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					                                      Safety Advisory Committee
                                     August 23, 2012, OSPI Annex
                                            Meeting Notes

Present: Frank Hewins, Chair; Paul Harrison, Bruce Kuennen, Keith Merritt, Walt Bigby, Nancy Bernard,
Randy Town, Marci Scott, Greg Williamson, Mike Donlin; Peggy Sandberg, via K-20.
The meeting began at 9:00 with some brief:


   1. Randy and Mike noted that the Gangs in Schools Task Force had identified 3 main work areas
      for this year: data, policy guidance and training. Very briefly, the Task Force will be working with
      the Healthy Youth Survey group to add more specific gang-affiliation questions into future
      surveys; they have written draft school policy language which is more closely aligned with RCWs
      and other legal definitions, and training has been ongoing throughout the year.

   2. Mike reported that the Anti-Bullying Work Group has also been busy. There are currently 5
      subgroup working in response to 5 of the 9 specific areas identified in the legislation. The
      subgroups will be reporting back to the whole Work Group in September. Mike also shared a
      brief update from the US Department of Education noting that they are progressing on their
      national report on policy/legislative implementation.

   3. The Great ShakeOut is coming on October 18. The goal is to have all schools across WA
      participate. Info & registration materials were again shared. There will be prizes for schools!

   4. Bruce gave a live demonstration of some of the newest features of the Rapid Responder
      system. The new features will allow schools to better inventory and manage their emergency
      supplies, to log and track school visitors, and to easily create up-to-date annotated floor plans
      showing locations of resources.

   5. Randy shared information on an October 16, 17 & 18 School Security Officer Training at CJTC.
      This training will be added to the list of conferences and trainings which was shared prior to the

   6. Marci talked about Pierce County “Active Shooter” DVDs used for training. She will share the
      DVDs with the Committee.

   7. Mike noted that there was also a whooping cough update which will also be posted.

Old Business:

   1. At an earlier meeting, the Committee had discussed the functions and operations of the School
      Safety Advisory Committee, itself. We’d also discussed a definition of “school safety” in the 21st
      century. A draft of that was shared and discussed. The Committee voted unanimously to accept
       the definition and Committee “by laws” document with a note that the identified changes
       would be made. We will revisit a more final version at the next meeting.

   2. A part of that conversation was on meeting frequency and a long-term (yearly) schedule. The
      Committee voted to return to having monthly meetings. We set schedule for the 1 st Thursday
      of each month – except for July and September. Meetings can be postponed or cancelled, if
      necessary, but with a set schedule, it will be easier to plan for the year.

   3. We also decided to rotate meeting locations throughout the ESD’s. This will help ensure more
      participation, “guarantee” K-20 access, and allow for the opportunity for local issues to be
      discussed. Walt invited us to ESD 114 in Bremerton for the October meeting. Mike will contact
      the ESD to see about availability.

   4. Agendas will include brief reports and updates (submitted ahead of the meeting time), a specific
      school safety topic for more in depth discussion, and time to discuss those local issues noted
      above. Suggested safety issues include the topics on the Safety Center web site, hazardous
      chemicals in schools, best practices, the OSPI FEMA grant and our connection and coordination
      with the legislature. The monthly school safety topic will also allow the Committee to invite
      those people most interested in that subject.

   5. Meeting Schedule:

First Thursday/Month

            DATE                    LOCATION                             MAIN TOPIC
October 4, 2012                ESD 114 - Bremerton
November 1, 2012
December 6, 2012
January 3, 2013                 ESD 113 - Tumwater
February 7, 2013                  OSPI - Olympia                          “Leg. Prep”
March 7, 2013
April 4, 2013
May 2, 2013
June 6, 2013
July 4, 2013                   No Meeting Planned                    No Meeting Planned
August 1, 2013
September 5, 2013              No Meeting Planned                    No Meeting Planned

   6. Safety Corps: Greg shared an updated version of the Safety Corps Budget Proposal. This was
      discussed among the members of the Committee. Greg will continue to update the Committee
      as we move forward.
   7. At earlier meetings, we had discussed the idea of creating a School Safety newsletter. Although
      this is an excellent idea, the Committee suggested that, since there are currently several
      newsletters coming from different sources and stakeholders around safety-related issues, it
    might be a better idea of we created a space on the Safety Center web site to post some of
    those. Mike will look into this. In the meantime, please send PDFs or links to your favorite
    newsletters to Mike.

New Business:
   1. As it turned out, much of the “new business” had been covered earlier in the agenda.
   2. The Committee discussed a question which has come up on the number of SRO’s across the
      state. There is no single data source for this information. There is also a question of
           a. An SRO is, by definition, a commissioned police officer; however,
           b. Some districts have their own security and/or safety personnel, and
           c. There are also districts using private, contracted security companies – which
               sometimes identify their staff as “SRO’s”.
           d. As a result, there is no single source of SRO/Security/Safety FTE information.
      Randy noted that the CJTC recommends minimum training requirements and that a clear
      framework for SRO/Security/Safety training and practice was needed.
      Randy and Mike will work of a brief surveymonkey-type survey which can be sent out to
      districts to start to gather some basic information.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 12:00.

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