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									 N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
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        "The Instant Affiliate Business"
                           Weight Loss Niche
  Your “Golden Ticket” to Making Massive
 Autopilot Affiliate Commissions That Rakes
    in Cash Day After Day – Guaranteed!

     …Using Copy and Paste Systems and
    Campaigns with 90% of the Hard Work
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          No Experience required!
          No Technical knowledge Required!
          No Website? No List? No Problem!
          ALL the Hard Work is Done For You!

        You can profit from our proven systems even if you are a newbie,
         unmotivated, have small budget and have no clue...
  N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
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Plus that you will be able to get Amazing Affiliate Incomes like these…

  N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
               Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

N79,700 was paid to this Affiliate as recent as July 30th, 2012 for sales made on
Dr. Ela’s 25-day Diet weight loss product.

This thing works my brother!...my sister! If only you’ll take action.
 N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
              Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

 See the actual GTBank transfer we made into his account.
                       LIVE proofs!

Just "copy and paste" the exact systems, templates and campaigns we give
you to start banking massive paydays every month!

 Can You Set Aside Just 1-3 Hours Every Week
    To Complete One Simple Assignment?

                                      If yes...
  N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
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  Then Let Me Hand You The Keys to The Most
 Powerful, The Fastest And Insanely Profitable
 System That Gets Cash In The Bank That Is As
          Simple As Writing An Email

There's an old saying that goes like this: "Give a man a fish and you feed him
for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

The thinking here is that it's better to educate someone on how to do
something than it is to do it for them. In other words, the best way to improve
someone's circumstances is not to offer a temporary fix, but to show them
how to permanently and repeatedly handle things themselves.

While that may hold true in a lot of cases but let's face it...

                      Sometimes you'd rather just buy the fish!

Sometimes I like to eat roasted fish, grilled fish and sometimes fish-in-batter
catfish. In both cases, I don't want to learn how to do it for myself. I don't
want to learn how to catch, clean and cook the catfish. And I don't have the
time or desire to go to Lagos lagoon to do any fishing.

I'd rather just walk into a Tasty Fried Chicken (TFC) or a Chinese restaurant,
place my order and pay for it. Let someone else do everything necessary to
hand me over a plate of food. That's what I want.

It's true that I can teach you how to setup your online business yourself but
since you’ve been trying to do it yourself, how far has it gotten you? How
much have you made online? There are many ways to make legit 6-figure
income online -- solid, effective ways. But they all require you to "catch, clean
and cook" in order to get a consistent, month-by-month income on your plate!
  N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
               Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

But, let's face it...

               Sometimes you'd rather just buy ALREADY-made!

Already-made clothes! Already-made housing! Already-made shoes! Already-
made cars! Many things in life – ALREADY made!

ALREADY-made Affiliate Online Business?

I know – it sounds too good to be true. Surely, there must be something more to it
than that! Don’t you need a website? An autoresponder list? Great content? Lots
of traffic? Don’t you need to work hard in setting and running your online business?

The truth is – yes, you need those things. But that But that does NOT mean YOU
have to do them all by Yourself! Let someone else do everything necessary to
hand over an online business that works on autopilot push-button mode.

        ALL The Work is Done For You With My
           Copy-and-Paste Simple System!

What most of us need are "ready-made systems" that give us the fish rather
than the pole to catch the fish. It's for that reason that I'm making available
the Instant Affiliate Business – Weight Loss Niche Partners Membership.

The Instant Affiliate Business Membership is a 24-week, step-by-step, "copy
and paste" system…where you will get access to everything!

 Just "copy and paste" the exact systems, exact websites, templates,
campaigns and the "secret" money magnets that will cause you to start
banking massive paydays every month!
     N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
                  Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

    We will do 90% of ALL the Hard Work for You,
   All You need do is just FOUR "easy to follow”
                       steps like…

                       I'm taking the guesswork out of it for you!

Every week you will logon to our membership portal where you will receive some
instructions for ONE proven effective way to promote your affiliate link. You
complete your assignment and then move on to enjoy the rest of your week. Let
me repeat that...

        Every week you complete ONE assignment in a couple of hours to
         promote your affiliate link and then you do whatever you want
                          with the rest of your week!

Most people I know have existing jobs. And families. And interests. What you
don't need is some crazy schedule that's going to overtax your time and rob you
of the other "stuff" in your life.

That's why I'm purposefully going to send you weekly action steps for 24 weeks to
promote your affiliate link that only take a couple of hours to complete.
     N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
                  Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

That's 1-3 hours per WEEK, not per day!

Dr. Ela and I developed this membership site to give you proven steps you will use
to promote her weight loss affiliate products in just 1-3 hours per week.

Every week for a quick six months (24 weeks) you'll logon to the membership
portal where you’ll receive special instructions to copy and paste campaigns for
that week's assignment.

Its an assignment you can easily complete in 1-3 hours so you'll make progress
every single week – meaning you start pulling un-stoppable affiliate cash even
from a cyber café!

    Over the coming 6 months, we’ll cover 12
     Modules of over 52 Secret Templates you
      will use to Dominate the Weight Loss
    Market as our Affiliate Partners including…

                Module One: Weight Loss Website Blog
                                        (Value: N25,000)

       This is Done-For-You. This is one of the serious headaches of all online
       entrepreneurs-wanabes! Having a professional blog website will NO longer
       be a problem because…

       You will get a professionally designed website blog by my team of website

   Here are samples of blogs you will get ALL Done For You:

   Option 1: FREE hosting for life serious Affiliates.
   Sample at www.weightlosstipsnigeria.blogspot.com

Option 2: Very, very professional blog for super Affiliates: Complete with your
own domainname.com and cheap hosting per year. Sample at

   No need for you to worry about any headaches of designing your blog or
   paying hefty monies to have this done for you. This will be done for you!
 N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
              Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com
  Module Two: Your Monetized Affiliate Links
                         (Value: N250,000)
                      Get Paid EVERY month!

 This is your automatic money link and most important component
  that brings in the cash to your bank account. Without this, all your
  websites are a waste! You will get 3 Affiliate links to Proven, High
  Converting Weight Loss Products that Sell like Hot Cake!

   See samples of the high converting weight loss products:
   Product 1: www.weightlossnigeria.com/fastweightloss.htm
   Product 2: www.weightlossnigeria.com/flatbellycooking.htm
   Product 3: 2nd Tier Passive Income Affiliate Links (You make money
   from other Affiliates – Active in Month 3!

 Because of how important this is, we spent over $1,000 to get
  programmers from UK to design and install it for us – I’m talking of
  N165,000 already spent so you can have your affiliate link. Best of all
  you don’t pay anything for that. Its all FREE as long as our
  partnership is active.

 You Will have Your own Affiliate Login where You Will see your
  Affiliate stats, number of sales you have made. You Will have Real
  time reporting of clicks and sales. In summary, You Will be able to
  Track your Affiliate sales, view your affiliate details, commission level,
  account status, view real time clicks and sales statistics

 We made this thing so powerful that You Will Even Make Money
  from ANOTHER Affiliates work – in our Two tier Affiliate system –
  More details in Month 3

 You will have 3 Money-Trees bringing in cash, so this means you will
  have 3 Affiliate links.

 When people you refer to the product website buy through your
  affiliate links, You Will be Paid on the 25th of EVERY month into your
   Nigerian Bank account

    Module Three: Interswitch ATM Payments
                        (Value: N200,000)

 We have taken away all the Heavy Lifting from not only you but also
  your customers as well by the integration of Interswitch ATM
  payments on the websites of the products you will be promoting!

 This means your customers can Pay ONLINE through Your Affiliate
  link using their normal Nigerian ATM cards even if its 2am on
  Saturday morning without having to wait till Monday to queue at the

 That way You Make MORE Commissions because if Tolu wants to
  buy the product through your link but has to wait till Tuesday when
  he is less busy before he gets to the bank, by Monday, something
  could come up which will take the money from him BUT…

 …the Integration of Interswitch he can buy the product immediately-
  He is happy for the convenience and You are Happy with the Faster
  Commissions. Sweet! Right?

 It cost Dr. Ela N150,000 just to get this from her banks but You Pay
  NOTHING for this! See? Its ALL Done-For-You! We have already
  gotten the codes from the bank and we are at the moment working
  with programmers from UK to integrate it.
     Module Four: 5-10 Blog post Articles
                     (Value: N50,000)

 After your Blog has been designed, we will NOT give you an empty
  blog with no content. We will post 5 – 10 keyword-rich blog posts on
  it already monetized with your affiliate links.

 We will post these articles on your blog FOR YOU. These are Highly-
  targeted articles to keep your list actively engaged and involved in
  what you have to say and then they click on your affiliate links
  already embedded in them and You Get PAID.

 You don’t have to worry about writing articles, getting your affiliate
  links, uploading banners, posting them on your blog or anything else
  that takes time and effort. Just let us do it for you.

 That’s not even the BEST Part: EVERY week for the 24 weeks of this
  Instant Affiliate System (depending on your Partnership Level) You
  ALSO get additional 1 – 2 incredible Brand New Articles with private
  label rights which you just copy, edit and paste them on your blog,
  practically on autopilot!

 Can you now see why I said you will only need a short 1-3 hours PER
  week and working even from a Cyber Café?

           Module Five: 2-3 High Quality
               Giveaway Reports
                          (Value: N60,000)

 The easiest way to build a responsive list is by giving away something
  valuable to your prospect’s email address and so You Will Get 2-3 High
  Quality giveaway reports (depending on your Partnership Level)

 With these reports, you have a ready-made incentive for someone to
  signup for your subscriber list – without lifting a finger!

 That’s not all – These reports are already built with YOUR Affiliate links
  and website address so people can even giveaway the report and they
  will come back to your website to buy – through your affiliate link.

 And now you will easily be able to establish your authority n the weight
  loss niche and provide value for your audience which translates to
  unending Affiliate Cash!

           Module Six: Autoresponder Setup
                     (Value: N5,000/month)

 One reason why I love the online business models is the AUTOMATION.
  I can wake up by 10 am anyday I choose to and have an email already
  programmed to be sent to my list by 7am. By 8am money is already
  pouring in to my bank account, mind you I’m still asleep!

 The Autoresponder software make this happen for me!

 You will have YOUR own autoresponder setup for you WITHOUT paying
  any monthly fees! Its one of the BEST you’d be getting. Normally, you
  ought to pay N3,300 for it but the one you will get is FREE forever with
  absolutely NO adverts!
    Module Seven: Squeeze Page/Hover Setup
                          (Value: N10,000)

 With this you can instantly capture the attention of your prospects
  to build a profitable email list and maximize your sales on autopilot
  with these sparkling new powerful video squeeze pages!

 It would cost you a pile of cash to get these squeeze pages created,
  but we are giving them away FREE if you order today!

 You will get both an optin squeeze form on your blog and an optin
  page. Just plugin the follow up emails that we will send to you every
  week and rake in affiliate commissions while playing

       Module Eight: 10-15 Follow Up Emails
                          (Value: N30,000)

    After your prospect gets on your list, its vital for you to follow up
     with them to build a solid relationship with your subscribers.

    And of course, you should start promoting products in order to
     profift. The easiest way to do so would be to queue follow up
     emails into your autoresponder.

    And we’ve got that covered for you as well because you will get
     10-25 high quality follow-up emails which are written to help you
     build a relationship with your subscribers.

    Inside these emails, we have already plugged special sections
     where you will put in your affiliate links so you can easily rake in
      affiliate commissions on complete autopilot.

    That’s not all, EVERY week for the 24-weeks of this partnership,
     you will also receive 1-2 follow up emails like clockwork – so all
     you do is to copy and paste in a few minutes.

Can you now see why I said – This Is ALREADY-Made?

   Module Nine: Crazy Blog Cash Monetization
                         (Value: N30,000)

One thing I love about Dr. Ela is – She made my team go the extra mile to
make sure we did EVERYTHING necessary to build an Income-Machine for
You. And this how she made us do it:

 Cash Monetization #1: Your blog will have stunning Banner Graphics
  which are already hyperlinked with your affiliate link, so that when
  people visit your blog and click on those banners, they will immediately
  got to the salespage of the product you are an affiliate for.

When they buy immediately using their ATM interswitch cards, You Get
the Commissions from a simple banner ad. See one of the samples of you
will get below:
Cash Monetization #2: Every article blog posts on your website will also
have a banner automatically inserted into ALL your articles which are linked
to your affiliate link for crazy affiliate commissions. See one of the samples
of you will get below:

 Cash Monetization #3: We will show you how to AUTOMATE your
  business – like How to Auto-post on your blog, How to Queue up follow
  up emails for up to 1 year ahead etc – So you have time to do the other
  things you love – while raking in Non-Stop Affiliate cash into your bank
N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
             Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

      Module Ten: 5 Affiliate Weight Loss Videos
                                  (Value: N50,000)

  You will receive FIVE promo Walk-through and Affiliate Videos on
   your blog which also reviews the product LIVE.

  There’s no hard selling involved at all. But they work great to help
   You make Rapid Affiliate Commissions because they build instant
   proof and trust in your review and it converts like crazy…

  Here are 3 reasons why product walkthrough videos work so well!

  Reason #1. Creates INSTANT Proof!

  You’re showing your prospects onscreen with instant poof that the
   product you’re promoting is not a scam because you just bought it
   and you got what you were promised.

  Reason #2. Builds INSTANT Trust!

  Because they can literally see with their own eyes that your review is
   real because you actually bought the product…

  Reason #3. They Don’t Hard Sell

  The viewer will feel comfortable that they aren’t getting a sales pitch,
   but instead useful information which will arouse their curiosity and
   satisfy them that the products talked about are real and of value.

  Thus, this will help motivate and convert your visitors into buyers!
 And you get FIVE walk through videos promoting all Your Affiliate
  products in the Weight Loss niche.

   Module Eleven: 4-8 Facebook Wall Updates
                          (Value: N50,000)

 Have ever heard that people make real money from Facebook? The
  same facebook that you use to chat, post your pictures and while
  away time?

 Well that will CHANGE because we’ll teach you how to monetize
  your time on facebook to make crazy affiliate commissions!

 You will also receive 4-8 Affiliate facebook wall updates that brings in
  Massive Affiliate Paydays. You will get them weekly. All you need do
  is to plugin your website link or affiliate links.

       Module Twelve: Ready Support Forum
                         (Value: N200,000)

 As you can see from Modules 1 – 11, we are basically doing ALL the
  Hardwork for you! We set up your business for you and strategically Set
  You Up to receive a consistent cash-flow for years and years and years
  to come.

 No, your affiliate business does NOT end when the 24-week Take-Me-
  By-The-Hand Affiliate Setup ends, it continues for YEARS.
       You will never get lost or be confused with this FIRST of its kind in
        Instant Affiliate System in Nigeria because you will be getting the EXACT
        systems, templates and campaigns which those Affiliates who are
        banking N80,000 – N230,000 per month are using but…

       …just in case something happens along the line and you want further
        clarification or help, we have setup an Online Forum with our team of
        trained support staff to Answer your Every Question and Dissolve your
        Every Doubt and Assist you wherever you may need help – Even if it’s a
        special Customized assistance.

       You would also have Dr. Ela herself present with you on this Secret Cash
        Forum and myself – Yes, ME – Onome Maureen

       We will be on the forum on Saturdays to do this, so if you have any
        questions, challenges etc, just post them during the week and get your
        answers from Sunday for each week.

      As You Can See We Have REMOVED ALL the
    Stumbling Blocks On Your Path Towards Passive
                   Online Income…

                         But Wait…There’s More

As an affiliate, remember your only objective is to promote your affiliate link by
building a list. That's all you do. You get as many people to click on that link as
possible. And you earn commissions everytime someone buys. It really doesn't
get any easier than that.

The question is: How do you promote your affiliate link?

That's a fair question, right?
There are many ways to promote an affiliate link. Truth be told, some work and
some don't. The trouble for most people is in determining the hard way what is
effective and what is not. And that's where I can help you.

 You Can Get Guaranteed Traffic To Your Website In Less
   Than 24 Hours Even If You've Never Gotten A Single
                    Visitor Before!
  Whether You Have N300 or N30,000 In Your
Advertising Budget, You're About To Learn How To
      Get High-Quality Traffic For Your Site!
         Get Traffic Coming To Your Site Within Hours, Not Months!
If you have the deep pockets of a billionaire like Bill Gates, then cash flow isn’t a
problem. You could buy expensive traffic all day long and still have money left over to
buy a jet. But you’re not Bill Gates. You don’t have a bottomless advertising budget.
And so you need…

  Free Targeted Traffic AND Affordable Paid Traffic That’s
           Easy to Get and Converts Like Crazy!
And so because of this, we developed this membership partnership program to teach
you how to promote your affiliate link in just 1-3 hours per week.

The Instant Affiliate Business System course is a 24-week, step-by-step curriculum
for earning Massive Affiliate Commissions starting from scratch.

Every week for 6 months (24 weeks) you'll receive an assignment for that week's step-
by-step lesson for you to complete so you'll make progress every single week.

And so over the coming 6 months we'll cover six meaty traffic guides on traffic
generation and powerful marketing that you can use to get more traffic, more
subscribers, more customers, more backlinks and more cash!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get instant monthly access to when you claim your
package today…
                     Month #1:
  FREE Traffic Through Facebook (Value: N10,000)

Just imagine using a account to make crazy affiliate incomes from the
world’s number one traffic site – Facebook, while others use it to while
away their time. With this guide you’ll be able to get free backlinks,
visitors, subscribers and sales you’d enjoy. Just look at what’s
included inside this” beginner friendly” guide:

• How to quickly setup a Facebook Page in 30 minutes to build a
community of hungry weight loss fans and addicts who keep buying
and buying and buying through your Affiliate Link

• 4 simple action steps for getting everything setup quickly and

• One surprisingly effective way to persuade your friends and fans to
click thru to your site.

• Another 2 ways to make every Facebook wall post a winner ...
not just what KIND of information to share, but also what WORDS
to use for best results.

And more – order now and this guide is yours!

                      Month #2:
    FREE Traffic Through Forums (Value: N20,000)
One of the easiest ways to start driving targeted traffic is where your
target audience already hangs out – Forums. Forums are a great
place to start driving on autopilot for years and years an astounding
flood of traffic and eye-popping profits. Check out the amazingly
simple Forum-traffic strategies:

An Easy Way To Find High Traffic, Active Forums in the Weight
Loss Niche

How to easily Tap into Hot Nigerian Forums for Massive Affiliate
7 different ways you can post on a forum to establish Yourself in the
Forum Community as the Expert in Weight Loss and Fitness

You will have access to a list of over 15 forums and 30 blogs where
you can start driving targeted traffic by using forum posting and blog

And more – order now and this guide is yours!

                   Month #3:
 PAID Facebook Traffic Strategies (Value: N20,000)
Just imagine using a account to make crazy affiliate incomes from the
world’s number one traffic site – Facebook, while others use it to while
away their time. With this guide you’ll be able to get free backlinks,
visitors, subscribers and sales you’d enjoy. Just look at what’s
included inside this” beginner friendly” guide:

• Two ways to promote your offer using Pay Per Click Ads from Facebook and How
to easily pay for your Facebook ads using your normal Nigerian ATM card.

4 simple action steps for setting up an effective Facebook
advertising campaign quickly and easily.

How to guarantee that Facebook accepts your ads. Warning: Miss
this one and you ad would NEVER appear of facebook

• One surprisingly effective way to persuade your friends and fans to
click thru to your site.

The dirty little (and dirt simple!) of paying an unheard of $0.01 to
$0.02 per click (N1.50k to N3) on Facebook, while other advertisers
are busy paying $0.1 to $0.2 per click (N15 to N30)

• Another 2 ways to make every Facebook wall post a winner ...
not just what KIND of information to share, but also what WORDS
to use for best results.

And more – order now and this guide is yours!
                       Month #4:
    FREE Traffic With Ezine Articles (Value: N15,000)
 If you think the key to making money with articles is to submit them to
 article directories, then you’re in for a shockingly PROFITABLE
 surprise! You’re about to discover little-known ways to get plenty of
 traffic, backlinks, subscribers and sales with your articles, including:

 • Need more subscribers? You’ll find out how to turn your articles into
 lead-generating magnets!

 A proven effective, 7-step system for writing 800 word articles that
 are used to promote your affiliate link ... dozens of tips and
 examples included.

 Where to distribute your ezine articles to drive completely free traffic
 (visitors) to your blog.

 • A simple trick to use your articles to create a huge viral buzz in your
 niche – you’ll be surprised at just how well this works!

 • How to write reviews and other articles whose sole purpose is to
 get affiliate sales without causing the reader to "run away"
 because of a hard sell. (Examples included.)

 And more – order now and this guide is yours!

                       Month #5:
    FREE Traffic With Your Blackberry + FREE Google
          Traffic Marketing (Value: N10,000)
 Do you have a blackberry? Discover how to use it to drive FREE traffic
 to your website for Super Affiliate Commissions!

No blackberry? Not a problem! Discover How to get your website as
No.1 on Google for natural FREE traffic to your website.
                                          Month #6:
                             Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies
                                      (Value: N15,000)

                     There are affiliates and there are Super Affiliates! Check it out:
                      Discover what makes one affiliate bank N200,000 per month and
                      another N2,000

                      How to use cheap incentives to RAMP up you Affiliate sales in
                      only 48 hours MORE than it was before

                      Little-known secrets Super Affiliates use to GROW their affiliate
                      incomes week after week and How you can too!

             And more – order now and this guide is yours!

In a nutshell -

 One 5-25 Page Weekly Lesson and Assignment For
         24 Weeks In The Members Area!
Every lesson is strategically created in such a way that you'll see results with the

Each weekly lesson is designed to be "straight to the point" and immediately

When you register for this Partnership program, your Blog will immediately be
worked on and be delivered to you in 10 business days…together with your first

If you want to succeed in Your Online Business especially promoting your affiliate
link, this Done-For-You, Mega Partnership program is custom-tailored for you! We work
in 30 day blocks of time. The partnership coaching program is available in 30 day time
When you join today, then you'll have one month of Done-For-You promo materials and
coaching available. Your coaching will end exactly one month from the day you began
and continue month after month for the full 6 months.

Onome, How Much Will I Invest to Register for this
    Partnership Instant Affiliate Business?
 Don't Worry, Even Though I Know This Program Is
  Like An Online Treasure Map To Endless Online
                Business Fortune...

        You're Not Going To Pay A Fortune For it!
But before I answer that question, let’s do a quick Summary and Recap:

   Components                                                     Value
     Weight Loss Blog                                   N25,000
     Monetized Affiliate Links                          N250,000
     Interswitch ATM Payments                           N200,000
     5-10 Blogpost Articles                             N50,000
     2-3 High Quality Giveaway Reports                  N60,000
     Autoresponder Setup                                N5,000
     Squeeze Page/Optin Setup                           N10,000
     10-15 Follow Up Emails                             N30,000
     Crazy Blog Monetization                            N30,000
     5 Affiliate Weight Loss Videos                     N50,000
     4-8 Facebook Wall Updates                          N50,000
     Ready Support Forum                                N200,000

            MONTHLY Marketing Reports
     Month 1: FREE Traffic Through Facebook             N10,000
     Month 2: FREE Traffic Through Forums               N20,000
     Month 3: PAID Facebook Traffic Strategies          N20,000

     Month 4: FREE Traffic With Ezine Articles          N15,000
     Month 5: FREE Traffic With Your Blackberry +       N25,000
     FREE Google Traffic Marketing
     Month 6: Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies      N15,000
                     Grand Total                                N1,065,000

           That’s a Total Value of N1 Million +++
As you can see the Total Value of what You Get is a Real Fortune but I won’t charge
you anything near that because many good people wouldn't be able to take advantage
of the offer simply because it wouldn't be in their budget.

SIDEBAR: Listen, I know. I know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. I know what
it's like to be deep in debt. I know what it's like to sink more and more money into empty
promises. I know what it's like to be suckered into buying a high-priced item and
abandoned to figure the program all by yourself. I've been there and I know. Trust me, I

It is for that reason that I am not going to charge even 1/3 of the money we would be
investing to setup this Instant Affiliate Business for our First 50-team Partners

   Instead, I'm going to make it Downright Affordable
      for Every Budget But Before I tell you What it Is.

     If You Act Fast Before Next Week Friday
     August 17th, You Can Lay Your Hands On
         These SIX Fast Action BONUSES!

                  Bonus 1: Get the 6th Month FREE
                        (Value N35,000)

   The Instant Affiliate Business Partnership is a 6-month week by week Coaching
   Program. If you are among the first 20 people who order before next week
   Friday August 17th out of the 50-man team, you will get the 6th month for FREE.
     N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
                  Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

       Bonus 2: Secrets of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging
                    (Value N15,000)

Copy the Secrets of Zac Johnson – The International Six Figure Income Affiliate
Blogging Coach. Discover all his secrets and apply them in your business NOW!

                    Bonus 3: Weight Loss Niche Intel
                          (Value N50,000)

   The FIRST thing you and most important step you need to take if you ever
   want to dominate any niche is to understand your market inside out.

   You should understand their innermost wants and desires, their biggest
   problems, frustrations as well as what questions they are asking…

   When you know these information, marketing to your target audience becomes
    far more easier and you’ll be able to tap into their emotions and also give them
    what they truly want.

    Hence in this component, you’ll receive an analysis of the demographics and
    psychographics of the weight loss niche.

    You will also receive 20 frequently asked questions by prospects in the weight
    loss niche.

    The coolest thing is, these questions were gathered from conducting surveys and
    through browsing the top Q&A sites…

    With these list of questions, it makes creating your own FREE report a BREEZE
    because you simply need to give your market what they want!

    So you will now have the ability to uncover your prospect true pain points and
    unearth their hot buttons. This ensures that You churn out MASSIVE Affiliate

Bonus 4: Weekly Weight Loss Articles for EXTRA 3 Months
                 (Value N100,000)

I know some people just HATE writing or do not know how to write. That has been
solved. While you go through your Article writing course with me, we will give you
enough time to practice your skills while we keep sending you EXTRA Weight
Loss Articles for the next 3 months after the 6-month partnership program has ended.

All you need do is to copy, edit and paste them right into you blog with you Affiliate links
for MASSIVE Affiliate Pay Days!
  N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
               Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

Bonus 5: Autopilot Passive Affiliate Cash System
              (Value N200,000)

By the time you get to your 3rd month of this Program, you will qualify for our
Autopilot and PASSIVE 2nd Tier Passive Affiliate Cash System.

What is 2nd Tier Affiliate Cash System?
You will make money from OTHER Affiliates forever! This means, you will earn
money from Your Affiliate Business AND Other People’s Affiliates Business on

Here’s how it Works
You will refer other people to join this Instant Affiliate Business from your 3rd
month in the next batch and when customers buy from these people’s affiliate
links, YOU Also get PAID.

So you get PAID in Two Ways:

   1. Your Affiliate Business
   2. Other People’s Affiliate Business

So with our 2nd tier affiliate tracking system, not only are you getting paid for
sending direct sales through your affiliate links, You Also get PAID for
encouraging other affiliates to join our affiliate program.

This is ONLY Valid After your 3rd month of partnership with us.

Say for example, Person A (You) is an affiliate. Person A sends Person B to
join our affiliate program. Person B becomes an affiliate too. Person B refers
Person C who buys a product.

In the normal scenario Person B will receive a commission for referring the sale.
            In the 2nd tier affiliate model Person B still receives the commission but Person
            A (You) also receives a commission since Person A originally referred person B
            to join the affiliate program.

            So you will commissions forever!

             How to Register to Join 50-team Partners
                     And Claim Your Bonuses

Partnership                          Silver                        Gold             Diamond
  Levels                                                                           (Best Level)
Registration                        N5,500                       N6,500              N15,000

Months 2-4                          N5,500                       N6,500                N6,500
Month 6                             FREE                          FREE                  FREE
 Monthly                      Every 30 days                       Every          Every 30 days
Payment                                                          30 days

 What You
Six Monthly                            Yes                           Yes                  Yes
Weight Loss                    FREE blog like                     Same as       Professional Blog with
Blog               www.weightlossfornigerians.blogspot.com         Silver      Your own Domain Name,
                   www.quickweightlossfornigerians.blogspot       Partners        1 year hosting like
                                    .com                                       www.TreasureHealthTips.
Monetized                              Yes                           Yes                 Yes
Affiliate Links
Interswitch ATM                   Yes                           Yes               Yes
Blogpost                           5                            10                 10
Weekly Articles                    1                             2                 2
High Quality                       2                             3                 3
Autoresponder                     Yes                           Yes               Yes
Squeeze                        Optin form                    Optin form   Squeeze Page & Optins
Follow Up                          10                           15                 15
Weekly Follow                      1                             2                 2
Up Emails
Crazy Blog      2 Banner Graphics, 1 blogpost graphics          Yes               Yes
Monetization     on all posts, Automated Blog posting
5 Affiliate                       Yes                           Yes               Yes
Weight Loss
Facebook Wall                      4                             8                 8
Weekly                             1                             2                 2
Facebook Wall
Ready Support                     Yes                           Yes               Yes

          Is the Registration Fee too much for a NEVER-
            Before Seen in Nigeria, 90% Done-For-You
         Instant Affiliate Business Setup and Partnership
                         program like this?

        Well, let's look at it this way, in two scenarios.
    N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
                 Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

Scene One:

Imagine 6 months after investing in this Affiliate Business and Training program
and following it religiously, and your little blog has started making you a regular
extra N50,000 to N150,000 every month, and so far, you have realized a total
N500,000 in that time period, how would you view the N6,500 or N15,000 partnership
fee you spent to acquire this business and knowledge, Does it really worth it or too
small compared to what you now earn?

Scene Two:

In 6 months from today, your present company (for those who still have jobs) is trying
to retrench staff, and you are still battling with living from Salary to Salary which is
now under threat from your company downsizing; you rush to check out this Instant
Affiliate Partnership program but only discovered that it's no longer available. Would
your N15,000 now be able to buy the lost time and lost opportunity to learn from a
genuine mentor? Your money is nothing if you can't get real value for it.

Why wait when you may not have the opportunity?

Instead of thinking about how much you will lose investing the N6,500 or N15,000
why not think of how much more you will make when you invest it in yourself.
The truth is, the greatest investment anyone can make is investing in your
knowledge. I have done my own part and I have spent over $5000 in books,
coaching programs from my own mentors, that is why I'm so good. I still spend about
$200 - $300 every month to upgrade my knowledge.

Why all these unsolicited advice? You may ask.

The truth is, whether you get your Instant Affiliate Business setup or not, I will still be
making a decent living selling online, many others who believe in this program will
join regardless. Unfortunately, many people are not happy when they see that they
are being charged to learn.
     N2,655-Per-Day Autopilot Affiliate System: How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In Nigeria
                  Within The Next 24hrs! www.AutopilotAffiliateBusiness.com

 I paid the prize to get my own knowledge, we paid SO much to integrate the
 Interswitch ATM payments and setup this Affiliate program and if you are looking for
 free information or training, there are countless of them online, but be rest assured
 that you WILL NOT get the "missing code" and attention of truly successful
 mentors as these mentors only pay special attention to premium or paid
 students, as these people have demonstrated they are serious to make a change in
 their lives.

 So for only N5,500, or N6,500 or N15,000 if you are registering for the Silver or Gold
 or Diamond partnership, You Can Get STARTED to rake in 6-figure incomes online
 selling products you did not create or websites you did not build with 90% of ALL the
 work ALREADY Done for You!

 No matter what however, it's a bargain for you.

 And yes, we plan on CLOSING this program once we get the 50-man Team and
 Raising the price when Next we open it. Once we get a few more testimonials from
 satisfied partners on this training, and capped 50 students, which I believe will
 happen anytime soon, the price will increase to N7,000, N10,000 and N20,000 for
 the respective partnership levels.. So you'll want to be quick if you want to save some

                          How to Pay – 3 Steps
Step 1: Send an SMS to Reserve your space with the Partneship Level of your
choice as “Reserve Gold Partner + Paying August 10th (Write Date of Payment)” to

Step 2: Hurry to the bank and pay before August 17th for Fast Action BONUSES or
before August 24th for 50-man Team Partners ONLY into any of our bank
accounts below:
Bank #1: First Bank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 201 6750 487


Bank #2: GTBank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 001 141 4820

Step 3: After payments, do just one simple thing:
Send an EMAIL payment notice to payments@autopilotaffiliatebusiness.com with
the SUBJECT of your email saying:

Paid for Gold Partnership (Write partnership level – (Write your name here)

Next the BODY of the Email should contain the following:

        Amount Paid –
        Your Full Names –
        Bank Name You Paid To -
        Depositor’s Name -
        Teller number –
        Date Paid-
        Name of Partnership Level -
        Email -
        GSM No -

(Don’t worry, once you pay and send this notification, you will get a Confirmation
Email Notice after confirmation of payments in 24 – 48 hours and your website
will be processed IMMEDIATELY)

I no doubt that this is the going to be the most PROFITABLE Partnership that you
have ever joined had in your life as far as making money online is concerned.
God bless you.

Onome Maureen
08039307316 (Calls 9am – 4pm Weekdays ONLY)
(SMS 24 hours)

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