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                                         Dear colleagues!

                                 We invite you to take part in the

                     II International Scientific and Practical Conference
                         PRESERVATION AND RESTORATION "

                          to be held 11 - 13 October 2012 in Truskavets

                                   TOPICS of the conference:

   1.   Protection and rational use of natural resources.
   2.   Monitoring of the environment.
   3.   Medical and biological problems and environmental pollution.
   4.   Biological, geographical and environmental education.

Conditions and forms of participation

Working languages - Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English.

Prior to the conference the collection of abstracts will be published. Scientific articles will be
published (optionally) in the scientific journal of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.
Series № 20. Biology, which is approved by the Bureau of HAC of Ukraine as a scientific journal in
biological sciences (Decision № 1-05/2 of 10.03.2010).

The list of sections and program of presentations will be made by the organizing committee after
receiving application forms and materials.

Important dates:

September 5 - submission of application form, sending materials and payment of registration fee
October 10 - arrival and registration of participants
October 11 - 12 – working days of the conference
October 13 – departure

Please send application form, your articles and abstracts to the Organizing Committee before the
above mentioned dates on E-mail, confirming receipt of
the organizing committee. Please, to avoid misunderstanding, pay the fee for the publishing of
conference materials and participation in the conference only after confirmation by phone the fact
of the consideration of your publications. Send on the same e-mail a copy of the fee receipt after
confirmation of materials acception.

     Application form for participation in the conference should be presented after the model:

                           APPLICATION FOR THE CONFERENCE

Surname _______________________________________________________________________
Patronymic _____________________________________________________________________
Position _________________________________________________________________
Participants address ______________________________________________________________
Phone, Fax ____________________________________________________________________
E-mail __________________________________________________________________________
Information about the report (authors, title) _____________________________________________

Scientific topic of the conference (specify number) _____________________________________
The form of participation (plenary session report, section reports, publication of materials)
Required hardware:
 computer  projection equipment  others
Advance bookings for accommodation (hotel (1 -, 2 -, or multiple rooms, sanatorium of Ivan Franko
DSPU) ________________________________________________________________________

                                        Contact address:
                                      Biology Department
                  The Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University
                                     V. Ivasyuk Street, 11,
                                  Truskavets, Ukraine, 82200
                       Official Site:


                       0 (3247) 5-14-57 - dean of the Biology Department
                                  (097) 239 66 64 - Fil Vitaly M.
                               Requirements for abstracts issuance:

Abstracts lenght shouldn’t include more than 1-3 pages of A4 format (297×210 mm), orientation -

Page setup: left margin - 25 mm, right margin - 25 mm, top margin - 25 mm, bottom margin - 25
Font Times New Roman, size - 14, line spacing - 1.5, style Normal;

First line - author's surname and initials, academic title or degree (for those who have it) (bold italic
font, aligned on the right side), second line - educational institution or place of work (italics font,
aligned on the right side);

The following paragraph - title of the abstract (font bold, centered);

Following is the text of abstracts, aligned to the width of the indentation left 10 mm, pages should
not be numbered;

Literature should be made at the end of the text and entitled "Literature." The references have to be
indicated in brackets and indicate the number of source in the list and by comma - the page number,
eg [5, c. 57-61].

    The file name must match the name and surname of the participant (eg Petrenko_Ivan.doc).

                               Requirements for the article issuance:

1. Page setup: left margin - 25 mm, right margin - 25 mm, top margin - 25 mm, bottom margin - 25

2. Paper format - A4, font - Times New Roman (size 14, spacing 1.5). The paper lenght shouldn’t
include more than - 7 - 10 pages of printed text.

3. Paragraph - 1, 27 mm, the width alignment of the page.

4. Page numbering – only with a pencil in the upper right corner of the page (on a disk pages should
not numbered!).

5. Tables, graphs, drawings, photographs, diagrams should be named, numbered and presented in
the text of the article with references to them. The format of illustrations should not exceed A4 size.
Line drawings should be clear, made with ink on white paper, or printed on a laser printer of high
                                        Typesetting of the article

UDC (univeral decimal classification)

                                                                                              Initials and
                                                                              surname(s) of the author(s)
                                                                                    Name of institution
                                                                                          and its address

                                               Article title

Key words (not more than 10)


Summary (in Russian and English: name(s) of the authors(s), title, text summary)
The experimental articles should have the following sections:

introduction, research materials and methods, research results and discussion, conclusions,
literature, resume. Name(s) of the author(s), article title and summary text should be in English and

                                          Appearance of text

All symbols and letters of the Greek and other languages, should be clearly relevant to print signs,
or write by hand.

Images and text tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals in order of first mention and written
in abbreviated form: Fig. 1, Tab.. 1, etc. If a picture or a table is single, it should be written in the e
text: table, figure. The full Latin names of taxonomic units appear only once at the first mention,
then shortened version should be given in the text. Example: “the dominant type for this group is
Stipa capillata L. S. Capillata is ... etc.” The references should be given in brackets according to the
the numbers in the list of references - [].

                                        References appearance

List of literature sources should be made according to the requirements of HAC of Ukraine by the
number order.

For monographs, textbooks, manuals and curriculums (educational programs) author(s) name,
initials, full name, city edition, publisher, year, total number of pages should be indicated.
For journal articles surnames and initials, article title, journal of publication with adopted
abbreviation, after the appropriate symbol (//), year, volume, issue (number) in Arabic numerals,
pages (the first – the last).

In case of deviation from specified requirements the manuscripts will not be accepted for
consideration. Articles, that are not relevant to the collection topics, will be rejected.

Financial terms:

- registration fee (conference program, participant certificates and other organizational costs) is 100
UAH. In case of part-time participation in the conference (materials publication) the registration fee
is 50 UAH. (For distribution of conference materials).

- All costs, associated with participation in the conference (travel, accommodation (hotel - from 100
UAH), meals expenses), are covered by participant.

- Cost of paper publication are: article - 25 UAH for 1 page, abstracts - 20 UAH for 1 page.

Funds should be sent to:

Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University, Biology Department, V. Ivasyuk Street, 11,
Truskavets, Ukraine, 82200, Natalie K. Koval

The Organizing Committee will be grateful for the present of the letter to other stakeholders

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