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					        RL-D35 X5 Candle bulb

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• Are you tired of your old fluorescent lamp and want to buy
  some dimmable LED Bulbs? This Dimmable LED Light Bulbs
  with long lifespan and beautiful appearance is just what you

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                        Key Features:

• 1. Up to 5000 hours long lifespan make it a overflow product;
• 2. This product is designed according to the UL and safe
  standard, and not has been tested by EMC.
• 3. It’s detachable, so you can repair, transform and re-
  manufacture it if necessary.
• 4. It adopts the most advanced dissipating heat methods to
  expand the cooling area, so the cooling effect is very
  extremely good.
• 5. Color temperature is referred to traditional Philips light,
  warm color, which satisfy our customers a lot.

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                       Application :

• the product is widely used in shop windows, shopping malls,
  restaurants, exhibition hall, bedroom, counters and other
  places, particularly suitable for luxury high standard large
  space decoration design.

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