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Nursery/Food and Nutrition Policy   2010
                        NURSERY CLASS

                     FOOD AND NUTRITION POLICY

In Corstorphine Nursery we strive to provide the children with balanced
and healthy snacks which meet nutritional standards for nursery aged
children as set out in the Scottish Executive’s Nutritional Guidance for
Early Years (2006) and the Care Standards. In doing so we also aim to
teach the children about a wide variety of healthy food and build firm
foundations for making future healthy choices.

Parents do not need to provide any food for their child during the nursery
session unless this has been agreed with the nursery for special dietary
or allergy reasons. We would appreciate it if parents do not give children
food treats after nursery sessions while still within the nursery grounds.

Care Commission Standards

National Care Standard 3 Each child or young person will be nurtured by
staff who will promote his or her general wellbeing, health, nutrition and

National Care Standard 3.3 – Children and young people have
opportunities to learn about healthy lifestyles and relationships, hygiene,
diet and personal safety.

National Care Standard 3.4 Children and young people have access to a
well-balanced and healthy diet (where food is provided) which takes
account of ethnic, cultural and dietary requirements, including food

         The weekly snack will be on display in advance on parents’
         The daily menu will be displayed in pictures and words by the snack
         The weekly menu will provide children with a varied and healthy
         Every snack will usually include fruit or vegetables.

Nursery/Food and Nutrition Policy                                         2010
         Children will be involved daily in helping to prepare and organise
         All children will be offered suitable foods; this will include children
          with special dietary requirements and allergies.
         Milk or water will be served with morning and afternoon snacks.
         Water will be available at all times.
         Parents or guardians will be advised if their child is not eating
         Parents of children who are on special diets will be asked to
          provide as much written information as possible about suitable
          foods, and in some cases may be asked to provide the food
          themselves. A photograph of any child with a special dietary
          requirement or allergy will be displayed in the food preparation
          area to ensure that permanent and supply staff are aware of each
          individual child's needs.
         A team member will supervise children while they eat and
          encourage good eating habits.
         Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills and table
          manners and will be given plenty of time to eat.
         We will not provide sweets or foods containing levels of sugar or
          salt that do not comply with the Nutritional Guidelines.

Special Occasions

         We will provide a birthday cake, generally baked in the nursery, for
          children who have a birthday. Please do not send in cakes or other
          food on your child’s birthday.
         Other food may be offered on festivals or special times of the
          year to enhance children’s understanding of the festival.

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary by the
Health Promotion Group.

Nursery/Food and Nutrition Policy                                            2010
Appendix 1

Samples of Snack Menus

         Low salt and sugar cereal with milk
         Sliced apple
         Milk or water

         Toast with spread and jam
         Banana
         Milk or water

         crackers and cheese
         satsumas
         Milk or water

         home baked bread and cheese
         grapes
         Milk or water

         Low sugar fromage frais
         Toast fingers

         Pancakes

         Carrot fingers

         oatcakes

Nursery/Food and Nutrition Policy               2010

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