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 Introducing the Blue Shark Solution

About Us

Blue Shark Solution is a forward thinking, extremely sincere search an organization. We are
dedicated to attaining new levels for our customers by providing modern alternatives that
Perform in real life.

Blue Shark Solution is an organization with over 10 years worth of experience of looking for.
Specializing in Search Web page Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click advertising services.

The aim of Blue Shark Solution's SEO assistance is to obtain more alterations and so improve our
Customer organization's success. But our performance doesn't end with the Google. We make
sure our customers' sites don't just enjoy excellent roles on the roles WebPages, but are also
easier for their guests to use.

Our Service

It has always been, and will always be, about excellent. We're enthusiastic about sincere Search
Web page marketing for enhancing organization development and believe it is important to
sustain complete visibility about what we're doing. If you're not sure of anything, just ask! We will
always take the time to describe elements to you in terminology you can understand, rather than
junk mail you with specialized info.

By specializing in Search and seo rather than providing various affiliate programs and common
marketing alternatives, we can prevent being a Port of all investments, and concentrate on
perfecting the purpose of getting our customers guests from the Google. The more guests we
information to your site through natural SEO & Paid Search techniques, the better your revenue,
which means you're getting an even better deal from us!

     Happy customers - satisfied Blue Shark Solution!

     The Group

     Our Principles

     Our Objective Declaration


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Blue Shark Solution is a world leading SEO optimizing organization that specializes
in the Art of SEO enhancement for your website. Recently we have been recognized
as one of the fastest growing SEO consultancy brand names, a growth that has been
sustained through consistent results and a passion to do better than the competition.
At present we sit within the top ten of India's major SEO consultants and our goal is
to be number one within the next few years.

Social Medial Optimization (SMO)
 Blue Shark Solution, India is an accomplished provider of social media marketing services
 in India. You could always approach on the Blue Shark Solution for a customized social
 media marketing package which could contain all or a combination of any of the marketing
 services required by you.

 Blue Shark Solution, India is an accomplished provider of social media marketing services
 in India. You could always approach on the Blue Shark Solution for a customized social
 media marketing package which could contain all or a combination of any of the marketing
 services required by you

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
 At Blue Shark Solution, our strategy to pay per click promotion places us apart from our
 competitors PPC control services.

 With a qualifications developing PPC into clients internet marketing techniques, Blue Shark
 Solution can work with your greater brand name attention goals, or can concentrate on
 immediate reaction to assist in the preferred action from the customers you are focusing

Email Marketing
 A completely unique eShot Design
 ? email client compatibility
 Tracking and Reporting
 Manage your e-mail information and subscribers
 Integrate with your website to catch more subscribers
 Automatic managing of bounces and unsubscribers
 Schedule your eShots
 Preview the eShot before the promotion is sent


    Client Testimonials

We contacted the group at Blue Shark Solution after we had a new website developed. We realized
that we had to think about gaining individuals to our new website but weren't sure how we were going
to obtain this. Daniel described the whole Pay Per Click procedure and how it performs and we
decided to go forward. Already we have seen the trips to our website improve and the questions that
we now obtain are more than we have ever obtained before. What I like about Blue Shark Solution is
that they will always take plenty of a chance to describe what is engaged (and at periods this must
have been a obstacle as this is all very new to us) and if a search term needs an modification in funds
then they will get in touch with us immediately away so that we do not neglect out on essential
presses. I would suggest the group at Blue Shark Solution as they are incredibly knowledgeable in
their area and their abilities are already offering us with results!
                                                                             - Ramayan Supply, USA

Blue shark solution has done what they said they would - my natural list has shifted up the search
engines search continuously 30 days by 30 days. We are now regularly in the top 10 at the very least.
Not only have they done this but have done it in a very expert and beneficial style which just creates
company so much simpler.
                                                                           - Oakland Associates, UK

Noticed today that your perform is shelling out off with 1st web page results on the search engines &
Yahoo!, under a number of key keywords. Cannot reward your abilities enough for this, and will be
advising you to anyone I know who may advantage from your solutions.
                                                                               - Global Car Parts, UK

I did a search on Exclusive Party online and we came up 5th on the left-hand side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                - Cazbak India, INDIA

Recent Ranking Report

Here is a sample of what we have been delivering consistently:                                       

Keywords                 Rank     Keywords                Rank    Keywords           Rank
 Hotel Supplies Outlet                        #1        IT Support Sutton                            #1     Cash Back Site                        #3
 Hotel Motel Supplies Wholesale               #1        Network Support Sutton                       #1     Cash For Shopping                     #3
 Hotel Motel Supplies Company                 #1        Computer Service Sutton                      #1     Cash Back Shopping                    #4
 Hotel Breakfast Supplies                     #3        Network Support Surrey                       #2     Online Discount Coupon                #5
 Hotel Breakfast Supplies                     #3        Uk IT Support Services                       #2     Cash Delivery Shopping                #8                                     

 Keywords                Rank      Keywords                Rank     Keywords          Rank
 usc group housing                              #3      Stewart Law Firm                             #4     Cheap Lawyers In Georgia               #4
 usc student housing off campus                 #4      Online Family Lawyer                         #6     Online Legal Solutions                 #7
 usc housing off campus                         #5      Domestic Violence In Georgia                 #9
 usc student housing                           #10      Bulldog Lawyer                                #9
 usc housing                                    #9

 Keywords                Rank
   apex springs
   powerflex bushes
                                               #4            Page 1... it’s what we do..
   bmc air filter                              #9
   ebc brake pads                             #15

  Grow your online business with Blue Shark Solution

 We’re ready to help you grow your business
 Whether you’re searching for
 new clients or new partners,
  online lead development is
   smart and cost effective.
                                                 Find customers and
                                                 partner online

Blue Shark Solution, a world leader in Internet marketing, ECommerce, and eLearning solutions, offers
the same technology used to grow its own business—a rapidly Developed, targeted, direct email
campaign. One that reaches your audience for only pennies per mailing, and then the response rate is
20 – 50 times that of a land mail campaign. You save hundreds of hours of time and thousands of
dollars. Lead Generator is not just technology; it's a rigorously tested process. It's the way that we've
developed our own networks of partners and Customers over the past seven years.

Here’s How It Works

                                  We work with you to identify the target group—the type of customer or
                                  business that you want

                                  We set up a research team who will locate your target audience using
                                  search technology, online directories, and published resources. Each of
                                  the target leads will be documented in a database.

                                  We will work with you to create an outbound email. These are not batch
                                  Mailed or spam. Each memo is individually addressed and sent one at a
                                  Time. When the contact replies, the response goes directly to you.
                                  Response rates have been as high as 14%.

Grow your online business with Blue Shark Solution

Here’s How It Works

                      You contact the responders either by email or phone to complete the
                      contact process. These are highly qualified leads because the contacts
                      have asked you to contact them.

                      We will send you a final report, including the database and full
                      documentation regarding your new contact list.

                      You can have an entire new customer base or partner network in a
                      matter of weeks.

   Blue Shark Solution turn-key program allows you to acquire
    new customers or partners without the enormous cost of
            setup, management, and maintenance.

 Blue Shark Solution                      Blue Shark Solution
                                          Acquire new leads and grow your business.
                                          Contact us now for your FREE consultation. Call us on
 Lead Generator builds                    +91-2692-229434 or shoot an email to
 your contact list effortlessly.

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