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					 Felix Varela Senior                                                Physical Education
                                        Policy Sheet
Name: _______________________________Period: ____ Instructor _____________________________

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Student(s):
    Welcome to Felix Varela Senior High! The following is to inform you and your child of the
rules and regulations of the department. Please read the information and sign this policy sheet. If
there are any questions, please contact us at (305) 752-7900. Our philosophy is to “provide
introductory and advanced skills to enhance successful participation in physical education.”
Our department is also concerned with fulfilling the basic needs of the individual, ensuring a
positive attitude toward physical activity and to promote life-time fitness. In order to have a
successful program, we would like to review our policies and procedures with you.

    Felix Varela Phys. Ed shirt: $10.00 or plain, gray t-shirt (no logos or markings)
     Do not alter your uniform (sleeves, length or by writing on it)
    Felix Varela Phys. Ed shorts: $10.00 or solid forest green shorts (no logos or markings)
    Proper footwear “athletic, full covered sneakers, socks are mandatory. No cleats, shoes
     with spikes, or shoes with black soles are permitted.
    Instructors will label first initial and last name on shirts.
    No hats or sunglasses allowed.
    An unexcused non-dress may result in a grade reduction. Repeated non-dresses will result
     in the following: 1) student conference, 2) detention 3) parent contact, and 4) referral to
     an administrator.
    Students may not participate unless they are dressed out in the approved uniform.
    If you are not dressed out, you must have your ID available badge and stay with your
    Uniforms are to be laundered weekly.
    Students excused from participation will still dress out.

   Soft cover, 3-hole notebook with paper
   Blue/Black pen, #2 pencil & case

   Attendance is extremely important and required for completion of course.
   Student must obtain an admit from office prior to arriving to class.
   If tardy, student may not be able to dress out due to the closure time of locker rooms.
   DO NOT ALLOW any teacher to make you tardy to class, it will be unexcused, with or
     without an admit; and you will receive a “no dress”.

   This is a privilege, NOT a teacher’s requirement
   Students may be given the opportunity for make-ups on day assigned by individual
   Students excused from participation for a period of 3 or more days must provide to their
     instructor an official “doctor’s note” with a phone number.
   Parents’ notes will only be good for 1 day and must include a phone number AND
     Students must still dress out properly and will receive an alternative assignment in order
     to receive credit for that day.
   Students must stay with instructor at all times.

   Students must purchase a Varela lock @ $3.75 all other types of locks will be cut off!
   Combination and locker # must be recorded with instructor.
   Students are not to share lockers.
   Lockers are to be used for physical education during PE classes ONLY!
   Varsity locker rooms are not to be used during physical education classes.
   Locker rooms will not be open to retrieve books, clothing or other belongings.
         90 – 100 = A                  60 – 69 = D
         80 – 89 = B                   59 – 0 = F
         70 – 79 = C
   Grades are received for attendance, participation, skills tests, written tests, and class
   If you do not dress out, you can not participate.
   Notebooks will be checked periodically---Personal Fitness classes—Daily!

    The Physical Education Department and staff assumes no responsibility for items lost or
    The administration/security/instructor, in emergency situations, may conduct locker
    Students are not permitted in the instructor’s office.
    At the beginning and end of each period, all students will enter and exit the rear doors of
     the locker rooms. Students are not allowed to enter or exit the gym before or after class.
    All students must dress and undress inside their locker rooms.
    At the beginning and end of period, students must remain in the PE Hallway and wait for
     the dismissal bell. This includes students that did not dress out!
    Students are not allowed to exit the back doors of the locker room.
    Students must make sure their lock is completely locked.
    Students should not leave valuables on benches.
    Jewelry is a safety hazard in Physical Education and should not be worn. (earrings,
     bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces, etc…)
    Any student injury must be immediately reported to an instructor.
    Students may not leave class at any time without instructors’ approval on a yellow hall
    No horseplay during class or in the locker rooms.
    Food, drinks, gum, Ipods and phones are not permitted in the gym/locker rooms/PE
    Any student not conforming to the regulations and procedures will be subject to referral
     to an administrator for disciplinary actions.
All students will participate in the FITNESSGRAM Physical Fitness Tests, mandated by Dade
County Public School System. A Pre and Post test will be administered in the following areas:

       Mile Run/Walk (Cardiovascular Endurance)                        Curl-ups (Muscular Endurance)
       Push-ups (Muscular Strength)                                    Sit & Reach (Flexibility)
       Trunk Lift (Lower back flexibility)                             Skin fold (Body Fat%)

Our purpose at Felix Varela Senior is to provide a well-rounded program so that your child
may develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Physical Education Department greatly
appreciates your cooperation and support.
Thank you,
                               Mr. Barbato, Mr. Condis, Mrs. Kubit, Mr. Lacaci, Ms. Spinosa

                                  HOW DO I PASS PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                                      THE BASIC DO’S & DO NOT’S

DO come to P.E. class every day                                        DON’T accumulate absences/tardies'

DO wear your proper uniform                                            DON’T come unprepared for class

DO lock your belongings in your own locker                             DON’T borrow, share or steal

DO come to class on time                                               DON”T show up after your instructor

DO bring a water bottle to outside                                     DON’T dehydrate and feel ill
Classes (water only)                                                   DON”T use cell phone or Ipod in PE

DO use water fountains in the gym                                      DON’T enter or leave the gym through
                                                                       the front doors

DO have a folder & #2 pencil/ pen                                      DON’T bring drinks, food, or gum into
                                                                       the gym

DO give maximum effort                                                 DON’T say….I can’t or won’t

DO have fun, be safe & enjoy                                           DON’T be sad, mad or reckless

DO report any injuries                                                 DON’T go to the vending machines

Do bring a book on reading day                                         DON’T be disrespectful

Please print:
I, ______________________________________and my child,___________________________,
have read the policy sheet and understand the above regulations and procedures.

Parent’s signature:_______________________________________________Date:____________

Student’s signature:_______________________________________________Date:___________


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