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					                                     MassHealth Fact Sheet
                     Health Care Reform Outreach Grant Program

Who are the outreach grantees?
 Direct service outreach grants provide funding to local, consumer-focused, nonprofit groups that are:
    Proven, trusted resources in their communities;
    Highly knowledgeable about health care reform insurance plans and actively participate in state training;
    Culturally and linguistically competent; often members of the community served;
    Able to reach and engage individuals and families that are not easily reached through mainstream efforts; and
    A valued first hand source of information for the State about community needs, successful outcomes and barriers
       to care.

How do outreach grants support health care reform goals?
 2009 Health Insurance Outreach, Enrollment/Retention, and Provider Linkage Outcomes Demonstrate
 Program Effectiveness

                                                                               Number of Individuals Reached
     Outreach grantees offered a high volume of
                                                     50,000                    47,533
      services for individuals and families each     45,000                                                                     39,320
      month in 2009. On average grantees             40,000
                                                                      32,822                               36,943
      responded to 33,911 inquiries each month       35,000
                                                     30,000                                                                               30,814
      from residents in need of information                       29,060                         29,912             27,228                                  26,576
                                                     25,000                             21,912                                   22,238           22,583
      and/or assistance with State health care       20,000                                                                                                          Served
                                                                        19,461 20,198        19,869             20,132 21,049            21,690            19,806
      reform programs and requirements.              15,000                                               18,680                                                     Encounters
     Of those inquiries, an average of 20,446       10,000
      individuals each month received needed              0
      comprehensive      education,     enrollment            Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec-
      and/or retention assistance from grantees.               09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09

      Over 97,884 individuals were enrolled in public health insurance in 2009 as a result of
                         assistance from grantee funded organizations.

               Annual Renewal Process Assistance                                                   Grantees Assist Residents to Retain Health
                           4,472 4,573                       4,169
                                                                                                   Insurance and Access Care
                   3,863                 3,908 4,038 3,983           4,101 4,131           3,784        Grantees have extensive knowledge and
           3,649                                                                   3,524                 experience      assisting     culturally    and
  3,000                                                                                                  linguistically diverse individuals and families
  2,500                                                                                                  retain health insurance coverage. 48,195
  2,000                                                                                                  individuals in 2009 received assistance to
  1,500                                                                                                  complete the annual renewal process.
  1,000                                                                                                 Approximately 43,184 individuals sought
                                                                                                         assistance to select a health care provider and
           Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec-
                                                                                                         nearly 74,861 inquired about preventative
            09   09 09 09 09 09 09 09               09 09 09 09                                          care and wellness programs.

Outreach Grant Program - Current Work Underway
         Continue to provide core outreach, enrollment, and retention assistance for applicants and members. In
          the current environment, grant organizations are assisting many individuals that have become recently
          unemployed and enrolling them in health insurance that best meets their needs.
         Ensure assistance to residents, especially individuals and families who experience barriers to care and
          need individualized assistance due to geography, race, ethnicity, and language considerations.
         Promotion of and education on wellness healthy behaviors and the importance of preventative care,
          including important questions to proactively guide visits with health care providers and receiving health
          screening information.
         Ensuring individuals not only have an insurance card, but can access needed health care services by
          working closely with them to overcome barriers.
         Inform residents about important health care reform program and policy changes that may change their
          health insurance benefits, through innovative and community oriented regional outreach.

          For more information about the grant program including a complete listing of grantees visit



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