Louis Zamperini W W II POW, 1936 U.S. Olympian Headlines Lazarex Cancer Foundation Event September 29 On U.S.S. HORNET by elanpr


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									Louis Zamperini W W II POW, 1936 U.S. Olympian Headlines Lazarex Cancer
Foundation Event September 29 On U.S.S. HORNET

Louis Zamperini Shook Hands with Hitler, Was Tortured at Japanese POW
Camp; Will Share His Message of Forgiveness and Hope.

Alameda, CA (USA), Sept 08, 2012 -- Louis Zamperini, a 95-year-old best
selling author and motivational speaker, will share his extraordinary
life story and his message of forgiveness and hope when the Lazarex
Cancer Foundation ( https://lazarex.ejoinme.org/USSHornetGala ) of
Danville holds its annual fundraiser gala on the U.S.S. Hornet on Sept.
29 at 707 Hornet Dr., Pier 3 in Alameda.

Zamperini is one of the last surviving members of the 1936 U.S. Olympic
team for the Berlin games. He finished eighth in the 5,000 meter run, but
his last quarter-mile split of 56 seconds caught the attention of Adolph
Hitler, who insisted upon meeting Zamperini. The pair shook hands, and
before the end of the games Zamperini seized the opportunity to steal a
Nazi flag off of the Chancellery wall under the noses of Nazi guards.

A few years later Zamperini was serving as a fighter pilot in the Army
Air Corps when his plane crashed into the Pacific. He became a Japanese
POW and was tortured for three years. The United States listed him as
missing in action, and a year later as dead, before his liberation at the
end of the war. In 1950 he met his captors and hugged each of them while
explaining his life philosophy.

“Louis Zamperini’s message of hope and personal perseverance under the
most trying circumstances is a perfect match for our mission of providing
hope and time to late stage cancer patients and their families,” said
Lazarex founder and President Dana Dornsife. Since its founding in 2007,
Lazarex has helped more than 100 patients find FDA-approved clinical
trials and then paid for travel and lodging for those trials which can be
anywhere in North America. These treatments have helped add months or
even years to people for whom conventional medicine has no treatment.
Some patients are now in remission.

“We’ve helped people enjoy one more Christmas, one more Little League
season, or even make it to their daughter’s wedding,” Dornsife said. “We
believe that the size of one’s checkbook should have no bearing on the
length or quality of their life.”

The gala will be much more than a sumptuous meal and a unique and
memorable speaker. Guests will be entertained during the cocktail hour by
a group called The Swingin’ Blue Stars, four Blue Star Moms singing
Andrews Sisters-style tunes. After dinner JamFunkShus will regale guests
with danceable numbers from the 60s to the 90s.

Casino games will be available throughout the evening along with both a
live and silent auction. Prizes include travel packages, deluxe wine
country junkets, catered dinners, and fine jewelry. Well known in CA,
Italian crooner tribute duo Wallin and Baretta, ardent Lazarex
supporters, will be attending the gala. Stay tuned for other celebrity
guest announcements.
Tickets to the Lazarex Battle for a Lifetime are $350 per person and can
be purchased at https://lazarex.ejoinme.org/USSHornetGala . Dress is
cocktail attire.

“Every dollar we raise helps provide hope for people who have been told
they have none,” Dornsife said. “We believe our guests will have a great
time, hear some inspirational messages, and leave the event knowing they
have helped extend the quality of life for some folks in very difficult

Press & Media Contact:
Karen Ambrogi
Lazarex Cancer Foundation
Alameda, CA - USA

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