The Intern Credential reflects a special relationship between
Notre Dame de Namur University and the employing school
district. As an Intern teacher your role is unique: a paid faculty
member, whether part or full-time, who is also a credential
candidate. As such, you will receive special support from the
credential program at NDNU and from the school district.

The Intern credential is a formal teaching license that requires
you to meet different standards than those for the Emergency
Permit or Substitute credential. In order to qualify for an
Intern credential the following requirements must be documented
by the Credential Analyst:

  Requirements for Internship Credential

      Passage of Basic Skills Requirement (e.g. CBEST or 3 new options, see link
      For more information, see:
      Passing score reports should be sent to Notre Dame de Namur University,
      code: 188. If scores were not sent, please provide the official report to the
      Education Department so we can make an official copy and return your originals
      to you.

     Verification of Subject Matter Competence (e.g., CSET or Subject Matter Waiver)
     Passing score reports should be sent to Notre Dame de Namur University,
     code: 518. If scores were not sent, please provide the official report to the
     Education Department so we can make an official copy and return your originals
     to you. For subject matter programs (aka “waivers”), contact Credentials Office.

     Verification of fingerprinting clearance with the California Commission on Teacher
     Credentialing (also called a “Certificate of Clearance”)

     Note that in order to be eligible for student teaching, your fingerprints and
     clearance application must have been cleared by the CTC. Your clearance
     appears on the state database, which we will access for confirmation before your

     Having merely done LiveScan fingerprints and submitted a follow-up clearance
     application electronically is not sufficient, as the CTC regularly sends applications
   to the Division of Professional Practices for review, for any number of reasons
   which they do not disclose to us. Professional Practices reviews normally take 4-
   6 weeks. Therefore, you should be certain to submit both your LiveScan
   fingerprints and your follow-up electronic application early enough prior to
   consideration for student teaching to insure that your application will be fully
   cleared before the placement coordinator begins the process of securing or
   confirming your placement.

   Please note that this is a straightforward legal requirement. No exceptions,
   waivers, or accommodations of any sort will be considered.

   For more information, see:

   Completed pre-service coursework

 Multiple Subjects        EDU#      Single Sub.       EDU #       Ed. Specialist      EDU#
 Psych                    4100      Psych             4100        ELL                 4107
 Stud teach I+            4342      Teaching and      4404        Special Ed Prog     4200
 Orientation                        Pedagogy                      Mgmt
 Curr Math                4336      Curriculum        4407        Clinical            4203
 Curr Soc Stud./Sci       4339
 Reading, Primary         4330      Reading           4410
 Teach Eng Learners       4107      Teach Eng         4107

   Verification of U.S. Constitution by exam or coursework. A bachelor’s degree
   from a California State University (CSU) campus meets this requirement.

   Copy of negative TB test result from within two years. We need a legible
   photocopy of the doctor’s report.

   Signed NDNU Release of Liability Form

   Verification of 40 Hours of Pre-Acceptance Field Experience. Provide the
   original form signed by the site supervisor or provide official letter of verification
   from the site.

   Receipt of an official offer of employment (usually full-time) from a public school
   district or WASC-accredited private school with which NDNU has an internship
   agreement, and

   Written approval of the teaching position by your Program Director

    Completed Request for Credential Recommendation (audit) Form, submitted to
the credentials office. You must complete the CTC credential application procedure
It is very important that you complete this credential application
process EARLY. Without the formal recommendation from the
School of Education (which can be done ONLY when all
requirements are met) the district Personnel Office will not be
able to process your paperwork for salary purposes.

While you are serving on the Intern credential you will have an
on-site Liaison to provide support and assistance. This Liaison will
conference with you and your Notre Dame de Namur University
Supervisor and participate in the on-going assessment of your

The role of Liaison is one required and defined by statute. The
Orientation Agreement form must be in your credential file
within three weeks of the start of your intern experience. As
soon as you and your Liaison have signed, this document should be
given to the Credential Analyst.

When the Commission on Teacher Credentialing issues the
Internship credential, the CTC will send you an email notification
and verification of your credential document will remain viewable
on the CTC’s website.

Intern credentials are issued for service in a specific school
district. If you change school districts while on a valid Intern
Credential it will be necessary to re-submit an Intern credential
application to Sacramento that reflects the district change. This
may be accomplished quickly through the Credential Analyst.
However, you will need to file a new application and pay the filing
fee again.

If you are an Intern teacher in a private school all of the above
requirements must be met except for the formal filing of an
application for the Intern credential to the CTC.

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