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									                  My vision for the Memphis Education Association
The Memphis Education Association has been around for a very long time; in fact, since 1932
this association has championed many causes for teachers and students that have certainly
improved instructional practices and working conditions for teachers, ESP and the instructional
environment and climate for the students of the Memphis City Schools. During our long and
glorious tenure, we have been the voice of reason, fairness, equity and equality for public
education in the Memphis community. The mission of this association is to speak as the
collective voice of educators, promote, advance and protect quality public education and to
advance the rights and interests of its members, learning for all children and the education
profession. We have been a bargaining unit since 1974 and were the first one for teachers and
educational support professionals in the state of Tennessee. Educators in the Memphis City
Schools continue to enjoy rich benefits from this very viable and fiscally prudent organization.
We are the only local professional teachers’ organization in the state of Tennessee with the
convenience of having our own staff of five professional Uniserv Directors and our very own
Executive Director to immediately address teacher and ESP concerns and educational issues as
they arise. We enjoy a rich, healthy and reciprocal dialogue with the administration of the
Memphis City Schools, and our voice is recognized and included at every level of this current
administration. In fact, we currently sit on all standing committees of the district and chair all
of the teacher focus and working groups for the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative. It is without
question that this association is most viable, important and intrinsically tied to the future
success of educators within the Memphis City Schools and the Unified School District. To be
perfectly clear, our association has not and will not surrender; we have not nor do we intend to
abandon our core mission, purpose and goals. We believe that we are an indelible part of the
fabric of the educational community of Memphis and Shelby County and will continue to be so
for years to come. We will be around, and we need your full and unwavering support more
now than ever before; this is not the time to abandon your profession, and you must believe
that we can and will fight and overcome this national political attack on teachers and public

What will the MEA look like next year and thereafter is the question that members are seeking
an answer to? To be perfectly clear, the MEA will be larger, stronger and more engaged than
ever. We will conduct a Professional Employee Collaborative Conference Agreement election
(PECCA) this school term to remain the recognized professional association for the teachers and
ESP’s of the Memphis City Schools and going forward of the new Shelby County School District.
We will continue to collectively represent teachers and ESP’s who desire our insurance and
legal protection, professional voice and representation before the Shelby County Board of
Education and many other TEA/NEA benefits. We intend to use our current agreement with the
Memphis City Schools as the basis for establishing the personnel policies that will ultimately
govern the working conditions and benefits of teachers and educational support professionals.
We will conduct several PECCA informational sessions for our members throughout this school
term, and all building representatives will be trained extensively during our AR training session.

Colleagues, while these are turbulent, challenging and uncertain times, we must remain
vigilant!! If we remain committed to the basic premise that we are the educators and those
who seek to systematically dismantle and privatize public education are not educators; they are
opportunistic politicians and wealthy business people whose capitalistic ventures will most
assuredly not prevail over the good of America’s public schools and children.

Herein are the GOALS of The Memphis Education Association for the school term 2012-2013.

       To successfully conduct the PECCA election this fall
       To improve, monitor and implement the teacher evaluation process (TEM 2.0)
       To advocate and elect educationally astute school board candidates
       To develop serious collaboration with the school board for fair personnel policies
       To assist with the creation of an equitable alternative pay salary schedule
       To create defined , focused and extensive Professional Development and support for
       To actively engage our membership and encourage leadership roles
       To restore the joy and art of teaching back into the classroom
       To hold accountable all elected leaders of the Memphis Education Association
       To hold accountable the staff of the Memphis Education Association

With Vision and Bold Leadership,

Keith O. Williams
President, Memphis Education Association

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