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 August 2012

                             Josephine Home opens at Harrods

                        "Harrods is, without a doubt, a British institution
                       and provides the perfect space for Josephine Home.”

 Josephine Home opens in Harrods, the world famous London store, showcasing its luxury
 collection of fine bed linen and unique accessories.

 When Josephine Home was founded, it was with the belief that while fashions may change or
 come and go; a desire for true quality and for unique experiences would never entirely disappear.
 This belief has led Josephine Home on a personal quest to rediscover original bed linen that is
 exquisitely crafted, and both timeless and contemporary. It is now delighted to present this
 special collection at Harrods.

 “Customers will be able to discover the full breadth of the Josephine Home range, from fully
 bespoke cashmere and bed linen through to our everyday, unique yet affordable, range of linen,
 throws and cushions. Everything has a common thread. Beautifully made products by artisans
 across Great Britain and Continental Europe, showcased in the world's most iconic store. "

 Stephanie Betts, Creative Director, Josephine Home

 Josephine Home
 592 Kings Road,
 London SW6 2DX
 Tel: +44 (0) 20 7751 0100
 Josephine Home a Walpole
 "Luxury Brand of Tomorrow 2010"
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