Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) with Physical Education by zSGm9zrS


									 NEW                    Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) with                         FUNDING
 COURSE                        Physical Education Specialism                               AVAILABLE

This innovative programme has been developed jointly by Canterbury Christ Church University and the
Advisory Service Kent. The one year course will offer teaching assistants (TAs) and adults other than
teachers (AOTTs) the opportunity to gain HLTA status with a specialism in physical education. Based
within the Foundation Degree framework, participants are able to gain Higher Education (HE) credits for
their work whilst continuing their role in school. This course will also present participants with further
opportunities to progress towards a full honours degree and qualified teacher status (QTS).

How will the programme benefit the school? It is envisaged that this programme will benefit the
school in a number of ways… The HLTA Physical Education Specialism programme;

                                                                Offers      an      endorsed,       funded,
                                                                 professional development route for TAs
                                                                 or AOTTs for HLTA and physical
                                                                Can form a significant element of the
                                                                 support / competency framework
                                                                 required for non QTS staff taking a lead
                                                                 role in lesson delivery and extra
                                                                 curricular activities
                                                                Will    provide      your    school     with
                                                                 opportunities to develop creative
                                                                 approaches to delivering the ECM
                                                                 agenda and link to Extended Schools
                                                                Can contribute to providing high quality
                                                                 physical education lessons in line with
                                                                 PE, School Sport & Club Links strategy
                                                                Will    increase       specialist    subject
                                                                 knowledge for physical education within
                                                                 your school

Where and when?
The HLTA modules will be take place at Hall Place, Harbledown, part of the Canterbury Christ Church
University campus. The physical education modules will take place in a variety of local venues and
schools. The courses take place on one day a week during each half term from 9.30am until 4.30pm.
Anticipated Start date: Tuesday 13th September 2006 (Subject to viable cohort being recruited)

What does the prospective participant need to start the programme?
   Support from their head teacher
   To be working in school or relevant setting 15 hrs / week
   A Level 3 qualification, for example qualification(s) at ‘A’ level or BTEC
   National Level 2 qualifications in Numeracy and Literacy (equivalent to GCSE grade ‘C’ or CSE
     grade 1) (There is an orientation access course for participants without these qualifications)

The first year of this programme which leads to HLTA status and covers three courses of the physical
education specialism the course is fully funded by the Local Authority.
Structure and Progression Routes
The grid below illustrates the funded courses taught in year 1 and the subsequent (unfunded) courses in
year two should participants wish to continue after HLTA Physical Education Specialist programme.
There are opportunities for participants to progress towards a full honours degree and qualified teacher
status (QTS).

                     Year 1                                                 Year 2
        HLTA/Physical Education Specialism                            Foundation Degree
                (Subject to validation)                     Childhood Studies and Physical Education

Module 1. Workplace Relationships*                     Module 1. Theories of Learning

Module 2. Professional Values and Practice*            Module 2. Developing Inclusive practice

Module 3. Practical Issues in Teaching & Learning*     Module 3. Creative & Cultural Development in Personal
                                                       & Social Learning Contexts

Module 4. Foundations of Physical Education            Module 4. Skill Acquisition, Motor Development and
                                                       the Assessment of Learning in Physical Education

                                                       Module 5. Physical Education Curriculum 1: Aesthetic,
Module 5. The Teacher of Physical Education            Creative, Social and Personal Learning in Physical

                                                       Module 6. Physical Education Curriculum 2: Athletic
Module 6. The Learner in Physical Education            Activities, Games Activities and Swimming Activities and
                                                       Water Safety
      6 X 20 credits = 120 Credits at HE level 1
 (Modules marked with an asterisk contribute towards          6 X 20 Credits = 120 credits at HE level 2
                  the HLTA course)

The course will…
 Provide participants a route to qualification as an HLTA with a specialism in physical education
 Offer participants a practical, dynamic and exciting physical education experience
 Develop subject knowledge and skills relating to the core activities and theories of physical education
 Enable participants to develop their competence at planning, teaching and evaluating physical
   education across all the activity areas of the National Curriculum

    Apply to Martyn Styles (Klic) for funding (martyn.styles@kent.gov.uk), phone 01303 224379
    Then apply for a CCCU application form from: Ellen Mumford: Tel: 01227 782871 or email on:

For questions about the physical education specialism contact Paul Carney (Email
p.carney@canterbury.ac.uk or telephone 01227 782877)

Other opportunities

Want Physical Education but not HLTA? The physical education courses can be added to the
existing Foundation Degree framework (contact Paul Carney for further information, 01227 782877 or

Want a different subject specialism? Other subject specialisms are being developed for those
involved in both primary and secondary education. For further information contact Jane Lingham
(jel11@canterbury.ac.uk or 01227 782781)

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