PROGRAM OUTCOMES:                                 October 13, 2012 Full Day Class                             PARISH NURSING MINISTRY is a health ministry
                                                  Building on Experience: Reflection                     on
                                                                                                              which emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind
 Parish Nurses, Clergy, agency personnel         Nursing Practice Standards
  and health committee graduates of the ICHM      Therapeutic Communication in Parish Nursing                 and spirit in congregations, agencies and
  Parish Nursing Ministry Education Program       Ministry                                                    communities. The ministry is based upon the
  will further prepare for health ministries in   In the morning participants will review the College of      assumption that the church is a place of health
  congregations and agencies as well as           Nurses Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship,
                                                  Revised 2006, practice standard which includes the          and healing and has a role in linking faith and
  outreach to the surrounding communities
                                                  expectations for all nurses in establishing, maintaining    health.
  through advanced learning opportunities
                                                  and terminating a therapeutic relationship, and
  beyond Basic Parish Nurse Preparation.          discuss issues arising that affect parish nurses as          A PARISH NURSE is a Registered Nurse who is
                                                  nurses in independent practice. In the afternoon
TIME AND PLACE:                                   participants will be provided with an overview of the        called to a health and healing ministry in the
                                                  CNO revised Quality Assurance program with                   church or community agency. As a church or
Time:     Morning                                 application to the Therapeutic Nurse-Client                  agency staff team member, the Parish Nurse is
          10:00 a.m. – 12: 00 noon.               Relationship, Revised 2006, practice standard.
                                                  Presenter: Myra Kreick RN, MEd, CNO Outreach                 committed to ongoing theological reflection and
          1:00 p.m. – 3: 00 p.m.                  Consultant Community and Public Health                       education, working with clergy, the congregation
          Full Day - both morning and afternoon                                                                or agency and the community.
                                                  October 20, 2012        Full Day Class
Place: Emmanuel College                           Suffering, Grief and Loss Part II: Going Deeper
                                                  This module offers a full day for parish nurses & other      Continuing Education is offered to Graduates
       75 Queen’s Park Crescent                                                                                of any Parish Nursing Ministry Education
                                                  pastoral care givers to explore their own suffering in
       Toronto, ON M5S 1K7                        order to be better equipped to be present to others.         Program, parish nurse candidates and other
                                                  Presenter: Jane Smith-Eivemark, B.A, M.DIV., BST,
Dates: Oct. 13 & Oct.20, 2012                     D.MIN.
                                                                                                               interested people. Supplemental Modules to
       (Saturdays)                                                                                             the Parish Nursing Ministry Education Program
                                                  Basic Modules Open to All as Con Ed-Half Day                 were developed by the International Parish Nurse
                                                  November 3 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm:                             Resource Centre (IPNRC) and adapted by ICHM.
Special notes to participants:                    Unit IV: Community – Advocacy
                                                  Presenters: Gail Brimbecom, R.N., M.A. (Ed.), D.D.
                                                                                                               They represent the collaboration and dedicated
   Lunch – bring or buy. Coffee, tea and         With Nicholas Tsergas and Emma MacGregor,                    work of both parish nurse educators and parish
    muffins provided in a.m.                      Ryerson University, Daphne Cockwell School of                nurse leaders who are committed to the on-going
                                                  Nursing students at the time of the Occupy Toronto
                                                                                                               educational and spiritual development of parish
 For Parking see U of T website:                 occupation of St. James’ Park in Toronto.
                                                                                                               nurse ministry worldwide. They serve in a
                                                  November 17 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm:                            complementary capacity to enhance and provide
  Public transportation very accessible
  (Museum subway station).                        The Labyrinth: Walking a Sacred Path                         on-going educational and spiritual support for
                                                  Presenter: Jo Ann Stevenson, B. A. , Certified               practicing parish nurses, and those seeking a
                                                  labyrinth facilitator, Veriditas and founding member
                                                  and President of the Toronto Labyrinth Community             greater understanding of faith, health, and
        Each day begins at 9: 30 am with          Network                                                      wholeness.
            Welcome and Worship
                                                                                                 PARISH NURSING
                                                                                               EDUCATION PROGRAM
      ICHM Graduate - Practicing Parish Nurse, Parish
       Nurse Candidate, Clergy or other in a
       Partnership Congregation: a non-refundable
       registration fee of $101.00 per person per Full Day

      Parish Nurses, parishioners, clergy, nurses &
       other interested individuals NOT in Partnership
       congregations: a non-refundable registration fee
       of $130.00 per person per Full Day Module

      All Participants in half-day Open modules of                                                 Presented by:
       Basic Program: $50.50 per module
                                                                                                InterChurch Health
                                                                                                 Ministries Canada
      A registration form is enclosed. Registration for
       each participant is required                                                               In partnership with
                                                                                                Emmanuel College
                                                                                               Of Victoria University
                                                                                                         IN the
                                                                                               University of Toronto
Closing date for registration is September 30, 2012.                                                       AND

    Program availability subject to sufficient registration.
                                                                                                 The International
                                                                    Emmanuel College                   Parish
     FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:                               75 Queen’s Park Crescent
     Karen Marks, RN, BA, MTS                                                                  Nurse resource center
                                                                   Toronto, ON M5S 1K7
     Ontario Regional Parish Nurse Coordinator
     44 Metcalfe Street
                                                                      Contact ICHM:
     Aurora, Ontario, L4G 1E6                                  905-841-7619 /1-888- 433-9422
     Phone: 1-888-433-9422/905-841-7619                            E-mail:             Continuing
     Fax: 905-841-4051
     Website: Email:
                                                                                                     Oct 13 & Oct 20, 2012
                                                                        Revised 31/05/2012           Nov 3 & Nov 17, 2012

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