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					                          CORSTORPHINE PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                            NEWSLETTER 1

                                                August 2009

Dear Parents / Carers                                     ________________________________________
                                                                      AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS
A very warm welcome to the new session 2009/10            ________________________________________
with hopes that you and your children had a really
lovely summer holiday. We have been delighted to          A reminder that you will always receive a letter
welcome all of your children back to school. A            informing you about after school clubs restarting,
particularly warm welcome is extended to all of our       with a request to return a reply slip to state an
new children and parents in the Nursery, P1 and           interest. You will then receive a return letter
throughout other stages of the school.                    confirming that your child has a place.
________________________________________                  These letters will be coming out over the next few
               REFURBISHMENT UPDATE                       weeks. Mrs Connolly will continue to co-ordinate all
________________________________________                  after school clubs.
The planned refurbishment to the school has                                   ACHIEVEMENTS
progressed very successfully over the holidays.           ________________________________________
The dining unit has been successfully installed and
looks a very attractive space both for eating and for     Congratulations to last term’s P4 football teams. The
learning. Unfortunately due to a very last minute         two teams played 31 games between them with both
minor hitch, it will not be functioning until Monday 24   having excellent seasons, winning 25 games, drawing 2
August. This week the children who had ordered            and only losing 4. It was particularly pleasing for the
school lunches were supplied with a packed lunch and      coaches to see how the able players encouraged and
a separate letter was issued on this matter.              brought on other team mates. Both coaches and
If you are dropping children off to school on Monday      players are looking forward to another good year.
morning and would like a quick peek, I will organise      ________________________________________
this at 8.50am.                                                                 VOLUNTEERS
The old library has been reinstated as a very             ________________________________________
beautiful light and spacious classroom for P5T, and
the old dining room has gone through the first stage      We very much encourage parent involvement at
of a transformation into a wonderful new library. The     Corstorphine where this is possible. If you feel that
library will not be completed until the beginning of      you would be able to help out in school, this includes
September as we are still waiting for the furniture       parents who have routinely helped us in the past,
to arrive. We plan to have an exciting ‘Grand Opening’    there are a variety of tasks which really benefit
in October.                                               from parental involvement including:-
You will have an opportunity to see all of these               Organisation of fruit for P1-2
refurbishments         on      the       ‘Meet      the        Helping with reading book organisation
Teacher/Headteacher’ evening on Wednesday 16                   Helping children practice reading
September from 7-9pm. This evening is referred to              Helping children play games which reinforce
in the Annual Calendar as the ‘Parents Curriculum                 learning
Talk’                                                     If you have even a few hours to spare we’d love to
                                                          hear from you. Please fill in and return the slip at the
                                                          end of this newsletter to let us know when you are
                                                          available to help.
________________________________________                 ________________________________________
            PACKED LUNCH BOXES                                       THANK YOU GARDENERS
________________________________________                 ________________________________________

Another reminder that packed lunch boxes this            A huge thank you to our faithful parent and pupil
session will be stored in children’s school bags. Bags   gardeners who came in to school during the holidays
will hang on the pegs in the corridor. If your child’s   and kept all of our tubs and troughs well watered.
packed lunch box does not currently fit in their         The playground areas are looking so very attractive
school bag, could you please provide a carrier bag (or   at the moment thanks to all of this loyal support.
other) for this purpose.                                 ________________________________________
________________________________________                                      WELCOME
                       UNIFORM                            _______________________________________
                                                         This week we have been delighted to welcome to the
A final reminder that all children at school are         staff Mrs Pam Coats who takes over from Mrs
encouraged to wear school uniform every day. Even        Corbett as School Administrator.
occasional lapses for individual children can begin to   We have also been delighted to welcome back Mrs
encourage a casual attitude across the school            Miller who returns from maternity leave.
towards this most important feature of our school        ________________________________________
ethos.                                                                 VOLUNTEERS RETURN SLIP
________________________________________                 ________________________________________
                     SWINE FLU
________________________________________                 Name of parent:                  Tel No:

Please find attached information for parents/carers      Child(ren)’s Name(s)             Class(es)
on swine flu, issued by the Scottish Government.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have
any concerns about children with medical conditions      I would be available to help on the following
which make them particularly vulnerable to infection.    days/times

________________________________________                 (Please tick the sections representing times you
              BREAKFAST CLUB                             would be available)
________________________________________                         9am       10.30am   12pm 1pm       2pm   3pm
Please note that as from Monday 24 August, the           Tue
Breakfast Club will move premises to the new dining      Wed
unit. Children should enter by the door at the side of   Thurs
the building.                                            Fri
                     WET WEATHER                         Thank you for your support.

On wet mornings parents are encouraged not to send       Yours sincerely
children to school until very near to 8.50am. The
school doors open at 8.40am on wet mornings to allow
children into the building a little earlier.

                                                         Mrs J Ross
                                                         Head Teacher

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