Non-Profit Marketing Job Description

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					Non-Profit Marketing Job Description

Non-Profit Marketing Job Profile and Description

Non profit marketing specialist are not only advocates but they re also skilled in
organizing chartable functions. He or she charged with the responsibility of ensuring
that charitable contributions are being properly collected and utilized for the needy
ones. These individuals are employed in different types of non- profit sectors and almost
all of them possess a tremendously strong fundraising skill and the exceptional
specifications which are needed.

Non-Profit Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

Here are the following duties and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by a non
profit marketing specialist:

      The person has to promote human rights of all individuals regardless of race,
       creed, religion, gender or anything else.

      He or she will be responsible for fund raising as wells so has to play an
       instrumental role in the fundraising activities.

      He or she needs to understand the people and their motivations for contributing
       in public relations, fundraising and similar types of activities.

      He or she has to play an important role in marketing for the non-profit

      He or she needs to maintain the collaboration with many peoples such as with
       the local media, contributing to political campaigns and representing the non-
       profit interest groups etc.

      He or she needs to perform the multi tasking job and has to participate in gifting
       requests from individual donors, applying for grants, and hosting special events
       of the non- profit organizations.

Non-Profit Marketing Skills and Specifications

Here are the following skills and specifications required to do the job of a non profit
marketing specialist in a person are as follows:

      The most important requirement in a person is the great planning and
       organizational abilities with the sharp skills.

      He or she should necessarily have great creative sensibilities to do the creative
      He or she needs to have good and exceptional analytical skills to analyze
       everything perfectly.

      The person needs to be excellent communicator and should have the
       communication skills both verbally and written.

      The person should necessarily have the sense of f sales, marketing and
       advertising and the related field as well.

Non-Profit Marketing Education and Qualifications

      The basic degree required to do the job is a Bachelor’s degree in business
       administration with specialization in marketing is imperative.

Non-Profit Marketing Salary

   The salary of Non- profit marketing specialist largely depends on the factors like the
   nature of the employer, location, educational qualifications and years of experience.

      Non- Profit marketing managers in upper level positions earn more than $90,000

      Non- Profit marketing managers who are employed in public relations earn
       between $50,000 and $57,000 per year.

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