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Willie the Billy Goat


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									Willie the Billy Goat

Value: Peace

The animals in the petting zoo loved the times when the children came to
see them. So when Mr. Henderson, the owner of the petting zoo, brought
them Willie the Billy Goat to join them, every one of the animals tried
to help him learn how to get the children to like him. At first, Willie
didn’t understand why the children ran away from him.

“Yesterday that little blond haired girl started crying when I came to
see her.” Willie complained to Chelsea the Chicken. “All I wanted to do
is be her friend.”

“So when she came over to pet you, was she smiling?”   Chelsea tried to
help her friend.

“Yes and I did my very best Billy Goat things to make friends with her.”
Willie complained. “I ran in circles. I butted into fence posts and
rose up on my hind legs and brayed and then to really let her know I was
her friend, I ate her dolly.” He said sadly having no idea why a little
human girl wouldn’t like that.

“Why don’t you do what I do?” Chelsea advised her new friend. “Just
cluck around and peck the ground but don’t peck their shoes. They hate
that. Then if its time go to your nest and lay an egg.” She said

But Willie was pretty sure he could never lay an egg so he sought more

“Well I think they are afraid you might butt them. Little girls are
easily frightened.” Said Peter the Puppy. “But here is what always
works for me. Next time we are all out there, join me and my brothers
and sisters and yip and jump up and down and pant with your tongue out
and then when the children throw sticks, run and fetch them and then roll
over and show your tummy. They love that.”

This seemed like very silly advice but Willie was new so he was willing
to give it a try. Things started going wrong right away though. When
the Children threw sticks, Willie outran all the puppies and ate the
sticks which made the other puppies angry. Panting with his tongue out
made the children scream the word “GROSS” which he didn’t understand.
Then when it was time for all the puppies to play together, Willie
started butting them which is how Billy Goats play and the puppies all
ran away and hid and so did the children.

Willie was very sad and pouted all the next day. Finally, he was walking
in the field where Mr. Henderson put the animals to rest from being
petting and he saw Mr. Henderson sitting near the creek reading
something. Willie walked up.
“Oh hello Willie. Are you having fun being a petting zoo goat?” He
asked. Willie just shook his head because humans can’t understand animal

“I see. Is it because the boys and girls run from you when you butt them
and eat their toys?” Mr. Henderson guessed. Willie nodded.

“Willie, do you know what this book I am reading is?” He asked. Willie
shook his head although it looked like it might be good to eat. “Its
called The Bible and it has words from God who created us all. It has
words to help you to Willie. See the Bible says that if we think about
God, our creator and praise him, that His peace will live inside you and
guard your heart. You want peace with the children don’t you Willie?”
Mr. Henderson asked and Willie nodded his head very enthusiastically.

“It also says that you should make it your job to be at peace with all
creatures. You can do that Willie. When you are with the children, find
out what they like. If they don’t like butting, don’t do that then.
Wait until you are in private. If they don’t like for you to eat things
they own, try not to. But all children like touch animals and if you try
to like them and find ways to get them to smile, they will love you.
That’s the secret of being a very popular petting zoo goat Willie.”

And Willie learned his lesson well. Before long, he was the most popular
animal in the zoo and the children called his name and begged for him to
come to them to pet him and love him. Willie always made sure the
children had smiles on their faces when he was with them and what he
found out is that he began to love them from the inside. That peace and
love of God that Mr. Henderson was talking about was really coming out.
Willie decided to sit with Mr. Henderson when he read that book more and
to never ever ever try to eat it.

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