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					        Relay For Life Online Fundraising Tools

    Team Captains Tools
Thank you for being a Relay For Life team captain. As a team captain, you should set up your team’s Web page as
soon as possible so you may begin your team building and your teammates can start their online fundraising efforts.
Team captains serve as a role model for online fundraising and help build excitement. This document highlights the
tools available in the My Relay Center to reach your team building and fundraising goals.

•        Add a Message to your Team Members’ Relay Center
•        Send an Email to Your Team Members
•        Update Your Team Name and Affiliation
•        Edit Your Team Page
•        Create a Team URL
•        Change the Team’s Fundraising Goal
•        • Manage Your Team’s Progress
    •       Print/Download Team Roster
    •       Print/Download Team Gifts
•        Promote/Demote Team Member to Team Captain

    Add a Message to your Team Members’ Relay Center

    As a team captain, you have the ability to add a personal message to the home page of your team
    members’ Relay Centers.

1        From your Internet browser, type your event’s friendly URL ( and your
event will appear. If you do not know your event’s friendly URL, you can find your event at
2        Enter your Username and Password in the login fields in the top right log in fields (Figure 1a and 1b).

                   Figure 1a

                   Figure 1b
1        Once
you’re logged in,
the My Relay
Center will appear.
2        From your
My Relay Center
home page, locate
the Message from
Your Team Leader
box. Click Edit to
add a message
(Figure 2)

      Figure 2

5. Type the
    message you
    would like to
    share to inspire,
    motivate, or
    encourage your
    online team
    members. Click
    Save to update
    the message.
    The message
    will then appear on your team members’ My Relay Center home page.

Send an Email to Your Team Members
As a Team Captain, you have the ability to send emails to those individuals who have registered as a part of your
team – providing updates and encouragement.

 The email page will be displayed. 3. At the bottom of the page, under Other Actions, click the Manage Groups link,
                                                      (Figure 4).
                 Figure 4

4. All email contacts in your                                                                   Address Book will be
   listed. Click the Groups tab                                                                 for your address book to
   be organized into various                                                                    categories (Figure 5).
                 Figure 5

5. Click the Teammates link so                                                                     that those emails showing
    will be filtered to just a list of those that have joined your team for this event (Figure 6).
      Figure 6
6. Check the box beside the Teammates link to select those individuals on your team to email. Click Compose
Message to prepare an
email to the selected
individuals (Figure 7).


7. A message page will
   display with your team
   automatically listed in
   the To: field. Choose
   from any Suggested
   Messages available, or start crafting your own message from the blank email displayed (Figure 8).
                                                  Figure 8

1        Click
Preview to see the
email as it will be
delivered, Save
Draft to save the
email for future use,
and/or Send to
deliver the email
2        Once you
click Send, a
message will appear
at the top of the
screen letting you
know the message
has been sent
Manage Your Team’s Progress

The Team Captain can continue to check in on the team’s fundraising and team building progress through the My

Team Progress page of the My Relay Center.

2. The My Team Progress page displays
a. Team Progress in both Bar and Line Graph functions
b. Team-Specific Donation History lists of all donations contributed to the team
c. Contributing Team Members lists all online registered team members
Change your Team Fundraising Goal

Team Captains
can change the
team’s collective
fundraising goal.

2. In the upper
Progress      Bar,
click the Change
link beside your
current      team
fundraising goal
(Figure 11).
                                                Figure 11

   3. Enter new goal and click Submit to see        change effected (Figure 12)
Print/Download Team Gifts

Both team captains and team members can print   and download a list of all gifts
made on behalf of all team members and to the   general team.
2.     Under      the
Donation      History
section, click either
View     all   team
donations          or
Download team donation list links (Figure 14).
                                                        Figure 14

a. View all team donations: If you click this link, a new window will display with a list of donors who have contributed
to the team. You are then able to print the webpage.
b. Download team donation list: If you click this link, you will be able to download all team donors into an Excel
spreadsheet and save it to your computer.

Print/Download Team Roster

              Figure 16
Both team a
captains and .
team             View all teammates: If you click this link, a new window will display with a list of all
members       b registered participants, those who have AND have not fundraised. You are then able to print
can     print . the webpage. Download roster: If you click this link, you will be able to download all team
and              members into an Excel spreadsheet and save it to your computer.
download a list of all team members.

2. Under the Contributing Team Members section, click either View all teammates or Download roster (Figure 16).
Update Your Team Name and Affiliation

Team Captains can edit                                                                          their    Team
Name and affiliation                                                                            from their My
Relay Center.

1. From the My Relay                                                                            Center, click the
    My Team Page link                                                                           in    the     top
    Navigation   Bar                                                                            (Figure 17).

                                                      Figure 17

2. Locate your basic team information at the top of the page. Click Edit to make to the Team Name or affiliation
    (Figure 18).
                                                      Figure 18
                                    3. Click Update to save changes (Figure 19).
                                                Figure 19

Edit Your Team Page
Team Captains can share the team’s reason for participation in Relay For Life.
2. Create or modify the text that is displayed on the Team Page as you like. Simply click into the Body field (Figure
21). Click Save after making your changes.
                                                        Figure 21

3. Insert a photo to be displayed on your team page by uploading a file that contains a digital photograph
     saved as a jpg; no larger than 200 KB.
         a. Before you upload your image file, you may want to open it in your favorite graphics application and resize
             or crop the image to ensure the best fit                                  especially if the photo is quite
             large. You may also try this free software:                               adionSoft Fast Image Resizer:
                                        (Figure 22).
                       Figure 22

                                                                    Figure 23
5. Click on the
Browse button under
the Photo section.
The choose         file
dialog box will appear
(Figure 24).
       Figure 24

1        Navigate to
where you saved
your picture, select
the file, and click on
2        Enter or
modify the Caption.
3        Click on
Save/Upload to save photo changes
4        Before navigating away from the page, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom to ensure your changes
are not lost. To preview the changes you make to the page, click Preview (Figure 25).

Create a Team URL
Team Captains can create a short cut URL,                                        directing all potential teammates
and donors directly to your team page. It’s an                                   easy way to share your Web site
with others.

 2. Find the Team Page URL section at the top                                     of the page with the Edit Page tab
                 (Figure 27).

                                                      Figure 27
1       Click Create/Edit                                                                      Short URL to create
a team page URL.
2       Enter in the end, team                                                                 section of the URL
(Figure 28).

                                                        Figure 28
1      Click Save
2      A Confirmation announcement will appear to show changes have been made. Your new URL is listed below
the announcement.

Promote/Demote Team Member to Team Captain
Each Relay For Life team can have multiple captains. This may be helpful if two or more people are sharing the
duties assigned to the Team Captain. The current Team Captain can promote a team member to become a
team captain, or demote a team captain to become a team member.

 2. At the top of the
  page, select the
   Manage Team
Leaders tab (Figure


  3. A list of all registered
   online participants will
    appear (Figure 31).
                                                    re 31

a. To Promote a team member to the Team Captain status, check the box beside their name
b. To Demote a Team Captain to a team member status, uncheck the box beside their name

                            4. Click Save

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