Teacher Preparation at Meredith College by 7tNLuE9Y


									Teacher Preparation at
   Meredith College

 Expectations of the Teacher Education
  Program at Meredith; INTASC Standards
 Conceptual Framework
 Admission to the Education Program
 Qualifying for a Teaching License in North
 Future Opportunities in Education

       *Be sure you complete and sign attendance sheets
           Expectations of
      All Preservice Educators
             at Meredith
 Professional Behaviors (Dispositions)
  (page 4)
   Respect for the people with whom you work
   Respect for diversity represented by the people
    with whom you work
   An awareness of the significance of your role in
    social interactions
   Consistent demonstration of professional
    behaviors, including appropriate attire and
    adherence to attendance policies
    Expectations (continued)
 Conceptual Framework (page 5)

 INTASC Standards
Steps to Becoming a Teacher at
        Meredith College
                   Student
Complete admission requirements for Teacher
             Education Program
            Teacher Candidate
Maintain a 2.5 gpa, “C” or better in all licensure
  courses and methods; professional behavior,
               midpoint evaluation
        Student Teacher Intern
Physical, Speech Screening, PRAXIS II and
  Honors Thesis (if applicable), Professional
   Portfolio (includes technology portfolio)
   Standard Professional I License
         Admission to
       Teacher Education
 Meet with advisor; declare major;
  complete application form and planned
 Attend Orientation Meeting
 Faculty Recommendations
 GPA 2.5
 Essay
 PRAXIS I (PPST) (cherry sheet) OR
  SAT/ACT scores (salmon sheet)
 Reading
   Minimum Score 176
 Writing
   Minimum Score 173
 Mathematics
   Minimum Score 173
 SAT Score – 1100 Total
   550 Math; 550 Verbal
   ACT of 24

You must be admitted by 6/30 if you are
  planning to student teach in the spring;
      11/30 for fall student teaching.*

 *Special Word to all licensure students
        Student Internship
 Overall gpa of 2.5. For 6-9,9-12,K-12
  a gpa of 2.5 in content
 Must have observed/participated with
  children in public schools
 “C” or better in all professional
  education requirements
 Physical examination
 Speech competency form on file
  (page 91)
 Standard Professional I License
 Have a baccalaureate degree and
  successfully complete all
 Take PRAXIS II, if applicable
 Complete portfolio
 Complete application for licensure
 GPA of 2.5/4.0
      Professional Portfolio
Purpose: To demonstrate attainment of
          INTASC and ISTE Standards
 Required of all licensure areas
 EDU 241- Introduction to
  Instructional Media will give you an
  overview of process.
 Due during your internship semester
 Will be electronic – Digital Locker
          Future in Teaching
 Standard Professional II License
     3 years of teaching (2 in NC) and
     PRAXIS II or appropriate test or
     NC HOUSSE or
     National Board Certification (4 years) or
     Other documentation (TBA)
 National Board Certification (12%)
 Master’s Degree (10%)
             Monies Available
  (posted on bulletin board – 2nd floor Ledford)

 Martin Marietta Scholarships
     ESL
     Teacher Assistant
     Licensure Only
     Second Chance
 Future Teachers of NC Scholarship
 Sallie Mae Scholarship

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