CMS - A Breakthrough in Development of Dynamic
By Mridu Sinha

CMS stands for 'Content management System' and is normally used in terms of websites. Nowadays, as
the theme of the industry demands, most of the people are building dynamic websites. The idea of
dynamic websites suggests over 500 database driven pages. CMS is a great aid for managing such huge

Integrating CMS

Integrating CMS in a website is very a skilled job and should be done very carefully for an easy handling
of the website. Expert web developers are required especially if you want CMS integrated into an
existing website. Another reason why you need a proficient developer is to keep the website search
engine friendly.

Nowadays, search engines do not like clumsy layout of a website, which dynamic website are prone to.
In order to ensure that the website stay approachable by search engine spiders, some add-on needs to
be integrated with the CMS. The developer should have a complete understanding on customization of
CMS to accomplish this task.

CMS Integration Vs. CMS Development

Mostly integrating CMS is also phrased as CMS development or CMS driven website development or
CMS website development. But CMS development is entirely different to CMS integration. Few
developers use 'CMS development' phrase for the process of customization of CMS according to the
website requirement and to keep them search engine friendly. But in actual and core sense, CMS
development should not misunderstood with CMS integration.

Popular CMS

In the present website industry, the most popular CMS are Joomla, Mambo, Drupal etc. These are open
source CMS, which needs to be integrated usually with the PHP based websites. DotNetNuke is one based CMS that can support any data storage system however each storage system needs a
custom data provider to be installed. Another TWiki is a PERL DBI compatible CMS. Wordpress is
another popular CMS that is currently being used by bloggers, however it is one of the effective CMS is
available for free on the official website of wordpress.

Which CMS to use?

'Open source cms' website has rated Joomla on the sixth position of the top CMS lists. While selecting a
CMS for a website you can go through a lot of review on various CMS available online and can be
searched through Google. Alternatively, you can get your website reviewed by a web development
company who are specialized in CMS integration and customization. They can also suggest a good and
easy to manage CMS suitable for a new website.

envisage CMS is a fully feature packed CMS, designed to be a true WYSIWYG website editor.

The content management software is accessed via any browser, wherever you are in the world, allowing
you to manage your website with no technical knowledge of HTML or any other languages.

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