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					               CSSA Events
                                                                  Goals of CSSA
                                                        To improve communications among
September 21- Sheraton Four Points, Meriden              science supervisors, teachers,
                                                         administrators and boards of education.
       4:30: Pre-Dinner Workshop*
                                                        To examine and evaluate curricula in
       6:00: Dinner *
               Speaker: Dr. Jenny Edwards
               Sponsor: PASCO                           To improve academic standards.
                                                        To review, update and disseminate health
October 27, 28 & 29- NSTA Regional                       and safety standards and procedures in
Conference, Hartford Convention Center                   science.                                         Connecticut
                                                        To promote and conduct professional
December 7- Yale Peabody Museum of Natural
History, Great Hall
                                                         development activities for supervisors             Science
                                                         and teachers of science.
       4:30: Pre-Dinner Workshop
                                                        To serve as a public advocate for science
                                                         education in Connecticut.
       6:00: Dinner
               Speaker: TBA
               Sponsor: Pearson
                                                        To represent the membership on state
                                                         and national issues in science education.
                                                        To act as a consultant and resource to
March 7- Sheraton Four Points, Meriden                   state and local agencies on science issues.
                                                        To promote research in science
       4:30: Pre-Dinner Workshop                         education.                                     A Professional Association
       6:00: Dinner                                     To cooperate with other professional
               Speaker: TBA                                                                                   for Leadership in
                                                         organizations for the improvement of
               Sponsor: Holt
                                                         science education.                                  Science Education
April 25- CSTA/ CSSA Annual Awards Banquet
                                                              Membership in CSSA
May 9- Sheraton Four Points, Meriden
                                                  Membership is available to all persons interested
       4:30: Pre-Dinner Workshop                   in the advancement of science in Connecticut.
       6:00: Dinner                                                                                    The Association welcomes science
                                                    The membership year begins on September 1
               Speaker: TBA                                                                            leaders at all levels: elementary, middle,
               Sponsor: National Geographic           and runs until August 31. The 2011-2012
                                                                                                       high school, and university/college.
                                                     Membership Directory includes the contact
* Professional development for Administrative       information for all CSSA members and will be
CEU’s are offered at both pre-dinner and dinner                  issued in January.
                                          Meetings of the Membership                     New for the 2011-2012 Year!!!
                                    Pre-Dinner Workshops                                 CSSA members will now have the
                                    You will have the opportunity to join a network of   opportunity to purchase all 4 dinner
       Harry Rosvally
                                    colleagues in attending professional development     sessions in advance at the time of
       Danbury Public Schools       workshops focused on assessments in science.         membership renewal! The cost for dinner
                                    Topics may include the future of State               sessions and membership renewal is
President Elect                     assessments, creating effective district
                                                                                         $150.00. This is a savings of $5.00. PLEASE
                                    assessments, facilitating data teams, examining
       Melinda Meyer                                                                     NOTE: You will still be required to
       New Canaan Public Schools    Administrative CEU’s will be provided.               email/mail us your meal choice and if you
                                                                                         plan on receiving CEUs for pre-
Membership Secretary                Dinner Meetings                                      dinner/dinner professional development
                                    Four dinner meetings are scheduled yearly by the     please let us know. Unfortunately, there
       Lauren Amaturo               Association. These meetings feature prominent        will be no refunds if you are unable to
       Wallingford Public Schools   speakers on topics of leadership, supervision,       attend a dinner due to schedule conflicts,
                                    innovative programs, pedagogy and philosophy.        illness etc.
Recording Secretary                    These meetings are partially underwritten by
                                    contributions from publishers and suppliers,         Please also inquire about our new
                                    whose science materials are available for review     incentives for inviting colleagues to join
       Estelle Fanucci
                                    at the meetings. This allows the organization to
       Amity Regional Schools                                                            CSSA!
                                    provide quality programs and dinners at well
                                    below their actual cost, and permits our
Treasurer                           members to become familiar with new science          New members will also have the option of
                                    programs and materials and to meet with              selecting membership only or
       Kathleen Daly                representatives of the sponsoring organizations.     membership plus dinner sessions.
       Milford Public Schools          In addition, CSSA and the Connecticut Science
                                    Teachers Association jointly sponsor the             School purchase orders will be accepted!
Past President                      Connecticut Science Educators Annual
                                    Conference (replaced this year by the NSTA           To download a membership form, please
       Bruce Faitsch                Regional Conference in Hartford-Oct. 27, 28 and      click on: DOWNLOAD CSSA MEMBERSHIP
       Science Consultant           29) and the Science Awards Banquet.                  FORM
                                    Potential new members are encouraged to
                                    attend dinner meetings with fellow colleagues
                                    who are members.

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