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									Activity: Politics today and in 1800
1. Look at the list below. It is split into political rights we enjoy today and political rights people had in
   1800. Decide whether you think each feature has changed or stayed the same.

   Politics in 1800                    Politics today                      Changed or stayed the same?
   Nobody under 21 could vote.         Everyone over 18 can vote.
   Women could not vote.
   Voting was not in secret.           Voting is done in secret.
   General elections were held at      General elections are held at
   least every seven years.            least every five years.
   Constituencies were different       There are 651 constituencies
   sizes.                              of nearly equal size.
   Some constituencies sent 2          Each constituency sends one
   MPs to Parliament.                  MP to Parliament.
   MPs were not paid a salary.         MPs are paid a salary.

2. What are political rights? Use your own words to explain this in a paragraph.

3. If you are given rights, do you also have to accept responsibilities? (This question might start a
   general discussion in your whole class.)

                           http://www.learningcurve.gov.uk/politics/                                    Page 1

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