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									                              Press Release

For immediate release: February 1, 2007

Western New York pro-choice advocacy group seeking projects to fund

Buffalo, NY: The Pro-Choice Foundation, a new advocacy group in Western New York formed
in 2006 to fund initiatives that foster pro-choice education in our community, is seeking
grassroots projects among young pro-choice advocates and organizations to fund in 2007. Grants
will be considered on an ongoing basis. The first grants will be offered in March, 2007 and funds
will be released soon thereafter.

 The Foundation specifically seeks projects of student groups and organizations, and community
coalitions designed to engage youth leadership. The application process is streamlined and
straightforward, encouraging first-time grant applicants.

 Recognizing that anti-choice advocates are well-funded, the Pro-Choice Foundation seeks to
address that inequality and promote greater awareness of reproductive justice issues. The Pro-
Choice Foundation, funded by generous and committed private donors, is redressing the historic
imbalance in funding by making monies available for low cost, high impact advocacy.

The Foundation will consider grant applications for up to $1000 in one or more of the following
priority areas:
            1 Project promotes pro-choice issues.
            2 Project focuses on developing pro-choice youth leadership.
            3 Project displays a pro-choice collaborative effort that can benefit the community
                at large and will display long term benefits for the applicants and/or group of

Please e-mail for an application.

 As the Western New York community once again remembers the risk that health care providers
experience every day in providing abortions to women, it is more important than ever to fight for
safe and legal abortions. The ProChoice Foundation is funded by donors who wish to empower
younger leaders with the financial resources to continue the struggle to maintain access to
abortion. Please visit our website for more information, or to contribute to this effort.


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