CONCERT ORCHESTRA (CO)
                                  Conductor – Mike Shaw
                                         REHEARSAL VENUE
                          Hall, Guthlaxton Community College, Station Road,
                           Wigston Magna - Saturdays 10.00am to 12.40pm
Congratulations on being offered a place in one of the three Saturday orchestras run by LSMS. The Concert
Orchestra rehearses weekly in preparation for a series of public concerts, and offers students the opportunity of
playing exciting and challenging music from the Orchestral repertoire. As a member of the CO you will receive
top quality training from a highly experienced conductor and a professional coaching team.
You will find that the Concert Orchestra plays to a very high standard. This is not achieved lightly and for you
to consider accepting this offer of a place, it is important that you think of all the implications first.

To reach such a high standard requires dedication from all members. You will be expected to practise your parts
regularly, and occasionally take them to your lessons to get your teacher's advice, and you will be expected to
attend all rehearsals and concerts as scheduled. The success of the orchestra and the standard of playing
depends on everyone attending all rehearsals as part of the team.

You must be prepared to make attendance at all rehearsals and concerts a top priority. In the event of illness on
the day of a concert please arrange for someone, (possibly another member of the group who lives nearby), to
deliver music to the concert venue in time for the rehearsal as a 'dep player' may be required. If you are
experiencing transport difficulties with a particular concert please telephone LSMS who may be able to offer a
solution or give you contact telephone numbers for parents of other children in the group who live close to you
and may be able to assist.
Concert dress for boys is black trousers, white shirt, black shoes, black dinner jacket (or school blazers
are acceptable without badges) and a bow tie. Girls should wear black dresses or skirts (at least knee
length) or trousers with a black blouse and black shoes.

Provisional Concert and rehearsal schedule
Please see the attached sheet for all known Concert Orchestra rehearsal dates, course dates and performance
events. Full details of performances (rehearsals, ticket information, etc. will be issued two/three weeks prior to
the performance.)
Please check the rehearsal and concert dates carefully. This is very important; if key members of the
orchestra are unavailable on concert dates the orchestra may be unable to perform. Advance notice of
your commitment at this stage will help us plan in good time.

Currently, transport is provided from various points around the City and County at a subsidised cost to parents.
Members using LSMS transport should alight at the Guthlaxton Campus. Parents delivering or collecting
students should use the cut through car park as directed by the member of staff to ensure child safety at all

Sheet Music
The cost of buying or hiring orchestral parts is a big expense to this orchestra. Please take great care of all
music issued to you and always return it punctually and in good condition. There will be charges for both late
and non-return of music - £5 for every copy returned after the deadline to cover the extra costs incurred and £10
for every copy which we have to replace.
If for whatever reason you decide to leave the band / orchestra / ensemble, you must return all your music to
LSMS as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in you being charged for replacement copies.
LSMS Website
We will put copies of any letters to performance groups on our website on the bulletin board so that parents /
carers can check details or obtain another copy if an email is mislaid at Letters
regarding performances will be posted on the Performance Information page.
                        CONCERT ORCHESTRA COURSE
  Concert Orchestra Courses occur once every term and are an ideal way to focus on musical
 improvement and strengthen friendships within the group. Attendance for the entire course is
                     vital. Please note the amended course dates below

The Spring term courses will be the 28thJanuary – 10.00 – 4.00pm Guthlaxton College
                               and 25th February – 10.00 – 4.00pm Guthlaxton College

The Summer Term course will be the 5th May – 10.00- 4.00pm Guthlaxton College
                             and 26th May – 10.00- 4.00pm Guthlaxton College

Students will be able to use our normal Saturday transport on the Saturday to get there, but will
have to make their own arrangements to get home on Saturday and in both directions on the

 Nobody will be allowed to leave the site during lunchtime and all students will need a packed
                                       lunch and drinks.
           Arrangements for Concert days will be circulated to parents/carers for each event.

                         MONDAY 15TH AUGUST 2011


             Remember - the first rehearsal is at the venue listed above on
                        SATURDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER 2011

                                     PLEASE BRING A PENCIL !

Spring Term
January 14th , 21st ,28th
February 4th ,25th
March 3rd , 10th ,17th , 24th

Summer Term

April 21st , 28th
May 5th , 12th ,19th , 26th
June 16th , 23rd , 30th

Spring Term Concert 2012
Saturday 24th March – 2.00pm – Holy Trinity Church – Afternoon Concert

Summer Term Concert 2012
Sunday 1st July - 7.00pm – The Civic Hall, Bedworth – Orchestral Gala Concert

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