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Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson: Instructional Clarity

                                                               Stage 1 The Desired Results
                                     SS3CG1: The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that
                                     provide the foundation of a republican form of government.
                                             a. Explain why in the United States there is a separation of power
                                             between branches of government and levels of government.
                                             b. Name the three levels of government (national, state, local) and the
                                             three branches in each (executive, legislative, judicial), including the
                                             names of the legislative branch (Congress, General Assembly, county
                                             commission or city council).
                                             c. State an example of the responsibilities of each level and branch of
Specific Learning Objective(s)       The students will learn the branches of government and what their
                                     jobs are.

                                                               Stage 2 Assessment Evidence
 Assessment Instrument
(Ex. Test, Poster, Presentation,     Triangle summary of the three branches of government.
Picture, etc.)
 Evaluation (Grading) Instrument
(Ex. Point System, Rubric,           Checklist
Checklist, etc.)
                                                                  Stage 3 Learning Plans
                                     Letters from King Louie’s people, power point presentation, paper, scissors, glue
Sequence of Teacher Actions
                                     -The teacher will ask the students two essential questions:
*Attention-Getter/Motivator            1. What are the three branches of government?
                                       2. What are the responsibilities of each branch?
*Tie to Previous Learning            - The teacher will introduce the branches of government.
                                     -The teacher will read “The Tired King.”
*Significant Actions to Introduce    -The teacher will allow the students to come up and place the letters under the
  and Guide Lesson                   appropriate branch of government.
                                     -The teacher will begin the lesson wrap-up by showing the power point
                                     presentation that has summary questions and pictures of the branches of
                                     -The teacher will help the students make their triangle summary of the three
                                     branches of government.
                                     -The teacher will end the lesson by handing out the “In Your Own Words” sheet.
Sequence of Student Actions

*Explain How Students Are            -The students will listen quietly to “The Tired King” and think about the essential
  Engaged During Lesson              questions.
                                     - The students will place the letters on the board under the appropriate branch of
* Explain How Students Discuss       government when they are called on by the teacher.
  or Present Results of What         - The students will raise their hands and answer questions that are listed on the
  They Did During the Lesson         power point presentation.
                                     -The students will make a triangle summary of the three branches of government.
                                     -The students will complete their sheet “In Your Own Words.”

Teacher’s Lesson Closure/Wrap-       The teacher will restate how the branches of government relate to the story read
Up/Transition                        and what each branch does.

Adaptations for Exceptional          -If a student is not comfortable deciding where the letter should go on the board,
Students (Anyone who requires        they may read it and ask a classmate to help them decide where it should go.
modifications for their needs)       -If a student is ahead, they may be the helper to those who still need some help
                                     understanding the concept by helping them connect the story to our government.
Related Activities/Extensions        -Those who finish their sheet early or need more may read books about
(What can students do who need       government such as:
more than is in the lesson? Should     - Branches of Government (Government in Action) by: John Hamilton, Why Do
be related to lesson.)               We Have Laws? Jacqueline Laks Gorman, The Supreme Court and the Powers of
                                     the American Government by: David G. Savage
Connections to Other Disciplines     Language arts/ reading, art

Candidate’s Reflection After the Lesson:
Submit Lesson Plan Agenda with this Lesson Plan
- What are the three branches of government?
- What are the responsibilities of each branch?
         - Read “The Tired King.”
    - Put letters under their department.
         - Make triangle summary.

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