LEARNING GOAL: Apply authentic research to a theatre performance by 2Leb73A


									   Building A National TEAM: Theatre Education Assessment Models
              Created for the TCG-ASSITEJ/USA TEAM project by the Working Group.

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LEARNING GOAL:                          Apply authentic research to a theatre production
OVERARCHING SKILL:                      Dramaturgy (Research)
ESSENTIAL QUESTION:                     What kinds of information do Directors and Actors need
                                        from a Production Dramaturg?
PERFORMANCE TASK:                       Type: Summative, Culminating

TASK: You are an Assistant Dramaturg for an upcoming play at a local theatre. Prepare a research report
for the Artistic Team that will help inform their work during the rehearsal process.

                               Things to think about regarding this performance task:
         1.    This Performance Task is based on an actual play in production and requires support by the
               theatre, including a contact person from the Artistic Team who is willing to communicate
               with students.

         2.    The Education Director of the theatre participates as the project manager and liaison between
               the Teaching Artist, School and the Artistic Team.

         3.    This Learning Unit and Performance Task can be housed in different curriculum areas.
               (Social Studies, L.A., etc.)

SKILLS; The development and/or application/rehearsal/practice of the following skills and
knowledge are necessary to complete the performance task:
    1. Vocabulary of research, dramaturgy and play production.
    2. Understanding of the rehearsal process and artistic perspectives
      Possible Pre-assessment:
    3. Understanding of types of information needed for play production and for particular scripts.
      Teaching artist performs a monologue; students identify elements that make this an effective
    4. Ability to design essential and key questions that guide research.
    5. Knowledge of research resources (primary resources, web, written materials, surveys and
        observation, etc.)
    6. Ability to organize information in graphic and written form.
    7. Ability to summarize research and offer informed observations and opinions.


     1.       Response form to be completed by Artistic Team regarding the application of the Production
              Dramaturgy Report.
     2.       Self / TA/ teacher reflection on the quality of the components of the Dramaturgy (rubric).
     3.       Self evaluation of the use of the Dramaturgy Report reflected in the performance.
     4.       Teacher evaluation of student writing and research skills used in the final report.
     5.       Performance.


    1.        This performance task can be adapted for Audience Dramaturgy. The report is used to prepare
              other grades or classes to attend the play as informed audience members.
    2.        This performance task can be adapted for grades 2 - 12.

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