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									Registered Charity No 527299                                                  Application No: ____________

                            Trustees of Gainsborough Educational Charity
                                       Grant Application Form


Full Name


Date of birth

Age    (Persons below the age of 11 and over the age of 25 cannot be assisted)

Course Title

School/ Educational Establishment

Award Requested           (Please enclose list of items – use separate sheet if necessary. Please also provide receipts and
details of cost of each item)

Amount of Financial Assistance Required

Have you previously received assistance from the Trustees? (If Yes, please state the amount, when and
in respect of what the award was made)

Where did you hear about the charity?
A reference is required in support of your application. Please enclose a reference from a
member of teaching staff or course tutor

Please give any further information which you think may be of use to the Trustees in
support of your application

                                  Educational Details

     School/Educational                  Dates                    Achievements
   Establishment Attended        From         To

When completed please return application form to:-

Mrs M Bradley, Clerk to the Trustees, c/o Burton & Dyson, 22 Market Place,
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 2BZ
                             Gainsborough Educational Charity

If you are aged 11 or over but under 25 years of age, resident or having parents resident in the
former Urban District of Gainsborough, or the Parishes of Thonock, Lea or Morton and in
need of financial assistance for one of the following reasons:-

(a)      educational purposes including bursaries or allowances to assist in travel in the UK
         or abroad to pursue education

(b)      assistance towards providing specialist clothing, books, tools on leaving school or
         higher education to assist entry into working life

(c)      to study music or other arts

Please apply in writing giving details of:-

(a)      the amount of financial assistance required

(b)      educational background

(c)      proposals for using any award made

(d)      age and residential qualifications

(e)      Please enclose a reference from a course tutor from the educational establishment
         you are attending

Trustees Decision

The Trustees do not consider applications relating to assistance for the purchase of computers

The next Trustees meeting will be held on Monday 12th March 2012

Application forms can be obtained from:

Mrs M Bradley
Clerk to the Trustees
Gainsborough Educational Charity
c/o Burton & Dyson
22 Market Place
Lincolnshire DN21 2BZ

Application forms must be fully completed (with supporting details) and returned to the Clerk
at least two weeks prior to the appropriate meeting. If applications are not fully completed
the Trustees may postpone your application to a later meeting.

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