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                            Chris Ison
       International Training Manager
Advanced Searching of
    Field Searching


    The CAB Thesaurus

    Subject Codes

    Additional Fields

    Search Limits
Free-Text Index
   English Item Title
   Original Item Title
   Conference Title
   Personal Authors/Editors
   Corporate Authors
   Source Title
   Publisher
   Abstract
   Descriptor
   Organism Descriptor
   Geographic Location        CABI Indexing Fields
   Identifier
   Broad Term
   CAS Registry Numbers
   DOI
   CABI Record Number
 Database fields
 and their search
tags, found in the
    Help file.
The CAB Direct Help
File with links to two
useful user guides in
   PDF file format.
   Other guides can be
found at via
  “Database users” link.
CAB Direct guides.

 Short video tutorials.

 Sample searches.
Title Fields
 The title of the original article
 All records have an English title
 non-English articles may have an Original
  Language title
 Additional Title
 Word searchable
 Useful for reference searching
      title:”cattle production”
      title:(forestry AND ecotourism)
Authors and Editors
 Personal Authors
 Author variations included
 Editors’ names included in author search
 Search as complete names
    e.g     au:smith
 Corporate Authors included in Author search
  but also searchable separately using ca:
 Remember variations
    e.g.    ca:"world health organization"
            ca:(world health organization)
Index Fields - Descriptors
Organism Descriptor

Geographic Location

Broad Term (Up-Posted term)
Descriptor, Organism Descriptor
& Geographic Location
 Controlled Terms from the CAB Thesaurus
 Manually added by CABI Indexers
 Added at the specific concept level
 Subject field tag (subject) searches all three at once
        de:"nitrogen fertilizers"
        subject:(rice and irrigation and "south east asia")
Broad Term
 Automatically added to records
 Only added for Organism Descriptor and
  Geographic Location terms
 All levels of Broad terms are added
         up:"developing countries"
 Non-Thesaurus Terms

 New concepts

 Potential future Thesaurus terms

 Included as part of Subject search (subject)

    e.g. id:"cultivated varieties"

 Subject classification

 23 broad subject areas

 Hierarchical structure

 Used as well as descriptors

 At least one per record

 Useful for searching broad concepts
KK000   Forestry, Forest Products and Agroforestry General)
KK100   Forests and Forest Trees (Biology and Ecology)
KK110   Silviculture and Forest Management
KK120   Forest Mensuration and Management (Discontinued
        March 2000)
KK130   Forest Fires
KK140   Protection Forestry (Discontinued March 2000)
KK150   Other Land Use (Discontinued March 2000)
KK160   Ornamental and Amenity Trees
        Forest Products and Industries (General)
KK510   Wood Properties, Damage and Preservation
KK515   Logging and Wood Processing
KK520   Wood Utilization and Engineered Wood Products
KK530   Chemical and Biological Processing of Wood
KK540   Non-wood Forest Products
KK600   Agroforestry and multipurpose Trees: Community
        farm and social forestry

cc:kk160 AND "Urban Development"

cc:kk* AND de:management
The CAB Thesaurus
 CABI’s Controlled indexing vocabulary
 Over 90,000 terms
 Hierarchically structured
       Preferred Terms
       Broad Terms
       Narrow Terms
       Related Terms
       Use for Terms
 Integrated search tool
 The CAB Thesaurus as
an integrated User Guide.
 Search for the term of
interest, e.g. Fertilizers.
Click term to show
   the hierarchy.
 “Add” terms to the
  search box and
Send to CAB Direct.
Subject Codes
 Classification codes

 Broad subject codes

 Coding to CABI Full Text

 Searched using the SC field tag


    "transgenic plants " and sc:(fr or fa)

   environment and management and sc:0f

   tourism and sc:gb

A full list of Subject Codes can be found at:
CABI Full Text Databases –
Subset Codes.
● CAB Full Text FT
● Full Text Descriptions of Fungi & Bacteria FX
● Full Text Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases FW
● Full Text Distribution Maps of Plant Pests FV
● Full Text Reviews (Archive) FA
● Full Text Reviews (Current) FR
● CABI ebooks entire file GB
● CABI ebooks archive file GA
● CABI ebooks front file GF
Source Title

 Title of Complete Original Document
 Searched as "Document Title" do:
 Search words or complete title
  do:(annals of applied biology)
  do:(lancet british edition)
Limit Fields
   Publication Year - Year of publication of the
    original article

   Language of Text - Language of the original

   Document Type - Type of original publication:
    e.g. book, journal, etc.

   Records Added Since - Database update date

   CABI Full Text - Records with links to free,
    CABI Full Text articles
 Limits to records
 with links to any
  CABI Full Text
database PDF file.

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