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Cutting edge of nanotechnology
Edmonton Sun - Alberta, Canada
Like the silicon chip-producing companies clustered in California, world-leading nanotechnology
companies are making 99 Street their base, says David Lynch ...
London Centre for Nanotechnology launch
By William D Watson(admin)
The new London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), a partnership between UCL and Imperial
College London, officially opens its doors on Tuesday 7 November.
Nanotechnology research in Canada
Nanowerk LLC - Honolulu,HI,USA
Due to the cross-disciplinary nature of nanotechnology, however, there is a growing need to
establish a national strategy for nanotechnology R&D in Canada. ...

US Statewide activities:
US Department of Defense funds Texas Nanotechnology Consortium
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
... the 21st Century. "Texas has emerged as a preeminent leader in nanotechnology research,"
said Sen. Hutchison. "The formation of ...
Purdue Names Director of Nanotechnology Center
Inside INdiana Business (press release) - Indianapolis,IN,USA
Purdue University's Discovery Park has named Timothy Sands as director of the Birk
Nanotechnology Center. Sands has been at Purdue ...
UNCG, NC A&T Plan School of Nanotechnology
UNCG University News - Greensboro,NC,USA
... Nanotechnology is research and development on a microscopic scale. A nanometer – a
billionth of a meter – is about 10 atoms wide. ...

Research News:
Nanotechnology goes out on a wing
A team of researchers at Peking University have used the wings of cicadas, ubiquitous insects
best known for their acoustic skills, as stamps to pattern polymer films with nanometer-sized
structures. The technique allows for easier ...
Nanotechnology boosts bioplastic production
An Iowa State University (ISU) assistant professor is working to create biorenewable,
biodegradable plastics from the proteins in crops. His researcher team is using microcellular
foaming technologies and nanoclays, pieces of clay that ...
Nanomaterials Made from Apricots and Cashew Nuts Could Replace ...
NewswireToday (press release) - 10/31/2006 Honolulu, HI United States - Being able to develop
soft nanomaterials and fuel from biomass will have a direct impact on industrial applications and
economically viable alternatives.
Nanotechnology propels advances in regenerative medicine research
By TII asbl
10-14, 2006) 202-872-4400 (Washington, DC) American Chemical Society Nanotechnology
propels advances in regenerative medicine research SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11 - The promise
of regenerative medicine and the nanotechnology catapulting it ...
Molecular nanotechnology may not be reliable at room temperature
Recent research by Freitas using computational chemistry has hinted at the possibility that
Diamond Mechanosynthesis (DMS) is unreliable at room temperature. DMS appears to be
extremely reliable at liquid nitrogen temperatures (~80 K). ...

Nanotech Triple Threat to Cancer
MIT Technology Review - Cambridge,MA,USA
A new nanotechnology-based treatment developed by researchers at the University of Texas's
Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas could double the effectiveness ...
Nanotubes regenerate organs.(Nanotechnology)(nanotubes to prompt ...
Therapeutics Daily (subscription) (press release) - Newtown,PA,USA
Scientists are successfully using nanotechnology to regenerate damaged organs. Researchers in the US and
South Korea used tiny nanotubes ...

Nano-Tech Batteries May Rival Lithium-Ions In Hybrids
Altair Nanotechnologies has announced that, in ongoing testing, it has completed 15000 deep
charge/discharge cycles of its NanoSafe battery cells. Even after 15000 cycles the cells still
retained over 85% of their original charge ...
A prime use of nanotechnology
OCRegister - Orange County,CA,USA
... Behr house paints made in Santa Ana. Nanotechnology was born as speculation mixed with a
bit of hype. In the late 1950s at Caltech ...
Altech Nano Box-VX Mini PC
PC World Magazine - Australia
... Altech's Nano Box-VX harnesses AOpen's MP945-VX Mini PC Duo enclosure to provide a PC
that's not only small, but also capable of doling out plenty of speed to ...
SKC Develops Color Film 5through Nanotechnology
Nikkei Electronics Asia - Hong Kong
SKC, a Korean film manufacturer, has announced a new concept for color film using
nanotechnology. As the company commercialized ...
Nanotechnology Unfolds Futuristic Green Cars
In the process of constant advancement in auto technology, car makers are pondering on
manufacturing environment-friendly vehicles utilizing nanotechnology. Two of the much-
anticipated future vehicles of this concept are Acura FCX 2020 ...
mPhase Technologies to Showcase Nanobattery Prototype at NNEC Next ... - Sydney,Australia
... of the NASA Tech Briefs National Nano Engineering Conference, a premier event focusing on
the latest engineering breakthroughs in nanotechnology and MEMS.

New hybrid microscope probes nano-electronics
innovations report - Bad Homburg,Germany
A new form of scanning microscopy that simultaneously reveals physical and electronic profiles of
metal nanostructures has been demonstrated at JILA, a joint ...
Zetasizer Nano monitors UV Pearls for skin protection
Nanotechnology News (press release) - USA
At nano engineering company Sol-Gel Technologies (Bet Shemesh, Israel), Malvern's Zetasizer
Nano particle characterization system is proving to be an essential ...

NanoFab 2007
By Administrator
Lai, Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories and New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium ...
Nanotechnology promises an unprecedented era of innovation across multiple ... The key to realize
nanotechnology’s potential is still the ability to ...
Free Nanotechnology Webcast Nanotechnology News (press release) - USA
This webcast will be delivered through the Macromedia Breeze Meeting server at Penn State. In order to
connect to the meeting, please ...

Unfamiliar Exposure
Insurance Networking News - New York,NY,USA
Nanotechnology deals in tiny particles, but its potential risk to insurers is sizeable and nearly
impossible to calculate. By Robert Blaunstein, Ph.D. ...
Will anti-carbon rules start to kill coal?
By bw
Businessweek magazine and Vinod Khosla are talking down coal power Vinod Khosla is a major
venture capitalist and has made several big green energy bets. Solar thermal power and biofuels.
Here's Khosla's argument: Much of the developed ...
Nanotechnology competition: India vs. Singapore
By Christine Peterson
Singapore, November 1: Bangalore-based nanotechnology firm Qtech Nanosystems has
decided to transfer its operations as it seeks to utilise the city-state’s R&D infrastructure, strong
intellectual property protection regime and venture ...

PhD - Micro/nano processing technologies of functional materials ... - Weinheim,Germany
Project description: Lithographic methods are the backbone of semiconductor manufacturing.
Complex optical systems are used to image ...
Associate Professor in Nanotechnology: Denmark - Weinheim,Germany
... for Product Innovation situated at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg has a
vacant position as Associate Professor in Nanotechnology as from 15 ...

Worldchanging: A Users Guide
By Mike Treder
The attractive 608-page tome includes several pages on nanotechnology, principally written
and/or edited by us. Currently, the book is #14 on ... CRN Home Page Tags: nanotechnology
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