“E.T., PHONE HOME!”
       Families, We Want To Hear From You And
           We Want You To Hear From Us!
Even though most families and educators are not trying to
reach another planet, it can be an astronomical job to
communicate back and forth on a regular basis!

             Let Us Know Some Ways                                             Families play a
     ABC Elementary School Can “Phone Home!”                                    critical role in
                                                                             students’ education
Please answer the following questions before you leave Open House               and success!
tonight, and drop your answer sheet in the box in the lobby.

Do you need school communications written in another language?                Yes               No
What language?

Do you need communications to be verbal instead of written?                   Yes               No

Do you have an email address?                                                 Yes               No
May we contact you via email?                                                 Yes               No
If yes, please provide email address:

Do you have Internet access at home?                                           Yes              No

If not in the home, do you have access to the Internet elsewhere?              Yes              No

Do you know about our website where homework assignments are posted?           Yes              No
If not, would you like to learn more information about it?                     Yes              No

Would you be interested in free adult evening technology courses?              Yes              No

Would you be interested in receiving regular text messages?                    Yes              No

Do you use Facebook on a regular basis?                                        Yes              No
Would you go to a school Facebook page on a regular basis?                     Yes              No

Parent Name _____________________________________________________

Student Name_________________________________ Grade______________

Best phone number to reach you_________________________ Best times_______________________
                                                                       *E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial Movie, 1982

             Georgia Department of Education, Dr. John Barge, State School Superintendent
                        Bright from the Start, Mr. Bobby Cagle, Commissioner
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