algebra online access instructions by c2CbV38A


									How to create a user account for your Online Algebra 1 Textbook & Resources
1. Go to
2. Choose the High School level
3. Choose Washington State
4. Choose the “GO” button
5. Double-click the on-line book located on the bottom-left of the page
6. Choose “Create Student Account”
7. Enter the following activation code 2551842-30
8. Press enter
9. Follow the directions on the screen to set up your own student account.

Help with the Math:
 o @HomeTutor – Choose the chapter, then the section, then you have options
    from which to choose. Learn the Lesson, Try the Exercises, Vocabulary Flip
    Cards, Having Trouble with the Lesson.
 o PowerPoint Presentations – Step by step presentations of the examples given in
    the book..
Practice, Practice, Practice:
 o eWorkbook – More practice problems listed by the section of the book
 o Problem of the Week – Updated weekly, the problem of the week challenges
    students to think creatively and critically. Solutions are included.
Games and Activities:
 o Puzzles and Games – Just like it sounds. Each chapter has a crossword puzzle
    that is a great vocabulary review. Then there is also another game to practice
    the concepts in the chapter.
 o Vocabulary Flipcards – Electronic flipcards.
Animated Math: Takes the student through a concept using computer animation.
A student can review a concept, or test themselves to make sure they understand
the concept.
Quick Reference: Great References!
 o Formulas and Tables
 o Conversions
 o Parents as Partners – has questions you can ask your student to make sure
    they are understanding the goals of each section. It even gives the parent the
 o Scientific Calculator
 o Graphing calculator – coming soon
 o Electronic Function Library
 o Section Quizzes
 o Chapter Tests – both of these sections allow the student to answer questions.
    At the end the student will be shown their answer and the correct answer.
Online Book –The online book is interactive. It has links on the pages to help
students understand the concepts. If a word is highlighted you can click the word
and the glossary will open. You can use the Tools button and make notes on a
page. The notes are tied to the user’s log-on. The next time you open the book the
notes will still be there.

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