      PO Box 3583 • Frederick, MD 21705
      (301) 668-3333 • (301)668-3334 fax
                                                    Hagerstown         Valen Meadows         Valen R. Meadows                            offering great prices on
       e-mail: jhankey@hdicorporation.net           Hunt Valley        Bernie Schott         Joseph B. Schott
                                                    Hyattsville        Mike Massabni         Massabni Ins & Fin.                            fruit, juice and nuts.
    USPS 012-269-ISSN1080-3556                      Middleton, DE      Roy Crow              Crow Insurance Agency
    (410) 922-3426
    website: www.mdfarmbureau.com
                                                    Oakland            Roger Cummings        David W. Hansford Lutcf                        Contact your local
                                                    Preston            John Todd             Hollingsworth-Riddleberger
    Maryland Farm Bureau Spotlight is               Preston            Henry Brandt          Hollingsworth-Riddleberger                         Farm Bureau
    published monthly by Maryland Farm              Princess Anne      Rick Nelson           Nelson Ins.
    Bureau Inc., 8930 Liberty Road,
    Randallstown, MD 21133-4295.
                                                    Prince Frederick   Carie Polk            Carrie Polk Insurance                        for information on the
                                                    Rising Sun         Marion Miller         Marion Miller & Assoc.
    •POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
    Maryland Farm Bureau Spotlight, 8930
                                                    Rockville          Eric Thompson         Bowerman Ins & Fin.                          December citrus sales.
                                                    Salisbury          Susan Wilgus-Murphy   Wilgus Ins.
    Liberty Road, Randallstown, MD 21133.           Salisbury          Crystal Carpenter     Wilgus Ins.
    •Any editorial material may be                  Salisbury          Billy Staples         William R. Staples
    reproduced with credit to this publication.     Sykesville         Chris Kindilien       Buenger Ins. & Financial
                                                    Waldorf            Rochelle Creighton    TompaCreighton Ins. & Invstmts.
2                                                                                                                                                        www.mdfarmbureau.com
All Aboard for the New and                                                              Making the
Improved CREP                                                                           trip to
(continued frim page 1)
     Many farmers will find the new formula for determining the annual CREP             Ocean City?
land rental payment quite attractive. New this year, landowners receive the local       Route 90 bridge closed
soil rental rate (SRR) plus an additional incentive payment that ranges from 80 to
200 percent of the local SRR, depending on the environmental benefits of the                Before you head for the 94th Maryland Farm Bureau
practice installed.                                                                     Convention, check your map for detour information. The
     Financial help to cover the costs of installing buffers and other best manage-     Route 90 bridge into Ocean City is closed to replace an 85-
ment practices (BMPs) is also available. The Maryland Agricultural Water                foot section over the Assawoman Bay. Officials are re-
Quality Cost-Share (MACS) program will provide landowners with up to 87.5               routing traffic into the resort town on the Route 50 bridge.
percent of the cost to plant buffers, protect highly erodible land install other BMPs       Route 50 will end at North Division Street when you
on enrolled lands. New this year, cost-share to restore wetlands has increased          enter Ocean City. Turn left onto North Division and follow
from 50 to 87.5 percent. Cost-share is even available to help farmers install           until it ends at Coastal Highway. Turn right onto Coastal
livestock fencing, stream crossings and watering troughs to protect local streams       Highway and continue 68 blocks to the Clarion Resort
from animal traffic.                                                                    Fontainebleau Hotel on 101st Street.
     In addition, USDA will provide a one-time practice incentive payment worth
                                                                                             a Cap t
40 percent of the total cost of establishing certain qualifying BMPs. This payment

                                                                                        Bring tion
is in addition to the 87.5 percent cost-share that is available from MACS for most                                                        Don
                                                                                                                        D o n ’t                ’
                                                                                                                                          CAP t
practices. Free technical assistance to install BMPs is provided by local soil                                           CAP              Our

                                                                                                                         Our            Fut
conservation districts.                                                                                                 F u tu re
     At a time when every dollar counts, CREP is an excellent way for Maryland
farmers to protect local waterways and earn extra income. If you have marginal
cropland or pastureland that is next to a stream or highly erodible land that is
within 1,000 feet of a stream you may be eligible to participate in CREP. Keep in           Climate Change bills in both the Senate and House will
mind that CREP also offers easy re-enrollment of expiring CREP or CRP con-              impact farmers and ranchers, hit America’s consumers and
tracts at attractive rates.                                                             impair the economy of our nation. For farmers and ranchers,
     Contact the local soil conservation district or Farm Service Agency to find out    it will mean higher fuel and fertilizer costs, which puts us at a
if you qualify for CREP. Sign-up is ongoing until acreage goals are met. To date,       competitive disadvantage in international markets with other
Maryland landowners have enrolled more than 70,000 acres toward a goal of               countries that do not have similar carbon emission restric-
100,000 acres, so now is the time to get on board with CREP.                            tions. For the future prosperity of the U.S. economy and
                                                                                        American agriculture, climate change legislation must be
                                                           Dairy                        defeated by Congress.
                                                           discussion                       And this is why the American Farm Bureau Federation
                                                                                        has launched the “Don’t CAP Our Future” campaign.
                                                     Governor Martin                        The creative vehicle behind this campaign is the familiar
                                                     O’Malley and                       “farmer cap.” The idea is simple – put a “Don’t CAP Our
                                                     Maryland Secretary                 Future” message sticker on any “farmer cap,” sign the
                                                     of Agriculture Buddy
                                                                                        sticker or cap and hand-deliver it to a U.S. Senate field office
                                                     Hance visited with
                                                                                        in your state.
                                                     dairy leaders to
                                                                                            So bring your new cap to convention – anyone of them
                                                     discuss the current
                                                     crisis in an industry              from your collection of seed companies, tractor brands,
                                                     vital to the state’s               cooperatives, etc. We will have stickers and markers for
                                                     agricultural                       signing available. Members are encouraged to sign each
                                                     economy. Maryland                  other’s caps and then organize a contingent to visit your local
   Farm Bureau Vice President Chuck Fry led the session which was also                  U.S. Senator’s field office on the week of December 14th
   attended by Delegates Paul Stull and Sue Hecht and two Congressional                 and present them.
   aides. The visit came during the Great Frederick Fair.                                   Farm Bureau members are also encouraged to sign the
                                                                                        petition at http://bit.ly/n3EZp that will be presented to the
www.mdfarmbureau.com                                                                                                                                        3
                                    THE ANNUAL MEETING & CONVENTION
Young Farmer and Women’s Speaker Margaret Wolff                                                markets and networking opportunities, works with new and beginning farmers, and assists
1:30 p.m. Sunday, December 6th                                                                 with business development and business planning. She also publishes the “Master Market-
2:30 p.m. Monday, December 7th                                                                 ing” newsletter, maintains two websites and is a regular contributor to the agricultural press.
                                                                                               She has received numerous grants and is currently completing a project funded by the Harry
     Margee Wolf is a training professional known for her enthusiastic,                        S. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology that is geared to help expand value-added and on-farm
interactive presentation style. She has presented training programs to a                       processing opportunities in Maryland. She is a certified NxLevel Entrepreneurial Course
variety of audiences, including farmers, managers, support staff and                           Instructor, a graduate of LEAD Maryland and a former member of the Administrative Council
volunteers, in 48 states. She also serves as a consultant to state Farm                        for USDA’s Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.
Bureaus that are working on long-term projects such as strategic planning.
As Director of Leadership and Program Development for the American Farm Bureau Federa-         Walter Bond
tion, Margee also provides leadership to eight staff members who are responsible for a         1:30 p.m. Monday, December 7th
variety of programs including training, Young Farmers & Ranchers, Women’s and promotion
and education. Margee holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Penn State University and           All of his life, former National Basketball Association (NBA) player
a Master of Science degree in organization development from Loyola University Chicago.         and business owner, Walter Bond’s 6’5" stature and charismatic
She is a certified executive coach and holds the Certified Association Executive designation   presence made people take notice. Now, as a professional speaker, he
from the American Society for Association Executives. She was raised on a dairy farm in        inspires audiences to take action in order to achieve greatness in their
western Pennsylvania, and before joining AFBF in 1997, served as Director of Training for      lives – both personally and professionally. Through pursuing his dream
the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. She, her husband Marty, and their two daughters live in a        to one day play in the NBA, Walter turned every obstacle he faced into
suburb of Washington D.C.                                                                      a learning opportunity. He now applies these personal experiences to his audience’s lives to
                                                                                               help anyone who is ready to help themselves. The former Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons
Nationwide Speaker Timothy J. Corcoran                                                         and Utah Jazz player has inspired audiences across the country and across a wide range of
9:15 a.m. Monday, December 7th                                                                 industries.

     Timothy Corcoran is a board member of Nationwide, one of the                              Matt Scramlin
largest diversified insurance and financial services companies in the                          2:30 p.m. Monday, December 7th
world. He was elected to the board in October 2001. He also serves on
the boards of other Nationwide companies. Tim is owner/partner of                                   Matt Scramlin is Director of Leadership Development for the
Corcoran Farms, chief financial officer of 4C Ventures, LLC, and treasurer                     American Farm Bureau Federation. In this role, he delivers a variety of
of Guardian Vault Services, Inc. He was a member of the Ohio Farm                              leadership development programs and coordinates several national
Bureau Federation board of trustees from 1994 to 2001 and served as treasurer and first vice   programs including the County Activities of Excellence. Before joining
president. Tim is a member of the Ohio Soybean Association, Ross County, Ohio Cattlemen’s      the AFBF, Matt served as the Southeast Regional Representative for
Association, Ohio Corn Growers Association, The Ohio State University Alumni Association       Michigan Farm Bureau. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science
and National Association of Corporate Directors. He received his bachelor’s of science in      from Michigan State University and is a graduate of Reppert’s School of Auctioneering in
agricultural economics in 1980 from The Ohio State University.                                 Indiana. Matt was raised on a sheep farm in Holly, Michigan, and helped operate the family’s
                                                                                               custom mix feed mill. He and his family continue to show and sell registered Southdown
Dana D. York                                                                                   sheep across the country. As a 4-H supporter, Matt volunteers with the Oakland County Fair.
11 a.m. Monday, December 7th                                                                   He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia.

     Dana D. York was selected as the Senior Advisor to the Chesapeake                         Allison Specht
Bay Program in Annapolis in May of 2009. She is a representative to the                        2:30 p.m. Monday, December 7th
Environmental Protection Agency’s Bay Program office for the agency
and the agricultural and forestry communities in the Bay Region. Prior                              Allison Specht serves as American Farm Bureau Federation’s
to coming to Annapolis she served at the Associate Chief for the                               Regulatory and Dairy Economist. On the regulatory side, Allison’s
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) from 2004 to 2009. She joined the NRCS           responsibilities consist of determining and communicating costs and
National Headquarters staff in 1999. In 2001, she became the director of the NRCS Operations   benefits on a variety of agricultural and natural resource issues. As the
Management and Oversight Division. Dana began her 34-year career with the former Soil          department’s dairy economist, Allison conducts market and policy
Conservation Service (SCS) as a student trainee and held various positions with the agency     analysis on dairy industry issues and interacts with industry and
in Tennessee and Ohio, including soil conservationist, district conservationist, State         government stakeholders. Prior to handling these issues, she covered
Resource Conservationist and Deputy State Conservationist. She received a bachelor’s of        economic implications of international trade. Allison previously served as a legislative
science degree in agricultural science from Tennessee Technological University and a           assistant to Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) covering agricultural, environmental and energy
master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Middle Tennessee State            issues and as a lobbyist for AFBF. Allison maintains an active presence on her family’s dairy
University. She resides on the eastern shore of Maryland.                                      farm, Trealayne Holsteins, in Dover, Ohio, where she has bred and exhibited several All-Ohio
                                                                                               Holsteins and a Junior All-American nominee. Allison has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture
Ginger Myers                                                                                   and a master’s degree in agricultural economics from The Ohio State University.
11 a.m. Monday, December 7th

    Ginger S. Myers is the Director of the Maryland Rural Enterprise
Development Center and the Regional Extension Marketing Specialist,
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maryland
Extension. Ginger works with agricultural entrepreneurs, develops new
The Clarion Resort Hotel
      101st Street
 Ocean City, Maryland

                      County Farm Bureau                           Exciting Lineup for AFBF
                      Membership Report                            Annual Meeting in Seattle
                         (As of November 9, 2009)                  (continued from page 1)

                                                                   books on global warming and environmental policy.
                                                                        AFBF remains strongly opposed to congressional climate change legislation.
                         YTD Regular                 YTD All       AFBF has launched the “Don’t Cap Our Future” grassroots campaign to mobilize
    County               Members Paid               Members Paid
                                                                   Farm Bureau members to contact members of Congress to speak out against the
    Allegany                   21                         81       legislation. A member-action booth will feature the campaign during the annual
    Anne Arundel              131                        1213      tradeshow exhibit at the meeting.
    Baltimore                  94                        1681           The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation will be leading a conference titled, A Pro-
    Calvert                    52                        257       active Approach to Livestock Care Challenges, on Sunday. In November,
    Caroline                   57                        238       Ohioans voted overwhelmingly in support of Issue 2, which will create a livestock
    Carroll                   142                        468
                                                                   care standards board within that state. OFBF established the Center for Food and
    Cecil                      50                        250
    Charles                    22                        342       Animal Issues as part of its pro-active strategy in response to efforts by out-of-
    Dorchester                 37                        196       state animal rights groups who desired a ban on certain livestock practices in
    Frederick                 135                        694       Ohio.
    Garrett                    43                         96            Gina Schreck will help shed some light on technology and social trends
    Harford                    84                        605       shaping our world, on Monday. This program is for those who (in the past)
    Howard                     32                        399
                                                                   resisted the “mobile phone” and may still be boggled by social media such as
    Kent                       32                         78
    Montgomery                 71                        1457      Facebook and Twitter. Schreck will answer questions and help those in atten-
    Prince George’s            39                        889       dance discover how to use social media tools effectively to tell their stories.
    Queen Anne’s               45                        150            Bringing a taste of Seattle to the lineup, on Monday Joseph Michelli, Ph.D.
    St. Mary’s                 23                        187       will be sharing his wisdom into the fundamental values and amazing transforma-
    Somerset                   23                        102       tion of the world famous Pike Place Fish Market. When Fish Fly: Lessons from
    Talbot                     35                        202
                                                                   the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market will discuss the remarkable success
    Washington                 37                        267
    Wicomico                   64                        237       it has achieved through its unique culture and marketing strategies. Located
    Worcester                  30                        140       downtown, Pike Place offers an abundance of fresh fish, flowers, produce,
                                                                   pastries and many other delectable treats. It is even the home of the very first
    Maryland Totals          1,299                     10,229      Starbucks.
                                                                        The keynote speaker for this year’s annual meeting is Pittsburgh Steelers
                                                                   football legend and Texas rancher Terry Bradshaw. He will speak at the Monday
                                                                   afternoon general session. Bradshaw is a four-time Super Bowl champion quar-
                                                                   terback, two-time Super Bowl “Most Valuable Player” and Pro Football Hall of
                                                                   Fame member. He owns an 800-acre ranch in Texas, where he raises cattle and
      YOUNG FARMER’S ANNUAL                                        breeds horses.
                                                                        On Tuesday the delegate session will begin to decide what policies will lead
       LEADERSHIP RETREAT                                          AFBF through 2010. As this is an election year, state delegates will also have the
                                                                   opportunity to vote for AFBF president before the convention officially ends on
                         January 22 – 24, 2010
                                                                   Wednesday, Jan. 13.
                                                                        November 24th is the deadline to make your reservations for the American
                      Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay                 Farm Bureau Convention and Annual Meeting. Reservations after the deadline
                                                                   are subject to availability and a late booking fee.
                             100 Heron Blvd.                            A brochure with details of the group package arranged for the Maryland
                       Cambridge, Maryland 21613                   Farm Bureau delegation can be obtained by calling 1-800-248-9012 or by emailing

                            Check-in begins at
                       4 p.m. and welcome at 7 p.m.

6                                                                                                                        www.mdfarmbureau.com
Miss Maryland Agriculture Experience                                                               Farm Management Classes for
By Lisa Daffin
Miss Maryland Agriculture 2008                                                                     Women at Nine Sites in
      “The first farmer was the first man, and all historic nobility rests on possession and use
                                                                                                   Maryland and Delaware
of land.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson
      I want you to think about that. The first man was the first farmer, he had to be to               The University of Maryland Extension and Delaware Cooperative
survive. Most people forget the importance of agriculture in today’s society. They take it for     Extension will conduct Annie’s Project during the winter of 2010 at nine
granted. Without agriculture, we would be naked and hungry. What could be more impor-              sites. Annie’s Project focuses on the many aspects of farm management
tant? Agriculture is our source of life, and to our Maryland farm community, it is our way of      and is designed to empower women in overall farm decision making and
life!                                                                                              to build local networks.
      My year as Miss Maryland Agriculture has truly been an amazing experience. I started              The target audience is farm women with a passion for business,
out my year at the Maryland State Fair. I presented ribbons at the horse show, attended the        agriculture and involvement in the farm operation. Sessions cover the
livestock auction and got to eat plenty of dairy bar ice cream. I was given a VIP behind the       five areas of risk management – production, marketing, financial, legal
scenes look at the Timonium Racetrack and horse races and had dinner with the Governor. I          risk and human resources. This course is open to anyone interested in
met a lot of wonderful people at the state fair, and they all treated me like a queen during my    farm management practices.
stay at the fair!                                                                                       The course includes eight sessions starting on Wednesday, Jan. 27,
      I had the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at an Orioles game, which was so much    2010, from 6 to 9 p.m. (Washington County dates differ) with classroom
fun. The 2008 Miss Maryland Agriculture Court and I got to go out on the field and be              and computer lab work. Sites range from Western Maryland, Central
introduced, and then all eyes were on me to throw out the first pitch! I was so nervous!           Maryland, Southern Maryland and Delmarva. The cost of $50 includes
Don’t worry though, Maryland agriculture should be proud, I threw it over the plate right to       meals and materials. Register by January 8th - space is limited.
the catcher!                                                                                            For more information, visit www.anniesproject.umd.edu or call 410-
      I attended the Maryland Million Horse Race at Laurel Park in October. The day was            758-0166. If you require special assistance to attend the classes, contact
beautiful; I watched the races from the VIP tent and got to meet Andy Griggs, who per-             the site at least two weeks prior.
formed for the halftime entertainment. I helped present the trophy to the winner of the
Maryland Million race along with then-Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Roger Richardson
and had so much fun talking with everyone there.
      I had the honor of presenting the toast at the Maryland Agricultural Education Founda-
tion 20th Anniversary Banquet. I met and spoke with so many people who were very
gracious to me. I knew of the MAEF organization, but I had no idea just how much they do
for agriculture, until I attended the banquet. MAEF is a wonderful organization that truly
supports agriculture education throughout the state.
      In February, I attended the Young Farmers Retreat in Garrett County and had a blast. I
listened in on the discussions and learned a lot. I also attended county banquets around the
state and various events in my home Talbot County.
      These experiences were some of the highlights of my year, but that is not what it was                                                    Lessons learned
about. This past year was about agriculture, Maryland’s agriculture! I traveled the state,                                                     There was a large turn-out for
from the coast to the mountains, and learned so much about Maryland’s diverse agricultural                                                     the recent Maryland Farm
industry. Agriculture is present in many different ways, from dairy to cattle, poultry to swine,                                               Bureau Women’s Leadership
                                                                                                                                               Committee seminar on
grains to greenhouse, nursery to forestry, equine to aquaculture, and vegetables to horticul-
                                                                                                                                               agriculture education. Lead by
ture.                                                                                                                                          Jeanne Mueller of the Maryland
      All across the state, agriculture is represented in many ways. It might be 4-H’ers                                                       Agricultural Education
entering exhibits and animals in their county fairs, or FFA members representing their                                                         Foundation and Pat Robeson of
chapter at a career development event or competing at national convention, or Maryland                                                         the Maryland Geographic
Farm Bureau members testifying in Annapolis on important legislation. One of our best                                                          Alliance, the workshop offered
                                                                                                                                               information and resources for
agricultural showcases is our Maryland State Fair, where thousands can come from across
                                                                                                                                               volunteers to use in their
the state to experience and learn about our great Maryland agricultural industry.                                                              community classrooms.
                                                                     (continued on page 8)

                         Nationwide® Agribusiness Insurance & Maryland Farm Bureau
                                  Working Together to Protect What Matters
www.mdfarmbureau.com                                                                                                                                                        7
                                                                                                   Maryland Farm Bureau
           SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                                                                      8930 Liberty Road, Randallstown, MD 21133-4295                     Presorted
                                                                                                                                                                   First-Class Mail
                                                                                                                                                                     US Postage
 6-9 – Maryland Farm Bureau Convention, Ocean City
                                                                                                                                                                   Permit No. 892
 January 2010
 2 – Wicomico County Young Farmer Consignment Auction, Wright’s Market, Mardela
 10-13 – American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting and Convention, Seattle,
 22-24 – Maryland Farm Bureau Young Farmer Retreat, Hyatt Chesapeake, Cambridge

 February 2010
 9 – Maryland Farm Bureau Day in Annapolis
 20-22 – American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmer and Rancher Leadership
         Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma

 March 2010
 5 – Dorchester County Farm Bureau Banquet, Suicide Bridge Restaurant
 20 – Prince George’s County Farm Bureau Banquet, Baden Volunteer Fire Department

     (To get your county’s activities listed on the calendar, please send the date, event, place
                    and time to Susan Summers at ssummers@comcast.net.)

Miss Maryland Agriculture
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     Holding the position of Miss Maryland Agriculture taught me a lot more about                       When you dress for a cold day or sit down for your next meal, take a moment
Maryland and Maryland agriculture than I could ever imagine. Maryland agricul-                     to think about how important agriculture is to your life. We are blessed to still
ture has some of the most innovative farmers and agriculturalists in the nation                    have a strong agricultural industry in our state. It has truly been an honor to
working to support our industry and protect our environment, and that is some-                     represent Maryland agriculture - the nobility that possesses and uses the land in
thing to be proud of. Most of the farms in Maryland are operated by individuals                    our great state.
or families, not big corporations. This is the main reason that agriculture in
Maryland has so much support from organizations such as the Maryland State
Fair, MAEF, the Maryland Farm Bureau, Maryland Young Farmers, Maryland
State FFA, 4-H and Cooperative Extension. It is the people and families involved
in agriculture that support it the most, because they have so much passion for it.
That is why Maryland agriculture stands out.
     The events and banquets I was able to attend are only part of the experi-
ence. It is the people you meet, the stories you hear and the things you learn at
those events that are the most valuable part of this whole experience! What I
have experienced and learned during this past year is priceless. I would not trade
this experience for anything!
     Both the Maryland State Fair and the Maryland Farm Bureau are tremen-
dous assets to Maryland agriculture, and have provided this opportunity for me.
This has been a great experience and there are a lot of people behind the scenes
that I would like to thank for making this all possible. I would like to thank the
State Fair President Max Mosner, Assistant General Manager Andy Cashman
and the Chairman of the Fair Board Grove Miller. I want to thank the Maryland
Farm Bureau, the Talbot County Farm Bureau, Maryland Young Farmers and
everyone on the Miss Maryland Agriculture Committee. I thank the Berkibile
family for allowing me stay at their house on the way to and from events. I would                               Future Candidates?
also like to thank my parents, John and Kay Daffin, for supporting me my entire                                 Attendance was at capacity during the Campaign
life, especially this past year, and for raising me to appreciate agriculture. I can’t                          Management Seminar sponsored by Maryland Farm
thank you all enough!                                                                                           Bureau in October. Among the trainees from left, are, Ron
     My experience would not have been the same without all of your support. I                                  James of Dorchester County, Kathleen Tabor of Howard
wish the next Miss Maryland Agriculture Rachel Miller the best of luck through-                                 County, Pam Saul of Montgomery County and Tim
out the upcoming year, and even though my year is up, I will continue to support                                Schlauch of Carroll County.
Maryland agriculture because it has given so much to me.

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