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(Double Sided!)

In the following sentences mark where the commas should be placed and then
say which rule is being used in the space provided after the sentence. Direct
Address (DA), Commas in a Series (CS), or Appositive (A)
   1. Hans purchased a baseball mitt athletic socks a baseball jersey and a face mask at the sporting
       goods store. ___________
   2. At that time Chuck nobody realized that excessive exposure to radiation could be dangerous.
   3. Diana the Princess of Wales died in a tragic auto accident in Paris in 1997. ____________
   4. In 1921 Adam she traveled to the United States. _______________
   5. Queen Elizabeth is married to Phillip Mountbatten the Duke of Edinburgh. ____________
   6. After school today I am running to the grocery store stopping at the mall and driving to my
       mom’s house. _______________
   7. Bob do you know where the Renaissance began? _______________
   8. Three centers of activity were Rome Florence and Venice. ____________________
   9. Yes Ms. Warren I sold a lot of magazines for the magazine drive this year. _______________
   10. That binder is Ms. Mullen’s favorite color navy blue. __________
   11. Marie Curie Katherine was an important woman scientist. ____________
   12. In English class this year we are writing essays reading books performing skits and learning new
       grammar concepts. _______________
   13. Prince Charles the Prince of Wales was married to Diana Spencer. ___________________
   14. Queen Elizabeth the present Queen of England ascended the throne on February 6, 1952.
   15. Mrs. Walter bought ice cream baked cookies unwrapped candy and folded napkins for the party.
In the following paragraph, insert commas where they are needed.

[1] Steve and Marilynn French amateur naturalists like studying nature. [2] Observing studying
and filming in Yellowstone National Park the couple research the behavior of grizzly bears. [3]
The couple being independent of any government agency is free to conduct their research as
they please. [4] Their work helps park officials track the bears understand the bears’ daily habits
and keep an eye on the bear population. [5] Steve French a doctor in Evanston, Wyoming
became interested in bears after operating on people who had been attacked by them. [6]
When the couple began their research they learned that Yellowstone’s bears as big as they are
had become used to human food. [7] To return the bears to a more natural diet and way of life
Paula the National Park Service took action. [8] It closed the park’s dumps where grizzlies were
getting fat on human food Conrad. [9] Because some people felt this action was too sudden Tim
a bitter argument started. [10] People who wanted to phase out the dumps gradually argued
protested and wrote articles about this situation.

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