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					Dragon’s Breath – Dec Edition 2011

DRAGON’S BREATH UPDATE: 1) This is Winter Promotion Testing month! 2) Closed for Christmas Break.

GOAL OF THE MONTH: Stay in shape during the holidays! It is easy to forget about working out during the holidays…but
take some time and practice your Poomse or do some kicking to keep the heart strong and the holiday pounds off.

 Calendar of Events

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY                 Saturday, December 3rd at 5:30pm. Sign up sheet for this delicious
  POTLUCK AND SILENT                    holiday event will be posted on the front desk soon. Please read
       AUCTION                                               further for more details.

   PROMOTION TESTING                    Please register and pay for your promotion testing by Friday,
  REGISTRATION DEADLINE              December 9th. Any late or alternate testings will be subject to late and
                                                                 alternate fees.

 PROMOTION PREPARATION                  Wednesday, December 14th and Thursday, December 15th. Please
                                                attend your regular classes for Promo prep.

     WINTER PROMOTION                   Friday, December 16th and Saturday, December 17th. Please read
          TESTING                                          further for more details.

 LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR              Thursday, December 22nd, 2011. We will be closed for the Christmas
           2011                       break and re-open Monday, January 9th. Please read further for more

       HAPPY HOLIDAYS                  We wish all of our members the most wonderful holiday season! 

      DOJANG REOPENS                 Monday, January 9th, 2011. Be prepared for a new year of hard and fun

   JUNIOR NATIONALS AND                  January 11th to the 15th, 2012. Good luck to all of our black belt
    SENIOR TEAM TRIALS                                                fighters!

  WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE                Beginning in February for an 8-week course. Please read further for
        COURSE                                                   more details.


Winter Promotion testing is scheduled for Friday, December 16th and Saturday, December 17th. Deadline to
register and pay for testing is Friday, December 9th. Any late or alternate testings will be subject to a $10.00
fee. If you require an alternate testing, please come prepared with your schedule upon registering for testing.
Promotion preparation classes will be on Wednesday, December 14th and Thursday, December 15th. Please
attend your regular class time. Please see below for your testing schedule:
-Friday, December 16th: We will begin testing at 4:00pm with our Children’s White Belt (Dragon’s classes, ages
7-11) and continue testing until Children’s Green Stripes are completed. Immediately following, we will begin our
Junior and Adult White Belt testing and continue until our Junior and Adult Green Stripes are completed.
-Saturday, December 17th: We will begin testing at 9:00am with our Mighty Min’s, all belts (ages 4-6).
Immediately following we will begin our Children’s Green Belt and continue until our Children’s Red Belts are
completed. Junior and Adult Green Belts will follow Children’s testing and continue until Junior and Adult Red
Belts are completed.
It is difficult to give exact testing times as the flow of testing is determined by a number of factors. Please be
prepared to come early and stretch and practice before your group is called. Thank you.


Please note that we will be closed for our Annual holiday season from Friday, December 23rd to Friday, January
6th. We will reopen in the New Year on Monday, January 9th. For our newest members, we close every year
during the holiday season during the same time that school students are on their holiday break. If you should
have any questions, please feel free to visit the office. Thank you and happy holidays!


Congratulations to all of the Black Belt Testers! We are so very proud of our Black Belt students and all of the
hard work they do! The testing showed the Indomitable Spirit and Perseverance that all of our new Black Belts
have and we are excited to see how their Black Belt journey will continue and grow. Way to go!!!


The countdown is almost over….the time is almost here! This delicious party is scheduled for Saturday,
December 3rd at 5:30pm. Our party is one of the most popular events of the year as it is a time to celebrate the
holidays and eat great food, socialize with great people, play fun family orientated games, win prizes, meet
Grandmaster Santa, and of course participate in our Silent Auction. The staff encourage all students and their
families to attend our party as this is a great time for us to socialize with the all the members who truly make our
dojang great. The holidays is a time to bring friends and family together and we would love nothing more than to
celebrate the holidays with our students and their family and friends. We will also be celebrating our new Black
belts at this time as well as our new Walter Pearson Memorial award recipient. You must sign up the number of
people, family name, and food dish that you will be bringing at the front desk to attend this event. So schedule in
an evening of great times for this party! Please look out for the sign-up sheet to be posted soon! 


These days, a woman’s safety is never guaranteed. It is a known fact that women are targeted and victimized for
a number of reasons. Edmonton is unfortunately the murder capital of Canada. We are saying…”don’t wait to be a
victim….don’t wait to wake up in the hospital….or not wake up at all!” It all sounds very harsh, but it is the reality
that exists in our world today.

Choosing a woman to victimize is a very calculated process. Becoming a victim can largely be avoided by having
the skills to defend yourself. How is this related? A woman who has the skills to defend herself will carry herself
differently and that in itself will make her a target not worth attacking.

If you are a woman think about the ones you love and how much your life impacts their existence. You can be a
mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, or an aunt. Your role in the lives’ of the ones you love is not worth risking.
If you are not a woman, you will most likely have one in your life that you care about.

K. H. Min Taekwondo is offering an 8-week course available to women with no experience in Martial Arts. This
course will educate women about victimization, prevention, and teach effective techniques to defend oneself
against an attacker. This course is available to women only.

This Christmas, give this course as a gift to a woman you know and you will be giving her the gift of life!
Pre-registration is available beginning December 1st, and the course start date and time is TBA. Come alone or
take the course with a friend, mom, daughter, or whoever you would like to come with. We guarantee you will
have fun while relieving stress and learning what to do if you are ever in a position to defend yourself. It won’t hurt
to take the course…but it can save your life! 

Please note: due to the holiday season, training class updates will be announced in class.
We have made some important changes to our competition training classes. In order to attend these classes,
you must be 8 years old or older and children must have their Green Belt. Junior’s and Adult can only
attend with Instructor permission. Please be prepared with a water bottle and sweat towel. If there are any
questions, please visit the office! Thank you.

Parents: please attend the bathroom with your child if he/she is 6 years old and under, or if your child
tends to leave a mess after bathroom use. We understand that small children are not fully aware of bathroom
etiquette therefore we ask for parents’ cooperation. 
Students of all ages: although it is not uncommon to have made a little mess in the bathroom, we ask that all
that students take responsibility for their bathroom use and be courteous to the next user by fully cleaning up your
personal mess.
Thank you for your cooperation. 

We would ask that patrons of the viewing area please clean up after themselves as we have other patrons using
the area throughout the day. Toddlers are more than welcome, however we ask that parents keep a close eye on
them. Thank you.
As our holidays seem to affect our Monday classes, the dojang hosts Monday’s makeup class on the following
Tuesday. If you would like to attend your makeup class, please come to the same class time that your class is on
Mondays. Please note: makeup classes are only for Statuatory Holidays.

Please remove your outdoor shoes upon entering the dojang and place them in the bootroom. Only clean outdoor
shoes are allowed in the office. Thank you!
Information is being updated frequently so please visit our website for information. Our website is also a tutorial
and information site for our students. We have information such as the School Oath, Student Creed, Korean
Language Sheet, Counting Sheet, and Testing Requirements that will help those testers make it to their next belt.


Please make sure you have your Gold Stripe from your parents prior to testing. Parents will have to approach the
office or Instructors to let them know that your child is ready for their Gold Stripe. There will be a series of
questions that the instructors will ask that involve your behavior at home. So make sure you are behaving
appropriately at home with your parents and siblings, and this stripe will be easy to get.


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