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									Information Systems and
      Patient Care
       Jenna Hetland
•   Prevalence and Causes of Medical Errors
•   Current Research and Solutions
•   Emergence of Intelligent Agents
•   Proposed Direction of Research
     Prevalence and Causes of
          Medical Errors
• Between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths
  attributed to medical error each year
• Adverse drug events alone account for over
  7,000 deaths annually
  – More than workplace injuries
• These figures are for deaths only, not
     Prevalence and Causes of
          Medical Errors
• Errors are a systems problem, not the result
  of individual carelessness
  – Other high-risk industries have abandoned the
    error-free operator mentality
  – Attacking problems from a systems viewpoint
    has proven successful
• Errors are not discrete events
• Systems are constantly changing
 Current Research and Solutions
• Error reporting systems
  – Personnel must accurately recall the events
    surrounding the incident
  – Error would need to be reported multiple times
    before root cause could be identified
  – A reactive solution
 Current Research and Solutions
• Implementation of Information Systems
  – Many have been aimed at optimizing time
    resources of medical personnel
  – Are task-specific
  – Current systems do not promote the qualities
    necessary for effective information systems
  – Over half have failed because of resistance on
    behalf of medical personnel
Emergence of Intelligent Agents
• An alternative to traditional systems
• Possess many qualities suitable for use in
  the healthcare domain
• Support initiatives necessary for effective
  information systems
• Preliminary investigation has shown them
  to be effective
• Obstacles still remain
 Proposed Direction of Research
• Integrate essential tasks as well as optimize
  conditions for the patient
• Use of patient-centric autonomous agents
• Occurrence of adverse drug events within
  the prescription renewal process
  – Great deal of information passed between
  – Monetary discrepancy

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