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									       Can jogging really turn you into a happier person?
There is and old saying that goes: »In healthy body lives a healthy mind«. But is it really true?

We all know that many people begin exercising as their way out of life's problems, in other
words, they are trying to look the other way, instead of facing their real life challenges.

These people may have a very healthy body, but how healthy are their minds?

As you can see, this saying doesn't have to be 100% true. However, it has been confirmed
scientifically that people who exercise on a daily basis lead a much happier life (on average)!

This is because exercise presents challenges and require an individual to stretch beyond their
comfort zone and once they meet finally their goal, they feel worthy and proud.

Besides that, any kind of intense exercise also forces body to release hormones called
endorphines which make the whole exercise even more enjoyable. While this experience may
only be temporary, it serves as a great anchor for assosciating exercise to pleasure.

For all these reasons, we can conclude that exercise really does contribute a lot to happiness
of an individual.

Jogging is one of the most natural activities that a human being can do. It is the next logical
step from walking and humans have been »jogging« throughout their entire evolution. OK –
maybe not while they were fish, but you get the point!

This allowed for their respiratory and cardiovasular systems to evolve and jogging is often
prescribed as one of the best medicines that prevent lung and heart illnesses.

Furthermore, jogging helps individuals to bond with themselves and the nature around them,
even with other people – and we all know that human beings are social creatures.

People that have been running for most of their lives swear that it is the very thing that keeps
them alive and happy. Not surprisingly, these people are the most healthy people of all.

If you haven't already, I deeply recommend you start running as soon as possible, the benefits
of jogging will simply amaze you and once you start, you'll never want to look back again.

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