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									      NORTH DAKOTA

      Local litigation firms       Local litigation stars
      Highly recommended           Wayne Aarestad
                                   Wayne Aarestad Law Firm
      Bossart Law Firm             Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury

      Conmy Feste                  David Bossart
                                   Bossart Law Firm
      Maring Williams Law Office   Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury

                                   Kim Brust
                                   Conmy Feste Attorneys
      Recommended                  Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
      Larson Law Firm              Thomas Dickson
                                   Dickson Law Offices
      Pagel Weikum
                                   Personal Injury
      Wayne Aarestad Law Firm
                                   Daniel Dunn
                                   Maring Williams Law Office
                                   Commercial, Personal Injury, Product Liability

                                   Mark Larson
                                   Larson Law Firm
                                   Class Action, Employment/Labor, Personal Injury

                                   David Maring
                                   Maring Williams Law Office
                                   Commercial, Personal Injury, Professional Liability

                                   Paul Oppegard
                                   Oppegard Wolf & Quinton
                                   Civil, Personal Injury

                                   Rodney Pagel
                                   Pagel Weikum
                                   Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Wrongful

                                   Jeff Weikum
                                   Pagel Weikum
                                   Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Wrongful

                                   Patrick Weir Jr.
                                   Vogel Law Firm
                                   Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

                                   Michael Williams
                                   Maring Williams Law Office
                                   Personal Injury

                                                                                                                            NORTH DAKOTA

North Dakota                                                                                       Pagel Weikum
                                                                                                   The three-person Pagel Weikum firm is
                                                                                                   committed to litigating claims on behalf of
                                                                                                   individuals who have been injured as a
                                                                                                   result of the negligence of others. The firm is
                                                                                                   particularly experienced handling claims
Highly recommended firms                          attorneys facing legal malpractice claims.       involving auto and farm accidents and
                                                  Maring Williams recently obtained a $1.2         injuries sustained as a result of unsafe
Bossart Law Firm                                  million settlement on behalf of a college        products. Litigation is frequently filed by
Based in Fargo, the Bossart Law Firm is a         student who was driving a motorcycle and         the firm against large insurance companies,
one-attorney firm led by David Bossart and        injured when a car turned in front of him.       manufacturers and drug companies such as
specializing in personal injury and wrongful      Other recent successes include a $1.2            Merck Pharmaceutical and Wyeth-Ayerst
death litigation. The firm has been in            million settlement on behalf of a truck          Pharmaceutical. Although the firm has
existence for more than 40 years and prides       driver who sustained traumatic brain             obtained multimillion-dollar recoveries for
itself on developing lasting relationships        injuries in a collision between two tractor-     clients, attorneys are also willing to litigate
with clients. According to the firm, “David       trailer rigs; and a $888,000 settlement for      much smaller cases. Jeffrey Weikum is the
Bossart is not like other trial lawyers and the   the family of a truck driver who was struck      firm’s managing partner, along with Rodney
Bossart Law Firm is not like other personal       while assisting stranded motorists in a          Pagel. Both attorneys focus their practices
injury firms. We have long-standing               blizzard. David Maring has been described        on representing clients with claims involving
relationships with many of our clients and        as a “litigation machine,” in his handling of    personal injury, wrongful death, motor
like to remain in contact after the cases are     personal injury claims and commercial            vehicle accidents, farm premises injures,
done. At our law firm, our clients are always     litigation. Michael Williams focuses his         product liability and medical and legal
welcome to drop in and say hello – and they       practice on plaintiffs’ personal injury          malpractice. They also maintain active
frequently do.” The majority of Bossart’s         representation and is highlighted by one         appellate practices.
cases involve automobile and truck accident       peer for his communication skills. “Mike
claims. He is also experienced handling           Williams is a person with an extraordinary       Wayne Aarestad Law Firm
brain injury cases and claims resulting from      ability to get along with people,” says the      The Wayne Aarestad Law Firm is a one-
defective products and the wrongful deaths        peer. “He has the ability to get cases settled   person law firm led by none other than
of children. One peer describes Bossart as “a     on a very effective basis.” Williams recently    Wayne Aarestad. The firm is based in Fargo
very solid litigator.”                            settled a case for $1.3 million that involved    and serves clients in both North Dakota and
                                                  a van crossing over a center line and striking   Minnesota, focusing on personal injury and
Conmy Feste Attorneys                             a motorcycle, killing a man and his wife.        accident litigation. Wayne Aarestad has
With roots dating back to 1879, Fargo-            Attorney Daniel Dunn is based in Fargo and       more than 30 years of litigation experience,
based Conmy Feste Attorneys has long been         handles personal injury claims and business      having formerly served in the Judge
a fixture of North Dakota’s legal                 and product liability litigation. He chaired     Advocate General’s office before moving
community. The firm maintains a stellar           the “I Buckle Up” campaign for the Traffic       into private practice. The firm’s philosophy
reputation in the realms of corporate and         Safety Task Force and has spent                  places a high degree of importance on
business law, banking, real estate,               considerable time emphasizing the need for       developing individual client relationships
employment law, domestic relations and            children and their families to use their         and ensuring “sensitive and compassionate”
probate and estate planning. However, the         seatbelts.                                       legal services.
firm is also actively involved in a range of
commercial litigation. In particular, Conmy       Recommended firms
Feste’s plaintiffs’ personal injury practice,
led by Kim Brust, is well respected for           Larson Law Firm
handling automobile and boating accident          The Larson Law Firm, founded in 1979,
claims and litigation involving farm injury       operates with the motto of “Levelling the
accidents, medical malpractice and unsafe         playing field,” through its representation of
products. One peer states “Kim Brust is a         individuals suffering from physical or
very well respected plaintiffs’ attorney who      financial injuries. The Minot-based firm is a
has handled some significant cases and            one-man operation led by Mark Larson, a
knows the personal injury practice well. He       civil trial specialist, who handles a range of
does a very good job.”                            injury and wrongful death litigation. He
                                                  routinely takes on cases involving financial
Maring Williams Law Office                        losses due to employment discrimination,
The four attorneys comprising Maring              harassment or wrongful terminations,
Williams Law Office are recognized as some        vehicle      and      pedestrian    accidents,
of the top personal injury litigators in North    construction accidents and government tort
Dakota, particular in the realm of motor          claims against state and federal agencies.
vehicle accidents. The firm, which has            The firm has obtained numerous settlements
offices in Fargo and Bismarck, also               and verdicts of note. One example is a large
represents clients with claims involving          sum obtained from John Deere after a
wrongful death, commercial litigation,            tractor alleged to be equipped without
professional liability and general insurance      sufficient safety mechanisms ran over a
litigation. In recent years, the firm has         client, leaving the client paralyzed. In
increasingly become involved in litigating        another case that involved a train accident
accident claims associated with the               and large anhydrous spill, Larson obtained a
explosive growth of the state’s oil industry.     multimillion-dollar settlement on behalf of
Attorneys do handle a small amount of             individual plaintiffs that were citizens of
defense litigation, most notably on behalf of     Minot.

                                                               THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO AMERICA’S LEADING LITIGATION FIRMS & ATTORNEYS                133

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