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Procedures MSDS by Z244OE


									DATE:         February 13, 2002

TO:           Distribution                                                COPY: Mr. Ray Inge

FROM:         David L. Patterson                                  File: M02:026
              Director, Environmental Health & Safety

SUBJECT:      Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Richard West, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, originally issued this
memorandum, to review administrative controls that must be adhered to in regards to material
safety data sheets (MSDSs). Some minor editorial modifications have been made by
Environmental Health & Safety. Please share this information with the employees in your

As per the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, §5194(g), employers shall have a material
safety data sheet for each hazardous substance they use. Manufacturers and importers shall
obtain or develop a material safety data sheet for each hazardous substance they produce or
import and provide these material safety data sheets when requested to each user.

Storage Location: Each department shall maintain copies of the required materials safety data
sheets for each hazardous substance in the workplace and shall ensure that they are readily
accessible during each work shift to employees when they are in the work area(s). Where
employees must travel between workplaces during a work shift, i.e., their work is carried out at
more than one geographical location, the material safety data sheets may be kept at a central
location at the primary workplace facility. In this situation, the department shall ensure that
employees can immediately obtain the required information in an emergency.

Form and Accessibility: Material safety data sheets may be kept in any form, i.e., hard copy,
on-line computer access, etc., and may be designed to cover groups of hazardous substances in
a work area where it may be more appropriate. Each department shall ensure that in all cases
the required information is provided for each hazardous substance, and is readily accessible
during each work shift to employees when they are in their work area(s). If the department is
dependent upon electronic access to files, they must ensure that employees have access to a
computer and printer and are knowledgeable on how to obtain the material safety data sheets.

Process and Controls: Material safety data sheets are usually received by departments with
each shipment of hazardous substances. If you do not have an material safety data sheet
contact the Environmental Health & Safety Department at extension 3750 or extension 4697.
More detailed information regarding the process and control of material safety data sheets can
be found in Cal Poly Pomona’s Hazard Communication Manual available on the Web at
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
February 13, 2002
File: M02:026
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Additionally, resources are available on the Environmental Health & Safety Web Page at Some specific documents are as follows:

      Cal Poly Pomona’s Environmental Health & Safety’s MSDS Web Page at
      Cal Poly Pomona’s Hazard Communication Manual on the Web at

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at extension 3695.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
February 13, 2002
File: M02:026
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Mr. William E. Mortensen, Chair, Aerospace Engineering
Mr. Eudell G. Vis, Chair, Agricultural Engineering
Dr. Edward S. Fonda, Chair, Animal & Veterinary Science
Dr. Calvin N. Kobluk, Director, Arabian Horse Center
Mr. William M. Adams, Chair, Architecture
Ms. Babette R. Mayor, Act Chair, Art
Ms. Cora M. Culla, Executive Director, ASI
Dr. Daniel L. Bridges, Director, Athletics
Dr. Gary A. Cretser, Chair, Behavorial Science
Dr. Pamela J. Sperry, Chair, Biological Sciences
Ms. Joan M. Safford, Director, Center for Regenerative Studies
Dr. Keith A. Howard, Chair, Chemistry
Dr. Ronald L. Carlyle, Chair, Civil Engineering
Dr. Wayne R. Bidlack, Dean, College of Agriculture
Dr. Edward C. Hohmann, Dean, College of Engineering
Ms. Linda W. Sanders, Dean, College of Environmental Design
Dr. Simon J. Bernau, Dean, College of Science
Dr. Yi Cheng, Chair, Elec & Comp Engineering
Dr. Steven J. Wickler, Director, Equine Research
Mr. George A. Lwin, Director, Facilities Management
Dr. Anahid T. Crecelius, Chair, Foods Nutrition & Consumer Science
Dr. John A. Klasik, Chair, Geological Science
Mr. Daniel G. Hostetler, Chair, Horticulture Plant & Soil Science
Dr. Abdul B. Sadat, Chair, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Mr. Harold B. Schleifer, Director, Library
Dr. Michael T. Shelton, Chair, Mechical Engineering
Dr. Donald A. Ambroson, Chair, Music
Dr. Mary E. Mogge, Chair, Physics
Ms. Kimberly A. Plater, Director, Police & Parking Services
Mr. Donald W. Green, Director, Procurement & Support Services
Mr. Gary E. Fredericksen, Director, Student Health
Ms. Kathleen H. Waln, Chair, Theatre
Dr. Douglas R. Freer, Interim Director, University Housing

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