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                                   Bell McLeod Educational Fund - Travel Award
     Travel for educational purposes will be funded once per Master’s degree and twice per doctoral degree to a maximum of
     $800 per event. To be eligible for the award, the student must be making an oral or poster presentation at an event,
     participating in field work, or visiting a major archive where information critical to their thesis research is lodged or where
     resident experts can be consulted.
          If the student is attending a conference, proof must be submitted with the application that a submitted oral or poster
           paper has been accepted for presentation by the conference organizers.
          If applicable, attach a copy of the Conference Registration Form outlining the cost of registration and what is included
           (meals, accommodation, etc.).
          If the student is requesting travel funds for field work or research purposes, a compelling statement from his or her
           supervisor explaining why the proposed travel is crucial to the student’s program must be appended.
     Please submit the completed request form to the Graduate Studies office at B-117 Clinical Sciences, Edmonton, Alberta,
     Canada T6G 2G3.

     Student information requested on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom of
     Information and Protection of Privacy Act in order to administer payment for this award. Personal information is protected
     under this Act. For further information regarding the collection, use or disposal of this information, contact the Graduate
     Studies Coordinator of the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology.

     Student Name
     Student ID Number

1.   Purpose of Travel (Check only one):       Presentation/poster      Field work        Research
2.   Estimate of Travel Costs (include ALL expenses in Canadian dollars):
                                    Amount (CAD)        Description/Particulars
     Conference Registration
     Ground Transportation
     Total Estimated Expenses

3.   Indicate the value and source of any other funding you will receive:
     Value:                      Source:

4.   Name and location of conference, library, archive, etc.:

5.   Dates of travel:

     I have read and understand the Terms of Reference and declare that the information given on this application is true and
     complete, and I understand it is subject to verification.

     Signature of Student                                            Date

     Supervisor Name                        Signature of Supervisor                                 Date

                                                                                                                       October 2011
                          Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
                  Terms of Reference for the use of the Bell McLeod Educational Fund

The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (LMP) will use the interest generated from the Bell
McLeod endowment to augment funding for four main areas within the Graduate Program. These are:
   1. Bridge Funding
   The Bell McLeod fund will provide bridge funding for one year of a graduate student’s program (usually at
   the start of the students program in LMP) at one half the required department stipend. Bridge funding would
   be made available to outstanding candidates who have a high likelihood of obtaining independent funding of
   some sort.
       For example, the current minimum LMP graduate student stipend for 2005 is $17,500. Bridge funding
       would therefore be $8,750. The remaining $8,750 would need to be made up from other sources such
       as a supervisors grant, Graduate Research Assistantship, etc.
   2. Recruitment
   The Bell McLeod fund will provide funding to recruit excellent graduate student and post-doctoral fellow
   candidates to the LMP Graduate program. This may involve airfare costs and hotel expenses, etc.
       For example, NSERC currently funds PhD graduate students at $63,000 / 4 years. This scholarship is
       fully transferable (as are many scholarships), hence students awarded with NSERC scholarships could
       be recruited to LMP at the University of Alberta.
   3. Emergency Funding for Trainees
   The Bell McLeod fund will also be used to augment educational funding for graduate students already in the
   program who may, through no fault of their own, find themselves with no funding and/or no supervisor. The
   fund would be used to aid the student for a short period of time at the discretion of the Chairman and
   Graduate Studies Coordinator.
   4. Student Travel for Educational Purposes

   The Bell McLeod fund will provide graduate students in our program with a travel assistance award. All
   MSc students registered full-time are eligible to receive one travel award during their graduate program. All
   PhD students registered full-time are eligible to receive two travel awards during their graduate program.
   The amount of the award will be set on an annual basis by the Graduate Studies Committee.
       Funding may be provided for travel to a major national or international research gathering where the
       student is presenting a paper or poster as the primary author. Travel assistance may also be provided to
       allow the student the opportunity to participate in field work or visit a major archive where information
       critical to their thesis research is lodged or resident experts can be consulted.

Awards are administered in accordance with the Bell McLeod Educational Fund Policies.
                                                                                              Revised May 2007

                                                                                                      October 2011

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