expenditure accountability form by c2CbV38A


Due to the accountability/documentation for Perkins IV, the expenditure of federal funds must be targeted
toward quality vocational programs which:

                                                                                                     YES NO
1.  programs are of such size that offers a sequence of three or more credits;
2.  programs of such scope that are aligned with a state approved program of study within career
3. programs have a certified and appropriately endorsed teacher (Note: A teacher who teaches
    a CTE course that substitutes for a core academic course must be highly qualified);
4. programs teaching the state approved curriculum standards;
5. programs having a state approved articulation agreement for a program of study or an
    approved articulation agreement approved by the lead administrators of secondary and post
    secondary institutions, where available;
6. programs being supported by current labor market data to support high skill, high wage, high
    demand jobs;
7. programs that teach all aspects of industry;
8. programs having an active advisory panel;
9. programs having a career and technical student organization as an integral part of the
    instructional program and;
10. programs promote CTE and academic curriculum integration with academic teachers.

Reminder: State and Federal vocational funds may only be used to carry out activities that benefit vocational
education students or support a quality vocational program.

Funds spent on programs or equipment must be monitored for a minimum of five (5) years. Programs not
meeting the above criteria and/or programs that are closed, must release any equipment and non-consumable
supplies purchased with Carl Perkins federal dollars. Equipment and non-consumable supplies purchased with
these federal funds must be transferred to a school/program meeting the above criteria, or the LEA (school)
must reimburse the federal budget for supplies and equipment retained at the school.

I understand and agree to the above criteria for use of Carl Perkins funds in my school and will ensure that my
program(s) meet these criteria.

______________________________               __________________________________           _________________
Principal’s Signature                        School                                       Date

______________________________               __________________________________           _________________
Teacher’s Signature                          Program                                      Date

______________________________                                                            _________________
Supervisor’s Signature                                                                    Date

Approved:      ___________________________________                                        _________________
               Executive Director                                                         Date
               Careers, Technology and Adult Education

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