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									                          The Great Telemarketing Report Volume II

                                 The Holy Grail Of Offline!!

                                   Secret To Scaling Out!

                                      By John Durham


Welcome back to class folks!

Okay, where do I start?

I guess the only place to Start is the beginning right? You just start typing and Go! Go!
Go! Don‟t look back! WRITE !WRITE! WRITE! Edit Later.

Learned that back in the songwriting industry…

Just like cold calling.

The First Volume of the Great Telemarketing Report Sold like Wild Fire… literally over
1000 copies sold in just a few short months, and in that time we have been privileged to
see such awesome success stories, TONS of them… In fact I might dare say that
report was really the catalyst seven months ago for a virtual MOVEMENT that has seen
well over 100 people get their first offline sales, and has seen a couple thousand get
educated on telemarketing… We are very proud of that demonstration, and of the
people who make up our group, who are truly the ones, being responsible for their own
success, who make these success stories keep happening..

Most of the people buying this report “The Great Telemarketing War Report Volume II”,
already have the last one , and maybe it even changed your life… So I‟m not gonna go
into all the success stories and link to each one here…That would take a month just to
find them all, there are TONS all over the TMF and WF and ALL the marketing

I am so overjoyed at the impact the simple principles in that simple report had…just like
the ones Og Mandino laid on me when I was 20, that changed my life!

Now Im bringing you “The Holy Grail”.
This is just as effective as the first teaching only to the 100 th power, on a much larger
scale., and if you apply it, it will have just as much impact…

Still, just as with any new degree of success, get ready to embrace another level of

To repeat an old saying; It‟s amazing what happens to your finances when you get to
working diligently on a “good” idea., and it‟s even MORE amazing what the journey to
success transforms you into as a person.

Some embrace burning principles while others don‟t. In religion they say broad is the
path that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to enlightenment…In
business, that translates in to the ole 80/20 rule, which is now more like 90/10.

Really integrating discipline and principle into your work usually requires some mastery,
but once mastered principles they are timeless laws and never fail and always serve
you and transcend everything you do.

Not many take the path of working by way of principle, because its ways arent usually
lazy… the truth is that ACTION is required on all levels to succeed at any endeavor, and
commitment… even in the writing of this report and everything it will take to market it,
and everything it took to pre launch … it took a lot of commitment, and dedication.

Everyone wants success, the difference is that only a few will embrace the process…

Most are embracing “a” process, it‟s the process of wasting months on end floundering
while people like you are forging ahead to even greater prosperity daily, because you
are that one who is willing to be refined by success and go through the fires that the
failure is unwilling to go through!

Don‟t ever forget; “That‟s what separates you from him”. Im encouraging you because
we are about to grow here and go on a whole new journey into another mentality, now
that you have been on the phone, and have been selling and you understand the
mentality of the people who will be working for you. Heck, you could probably even write
a training manual on it!

In closing to this brief introduction:

It is truly an honor to be bringing this teaching forward in our sector of the IM
community, and with it comes a great responsibility to bring only the undiluted,
concentrated truth, which is exactly what you are gonna get here.

Those who embraced the principles in the last report saw success.
As a graduation present, for making it to this juncture in your journey, you are about to
discover the Holy Grail Nugget Of Offline Marketing GOLD That All your friends will be
jealous of! Cant wait to see where you take it!

Wishing you the most prosperous day of your whole life!


Are you feeling motivated? Great!

The last report was actually designed , not so much for scaling and out and hiring… but
for the guy who wanted to sit at home at his kitchen table and make money with nothing
but a phone book and an internet connection.

Many successfully did just that, and many got into the very tip of the ice berg with
hiring a couple of people here and there, once they found out that offline sales were
possible for them, but those people are now hungry to move onto to the next level…
and want to know the keys to scaling out even more.

Well that’s what this report is about, taking it beyond the home office… or beyond
the kitchen table. Beyond the tip of the iceberg. We are gonna talk about effectively
scaling out.

There are several ways to do it logistically, you can have an office outside the home, or
you can watch your telemarketers remotely via `internet virtual call center technology
which you can learn all about at our forum

Back when I wrote the first report many Offline marketers were not even aware of such
technology as auto dialers…or especially that they could be accessed remotely from
home, now hundreds of people have tried it and like it and see the potential for using it
to scale out… but they don‟t know how to scale out… they don‟t “get” how to reach that
critical mass… they cant even figure out how to hire ONE person, let alone create an
offline army.

Well. You deserve this. Im about to hand you the holy grail, but don‟t you think that its
gonna come any easier breaking through this wall than the other… The difference is,
when you get to the other side of THIS one, the reward is 100 times bigger, and well
worth it.

What Im doing with this is handing you the map to the other side which I have
implemented for other call centers and even my own for years, the system which, when
I perfected it, made me realize that maybe I really could be a millionaire marketer!
You are gonna see that too for yourself after this! This report is gonna make scaling out
make sense! I am going to give you the timeless ancient keys of the masters here.

I have produced millions in sales off of this…My friend David can attest , who some of
you know a little… just a year before I pulled this off he was complimenting me on my
success as a telemarketing consultant, and I said Yeah but I still haven’t mastered the
“Holy Grail”… Making a phone blow up with calls ins, or creating incoming warm

Isnt that ALL of our story?

Well back then it was for me too but not anymore. I went HOG wild and integrated
        it into everything I do after I learned what Im about to teach you..

I know this system like the back of my hand, there was time when I thought I
INVENTED IT! Well others were probably doing it, but I invented it for “me”, with my
own twists and distinctions… without the knowledge of what others were doing… In any
event the GREAT GREAT companies all know it, and use it…

                                 Let the Learning begin!

Just when you think the ole Phone pro is out of tricks, here comes the War report Two!!!

This is exciting.

No. Im not out of tricks. I have an overall knowledge of the whole telemarketing and
direct industry, that took 20 years to earn there isn‟t much that gets by me… who knew
it would be so useful today that most of those call centers were selling offline services?

God works in mysterious ways huh?

Wait til you see whats in store for you here… Im not the only one who gets all the good
action from God!!!

Moving on…

I can tell you a lot about successes and companies that made millions of dollars that Ive
consulted managed or built…via hybrid marketing… and people can even confirm the
things I tell you… But you know what?

It would be really hard to describe the long grueling process of 20 years that it took to
get this knowledgeable. Alot of times I don‟t talk about the journey that it took to get
there, maybe because Im focused on the end result or whatever…

Point: You see me as a guy who has this down, you don’t see me as the guy who use
to be sitting right where you are with this at one time…
Lemme tell you:

The first time I tried to build a web design company it was ROUGH!

Like many of you I had learned that I could make sales on the phone, but it was still
hard, and immediately I wanted to graduate to hiring some other people do it for me
and start an office… The problem was that (despite what some tell you) , outside of the
“Bower Loss Leader Method, with the low mthly”, telemarketers could not just cold call
businesses and make $600 credit card sales over the phone so easily.

 So when I left my management job at comm. 1, because I myself was capable of
closing a bigger deal over the phone… I thought “Im gonna do this like Bower, only
instead of giving away a free web page Im gonna charge hundreds of dollars down…”
and rake it in on the front end too…

It was a perfect plan. I worked out my cost and projections and I knew the commission
structure. It was gonna work like a clock! I was soo confident that it would profit the
FIRST week, that I put every dime I had into an office, recruited some of the old hot shot
telemarketers that used to work for me at Bowers…and I was broke, but I figured they
would just sit down and start making sales like they always did…and the money would
be there… made sense right?

Nope. This was a different kind of sale… Next to impossible to do on a cold call for
most people I would find out.

So the whole first week NO SALES… and I had 5 or 6 TMs all on hourly… I had just
invested in this office and equipment.. and the plan wasn‟t working, or even CLOSE. It
was DEAD in the first week right?

 I was very distraught to say the least, and in despair… and feeling, deservedly like an
idiot for taking such a risk, against everyone‟s advice… but there was no turning back

I‟ll bet you have felt that way before…

So, I called a friend, and I borrowed some money to make payroll that week, and I sat
down and talked to my TMs, and said “Look, I made a mistake… We are gonna have
to switch to straight commission… and change our plan here because this isn’t
working… if you want to leave, leave now, I understand”.

Surprisingly none of them did… They were all excited to be working with an “internet
company” in the dot com boom! It was hard but we all wanted it to work.
So I devised a plan, to take two of them and turn them into outside field reps while the
other 3 set appointments all day, and I payed them like 25 bucks per appointment plus
commission if it sold.

When we switched to that; appointments started happening pretty quickly!!!

And so I took each of my two chosen sales people out separately that week to
appointments while the other stayed behind with the Telemarketers, Im not sure I even
told them I was just learning to do it myself… But I think on my feet so…I showed them
how to pitch face to face… and that week we got like 5 sales which was a major thing,
the next week double…

Soon $1000 sales were happening twice per day with that little crew.

Some of you are saying at this point ; “I understand, it wasn’t easy and I see the
process you had to go through and the tweaks and changes, but how did you get it to
that point in 30 days, when I have been trying to hire people for months”?

Well, really, it always comes back to the truth… How much time are you spending
working with people each day? Really.

I was at my office at 8:am everyday working with my sales people in close quarters till 5
or 6 every night… are you doing that?

If you are doing 25 percent of that effort, then you can expect it to take 10 times longer
than it took me to accomplish the same, not “4” times as you would expect…, because
you don’t even have a momentum factor going.


When you go on a hiring campaign and expanding campaign you have to do it as
wholeheartedly as you do a cold calling session. You have to “mean” it, and be
prepared to bear down until you get it past that critical place where it tips over into
success mode.

But don‟t worry, Im not writing this to be all hard core, just reminding you of your proper
boiler room etiquette, and that even in the most delicate surroundings one must never
forget to bring their BALLS to the table.

Back to the story…

It was working.

In the meanwhile I had started implementing sort of a fax call back method for the
telemarketers to prequalify the appointments better…and one of them CLOSED ONE
inadvertently on the phone this was about 6 weeks in… then low and hold another one
did…soon we had developed a fax call back system of selling that allowed the outside
field reps to close over the phone 70% of the time and not have to go out of the office
anymore, and that felt brilliant…

The system was that we would call and introduce the offer, fax it over with permission,
then call the guy back later and talk to him about the offer while he had our promotional
fax in hand… it wasn‟t very long till we developed our muscles with that method and it
smoothed out too… That‟s how it works.

It was making money finally but it was making a lot of work too… and I couldn’t
take a break from it…

Teaching the average telemarketer to make the jump from the bower method to the fax
callback method took some doing, but we finally felt like we had some control …

It had taken months of hardcore, tireless dedication to get my little group selling and
collecting hundreds or even thousands of dollars sometimes over the phone..but we had
mastered it… and survived until we thrived…

By the time it got to the point where it did about 30k per month I had a partner…and
more expenses though and I kept thinking there must be a better way… I was worn out
after almost two years of running someone else‟s call center and now starting this

Hiring people remotely despite the glamorous façade is even harder because you cant
be right next to them all day, and it makes it harder to get going… or does it?

Hmmm… we‟ll revisit that…

For now, switching from doing the cold calling by yourself to hiring others is even MORE
work… and it wasn‟t supposed to be that way right?

Wrong. You just didn‟t perceive that it would be, because honestly, you didn‟t WANT to
perceive that it would be hard, even though EVERYONE know its WORTH it.

Ultimately, we all eventually find that success without sacrifice is an illusion.

    Now That Ive made this look like the grind that it is, let’s lighten up a little!

I know some of this talk has been rough, but I didn‟t want you to go soft on me just
because I told you are getting the Holy Grail today!
The telemarketing report, while effective as ever, took some by surprise because they
didn‟t expect to actually have to work at it, so Im going to the opposite extreme on this
one. Still true though.

        But John I cant even hire two good people how am I gonna do this?

You may sense that now, as you are trying to train others hands on. Getting started
hiring others can be harder than cold calling by yourself!

You may even wish you could just go back to doing it alone for a minute here and
there… but that doesn‟t lead where you are trying to go. Stick with me here.

You may find that you have to hire ten people to get one great one if you are hiring
people to work from home, and not in an office… and despite all your training efforts
you may have come to the conclusion by now that “Some people just get it, and others


You are right.

That‟s the next level of success… right there, realizing that. That realization is what
broke me out of the hamster wheel, and I quit training people at that point hands on.

You realize that its not their responsibility (the people who work with you) to make the
business run, its yours, and so you routinely replace the parts that don‟t work.

Sure you can beat a square peg into a round hole if you try hard enough, but its gonna
be all beat up and have scars all over it by the time you get it in there…

HOWEVER if you find a square hole to fit the square peg, it slips in like nothing, like it
even “belongs”.

Big Key here… So why waste time training people when you can just offer the position
and say “Take it or leave it, do it or don‟t”?

You have a hole in your puzzle right now… there is a piece that “belongs” there… you
could “make” one, although it might take a lot of focus and time to get it fashioned just
right, or you could just find the one that fits, that would probably be easier… just think if
you had to “make” every piece… it would take an aweful long time to do that puzzle and
you might even get discouraged and give up altogether!

Why sit there and pain yourself all day with incomplete pieces when you could just get a
puzzle where all the pieces fit… instead of struggling with trying to fashion things into
something they arent, even though you “can”.
Forget working with people till you are blue in the face, just find the right people.

That‟s easier right?


Oh so you are finding that great hires are few and far between huh?

And you are wasting lots of time, weeks on end trying to fashion people into winners
that just don‟t get it right?

Why? Because if you just keep interviewing and you don‟t hire anyone to work you arent
gonna make any money, and hiring someone requires training and handholding… then
you get away from interviewing… blah blah blah… It makes finding the right people slow
and frustrating.

Here‟s the thing:

 A man that’s gonna succeed only needs the most basic instructions and he will
        take it the rest of the way. Just like you reading this report now.

Remember I said that, because we are gonna come back to it later… For now back to
my story…

Im gonna teach you some things here that you thought you might have learned from the
at TMF… you know , some things that others copied and tried to pass off as their own,
before I ever really got a chance to talk about it?

Here‟s the deal though,

„You cant fake experience. Words of experience speak with their own authority, and if
yours don‟t have it… people are gonna see through that. You can copy a paragraph but
what are you gonna do when you start answering questions and people arent getting
results from your answers?

When I was young I hated the ole pro‟s… now I am one, and they were always right!

EDIT: (Enter) John cougar singing now; “When I fight authority authority always wins…”

Hey, you can be an authority too, but first you have to prove you have the “Dant, dant
dant EYE OF THE TIGER….dant dant dant….”

“Brief Music Interlude Over, Now Back To Regularly Scheduled Programming”.

The last report was powerful because it was “Truth”, and Truth sets you free!

Are You ready for the next level of truth?
Alright lets do it! Back to the story:

It was cool finally having this company rocking, but it wasn‟t really my dream to be
working so hard, I felt I had taken it as far as I wanted to, and my partner had another
company who wanted to merge offering some astronomical figure that I didn‟t believe,
so I took a chump change settlement from him and just gave back my part of the
company…so I could go off for 6 months and do NOTHING Later he actually closed the
deal and made an ungodly amount of money … my bad.

Now that Chapter ends… and we begin to enter a whole new world, as I stumble onto
the Holy Grail … Which I learned by myself, but now I know that ALL the smart
marketers do… Its no wonder why they don‟t tell us. It took me ten years to discover it. I
cant believe Im telling YOU to be honest!

But that‟s how family rolls!

Chapter 2

So I take off fthe stuffy business clothes, put on some jeans and do NOTHING for about
6 months …I wanted to be irresponsible again,grow my hair out like back in the music
days…I was tired of the office life!

But 20 pounds, and a few months of accomplishing hardly anything started gaining on
me... I was headed for hard times again soon, if I didn‟t jump back on the train..

It was time to get back on the horse, I had run out of money again… and my hair was
growing out everywhere except for the top!

Lol Wasn‟t like the ole days anymore!

So here I was a few months later, broke and back to the kitchen table again setting
appointments for myself… Only this time I had a pony tail… but it was okay, web people
were supposed to be cool like that… it doesn‟t matter what you look like, when you are
the one with the great idea!

When you are on the right track. Everybody wants to jump on with you! lol Seriously!,
and I WAS!

This time, at the Kitchen table is though when I would make my greatest
I got an idea…

I got a MIND BLOWING idea…

I want to go back in business but THIS time, I want to create CALL INS!

So I quickly gathered about $3000 in sales using the OOC method, and I payed my rent
2 months ahead and utilities…the basics, as my expenses weren‟t very high at the
time… and I told myself I am gonna sit at this table and map out something
revolutionary for the next 60 days make it fly!

So I did.

Im not gonna go into to gory details of the niches… But Im gonna show you a system I

I basically wanted to sell “websites” and monthly maintenance fees to a niche type of
business professional But I didn‟t want to cold call, and I wanted to scale it up and
have people calling me instead which, would require ADVERTISING.

Which I had little money for… But I started testing with what little I had, and I stumbled
onto a secret and 6 months after I discovered that secret, my business had over
2000 customers!



That sounds like an amazing number and it WAS, but that was only just the beginning…

Very much like a lot of your own personal journey’s though, in the beginning it
wasn‟t easy. There was trial and error and it was rough to figure out what would work.n
When finally did though I couldn’t believe how simple it was, and now Im sharing it with

Very much like you are about to… when I discovered the simple truth that the gurus had
been hiding… I wanted to kick myself because it was so easy.

At the time though the answers eluded, they made me keep stumbling around until I
found out on my own.... So,

                  How are you gonna make Offline Clients call you?

Where are you going to advertise to create call in business?
Those were the questions I needed answers to.

Really, there are a lot of people who need this or that product or service … but its
  only in the back of their mind, and they arent necessarily looking through the
                                    paper for it.

There ARE things people are looking for in the paper DESPERATELY though…


First I tried print ads… and got very little response for offline clients… and very
unqualified ones, because you cant educate much in a print ad..

And I discovered that you cant find iffline clients online, because they arent online…

So, where are you going to advertise to these people who arent online, and they arent
looking through the weekly newspaper looking for webdesigners?

One thing was certain, any one who could crack that code
was gonna have something special.
Sure we could cold call em but WHY? I was tired of that. And wanted to go some place


NOTE: Im gonna tell you what I discovered, but as hard earned as this secret is, if you
try to refund on me after this Im gonna hunt you down and kick your tail!

In the newspaper? Classified ads?

How do you target them…?

Is hiring a team of cold callers the only way?

I really didn‟t know how to create incoming leads… and it really bothered me.


     I am about to show you the most amazing thing I have ever discovered…

          The first time I tried it, it pulled $700,000 in less than 8 months….

Not long after I discovered this secret, that first company made almost a million dollars
from it, then failed because of infrastructure problems, but no problems at all with
It was a hard failure too, but in the meantime I had discovered the secret to creating
incoming business and a lot of people had seen it go from a kitchen table to almost a
million dollars in zero to 60, and they wanted to know how!!!!

This was the point when I feel like I really when from being
       a call center manager to a real “Marketer”.
I still haven‟t told you the secret…I know, I will, Im still letting you know how valuable
this is!

The secret itself is simple and could be explained in a paragraph , but you would expect
that for 7 bucks and there‟s no way Im giving away my greatest secret for 7 bucks! Lol

                                    Just keeping it real.

Well, I was disappointed that I finally stumbled onto the greatest marketing system in
the world but my company fell because of some stupid things I overlooked in the
foundation of the infrastructure.


Another person who owned a call center in the meantime, who had been in my office
several times and was curious about my success, and business model… asked me to
come and manage “their” call center, because they also had a fairly well known local
entertainment website and made a deal with me… they wanted me to implement a
similar strategy for their business… and offered more money than I could turn down,
even though at that time I wasn‟t so keen on sharing the idea. They worked with Models
and Modeling agencies…

What can I say?

Money talks.

And so I did it, and it worked like a charm, and their gross sales tripled and they hired
me to do more… not only could I pull the incming leads, but I could also train
telemarketers…and I ended up managing that place for a year, and it was an awesome
experience, my strategy took them from 18k per month to a figure (per month) that is so
unbelievable I‟m not even gonna mention it because it will be too over the top for most
to assimilate… okay over $260,000 per month. There!

This company was aggressive and really “meant” it. They had the infrastructure to
blow up fast like that, all they needed was a good marketing plan…
That‟s what it takes. Not only a talented marketer with a good strategy, but also a
dedicated client who is willing and able to do what it takes.

During those days my reputation in the Nashville call center industry preceded me, and I
was fairly sought after as a general manager… I also did a lot of consulting, as business
people would come in and ask me about my operation… I would sometimes make deals
to help them with different things…


I could bring something to the table that no one else could, for certain types of

I didn‟t just bring phone skills, but I knew how to make people call YOU!

People started seeking me out, wanting to know about it, and so I have since even
implemented this strategy for several Rich investors in the offline world who have
approached me… because the first thing they want to see is how it works…

Many of these guys just want a demonstration, because they put up money to see it
work, then ultimately when it generates a bunch of leads they don‟t follow up with them,
calls ins… that‟s the problem with investors, having a working system that generates
leads or call ins only takes you halfway there… after that the real work comes in.

Most of them probably just wanted to learn form you how to do it so they can do it on
their own, I had a guy do that to me once too, and paid me $500 to do a one hour
presentation to his partner… then they shut me out and did it by themselves, with
great success actually.


A few more examples… I have a few because back when I was doing this EVERYONE
was amazed… it was pretty mind blowing how fast it took off…HUGE IMR’s KNOW it
NOW, and some even teach it, but they don’t apply it in the way Im gonna teach
you… the way I did, without having read their reports… I just figured it out!

 So, after this huge success… and failure ultimately, there were handful of people I had
met in the call center industry who were begging me constantly to implement it for

On one occasion a liquidation company paid me 3k to put a test system together for
them to see if it would produce leads… and it did what I projected and generated about
500 qualified leads, but like many, they never followed through, although amazed that it
On another occasion, a very ego driven Chinese restaurant owner… who had heard
about this “Modeling Agency Website” I had worked with… had approached me,
because he wanted to work with Models… at first I was reluctant, but I figured I‟d talk
to him…this guy pulled up to my house in a brand new Porsche looking all Bruce Lee
like with the cool shades…

And he sat down with me at my home over coffee and drilled me about how I did it…and
made the modeling website blow up to over 260k per month…

Back when I managed that office, there where like 6 foot models everywhere, coming in
and out… you couldn‟t swing a dead cat without hitting a glamour model… So people
really envied my position, and he had heard about it from some guy that had come
through the office at some time.

He said, “ I want a site like that which generates leads and models and I will hire
telemarketers… you just put the system in motion and give me phone pitches, and give
a site with models…, how much for that”?

I said, I have been doing this for people too cheaply, it takes too much of my energy,,,
Im about done with it honestly, I couldn‟t do it for less than $10,000

He said “How can I trust you”.

I said with a wink “$10,000 isnt enough for me to want Bruce Lee comin‟ after me with
the kung fu mafia… I don‟t like looking over my shoulder, if I couldn‟t do it I wouldn‟t
take your money…”.

He leaned back and grinned and said “I rike that. Good answer , I rike that”.

…and he busted out a checkbook right there on my coffee table and said “I pay you
$8000.00 now and $2,000 when the job is finish Okay”?

I took the check and he, said to me “I rike you” as he made his way toward the door,
“We do more business together. I give you advice that make me rich; If you keep your
rudder straight you will always get to your destination, and never do yesterdays work
today…okay I see you rater, we get rich and have lots of models around…okay...very
happy time…”, and drove off in his new Porsche, which he said is one of two because
he couldn‟t decide between black and silver.

Over the next couple weeks I would go to his diner a couple of times and meet with
him… and he would have all his workers rush around me and bring anything I wanted…
I was his guest of honor…

Like I said, you get treated well, when you are the guy with the bright idea.
Finally when the job was complete, I had put together the system for him and gave it a
test run…and the leads were piling up and the plan was working just like I said it
would… I went to go collect my 2k and he was out of cash flow at the moment…so I
called a few times over the next month, and one time he said “I want to go ahead and
hire telemarketers and you train…we will meet and I will have your check, work me up
an estimate…”, and he never showed up… Eventually, I gave up on him.

Later I learned, he took the easy route to his “true” goal, and went out and bought a strip
club instead, when he called to tell me he changed plans and wanted his money back…

I don‟t care, I collected 8k, did the job I was supposed to, it worked like I said… and it
only cost me about $1000 to pull off!

Even more than the money, I had shown myself that this system would work like clock
work anytime I wanted. Is it gonna cost you $1000?

No. I have refined even more since then.

Last example:

There was another guy who owned a site at the time called the “Nashville Scene”
named Steve Smith.

He had been a client of mine years earlier when we built a site for him and he had this
huge plan to make it the biggest Music City News site… … but he never followed
through… Later he came back to me, after watching me build up the modeling
company…And asked me to implement it for his music news website…

He had celebrity endorsements… He even picked me up in a limo to attend a private
Arista Records release party for Clay Davidson. This guy was a bragger / name dropper
like crazy… truth is he had went broke and couldn‟t really afford a limo, but he got one
anyway to save face pulling up to this record label party… At this point he was sinking
almost all his money into trying to continue to LOOK like he had money.

It was a great music industry party, I met all kinds of celebrities… and I thought “This is
cool. Yeah I want to be involved in this…”. Again, you get a lot of privileges when you
have the HOLY GRAIL!

So anyway, after a lot of talk he introduced me to some entertainment attorney who was
financing him, and they invested about a couple thousand bucks to try a short run
campaign with my system … it worked yet again… But again, when the leads came in
he wanted ME to do the telemarketing on commission… he had never told his investor
that they had to follow up on the leads…
Here‟s the problem, “Phone Pro” don‟t even LOOK at a phone for less than $500.

Man I have been paying my dues so long. I will telemarket for myself if I need to, and I
DO know how and WILL at the drop of a hat… but if Y-O-U want my 20 years of
experience to work for YOU , You need to have a couple hundred bucks per hour…
seriously I probably wouldn‟t even do it then.

So, needless to say, that was out of the question for his budget.

But yet again, I had proven to myself that it would work like a charm for just about

NOW, the Big question :“Will This Work For You”?

Answer: Yes it will.

Does it only work for the entertainment business? No it works for the OFFLINE
business… I just happened to be in Nashville at the time and everybody wants an
entertainment site there…


The REAL question is , as always, “Will you work it”?

Im gonna give you a hint that about 70% of you will have the right answer too: How did
you find out about the telemarketing forum?

How did I grow my forum?

Did it cost me anything? Did I MAKE money growing it?

Is my forum about the entertainment industry?

You see Im gonna show you how to do it, and make your phone blow up, or your email
                  box, or you website membership…whatever…

 … thats really not a prob, no matter what service you are trying to promote…but most
     people think that is synonymous with “Hands Off” or “automatic” no work…

Tisk, Tisk… Guys, there‟s no magic bullet in the hat… But this report is pretty darn

So listen up!

Want the truth that I have been saving up for you…?

Here it is:
You cant be TOTALLY, but yeah, if you do the right things you CAN be a little lazy and
make money! Shhh…don‟t tell anyone.

Yeah, SOMEONE has to be doing sales, but it doesn‟t have to be you, and you DON‟T
have to be training people hands on.

It IS going to require SOME action though, just not as much as you might be taking
now… So after this, you will still need some cahones, but you wont be working even
HALF as hard as you did before.

By the time Im done with this you will know EVERY SINGLE THING you need to do to
make this work, but if you don‟t DO IT, as prescribed, its worthless, except just for
spouting knowledge, or maybe copying and rewriting to do your own report as some do.

Im hoping you will be different than the guy that owned the Chinese buffet, and also the
music biz guy… and that you will put this in action. It truly cant be saturated.

Okay, you have indulged my stories, and now I am going to tell you what I discovered at
that Kitchen table which has afforded me the luxury of making not only money but being
the honored guest at many business functions…

Don‟t hate me, because this is gonna be simple. At least its not gonna cost you ten
years to figure out this VERY SIMPLE TRUTH like it took me, unless it ALREADY

You ready to end the greatest Telemarketing WAR REPORT ON EARTH WITH A


Here is the thought that struck me at that Kitchen table one day…

1: “I need to offline sales people”

2: I need to create a great commission structure.

3: I don‟t want to train them or hassle with them, I just want them to go do their thing
and send me incoming leads.,,and calls.

4: “I need to create a training manual and have it ready…”

So I started to work on a training manual of about 20 pages… teaching them about the
opportunity, and the compensation, how to sell offline services for our company…and
where to find the contractor form online to fill out and send in to be paid…

And I created about ten pages of training on how to do the job…
Included in that I talked about other telemarketers and sales people, and I gave
examples of how people did 10 sales a week, and how much money they could make if
they did that… and all the benefits of working with our opportunity.

And at the end I gave them the option to call in for an interview… if they needed to hear
more before they started working.

Then I went to and placed an ad in the biggest city I could find in the work
from home section and I just SOLD THE SIZZLE on this work from home opportunity in
about one or two paragraphs....

When people responded by simply clicking “Apply for this job” their resume was
automatically sent to my email, and it sent them an auto responder message with my
little report.

                      WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?

                                  The very Next Day…

I woke up the next day and there were about 2 or 300 resumes in my box.

WOW! My little report had went out to 300 people who clicked what amounts to a “like”
button on my job posting at monster… that didn‟t mean they wanted the opportunity, it
just meant it intrigued them enough to send an auto resume and see whats up.

You get tons of those, sometimes people don‟t even know what they applied for when
you call them... but a large percentage do…

So anyway, then I go look at my answering machine because my phone was ringing off
the hook with strange numbers…AND IT WAS FULL!

People wanting to hear more…

I was overwhelmed.

I tried to keep up with it for about a day but then the thought struck me that only one out
of ten of these guys would ever go out and even sell their first website, so it got
discouraging sitting there talking to people for free all day… the return was too far out.

So a few days later I went back to the drawing board…

I was WAAAY behind on answering calls and emails…

Some of these guys when they were calling told me “Hey, I would have paid for this
information, I didn‟t even know such opportunities existed…”.
So I got another Idea and I went back to my little auto responder message and I
changed some things in the report.

I added something, I said “We will even give you your own personal webpage and
business card templates in your starter kit… however you have to pay for your own
starter kit a fee of XXX…

I had learned at monster that every time you edit your ad, with a new word or even a dot
or period, it pushed your ad back to the top, so I edited my ad and tried again…

Guess what?

The next day my message box was STILL full.

Only this time I called these guys back.

In the report I mentioned scarcity and that I could only put on a few people per city, and
that I had to be selective, but call me if you were interested and I would see if there was
a match.

And I had written out some notes as to how the call would go…

Remember I told you that not only was I gonna give you incoming calls but also

SOOOOO…. LOL Didn‟t know phone pro had all this in him did you?

Never underestimate my friends… a lot of people didn‟t think our forum would make it to
2k members either, and be the most comprehensive offline resource on the net in the
opinion of many…but I guess they were wrong!

Back to the lesson…

So my answering machine was full, only this time it was full of QUALIFIED prospects,
who were saying… :”Hey I read the report, I understand there is a fee to get started, I
wanted to ask a few questions first, Im am in the ____ area, and I sure hope you have a
slot left because Im really interested in doing this…please call me back

Is that leverage or what?

Now here is the genius part that you are gonna love me for.

I had made an out line of what to say when I called them back.

Like to hear it?
Here it goes:

Me: Hey Bob, this is John with ___________ got your message, looks like you want to
apply for an opportunity with us hear?

Bob: Yeah! Im glad you called me back.

Me: Bob you know this is about selling web related services to the _____ market right?

Me: Okay and you understand its commission and that some people makes hundreds of
thousands at it, but some people only make a few thousand a month and the
opportunity is only what you make of it?

And where are are you calling from again Bob?


Im gonna see if I can look up your app, in the mean time if you don‟t mind, please tell
me a little about what interested you in this opportunity and what brought you here…

(Now, while he hears you shuffling through apps and apologizing because you
are overwhelemed by so many applicants…Bob starts to tell you why he is the
perfect match for your opportunity, and he starts to verbally tell you what excited
him about the opportunity).

Guys. I invented this by myself. Is it brilliant or what? I cant believe Im sharing it…

Me: Okay great Bob, sounds like you are really excited about this we appreciate that,
you know guys who really “Get it” like you do tend to do really well.

Now Im looking at your app and it says you are currently only making 10 bucks per hour
and that you have only been at your job for a couple of months… it also shows that you
only worked at your previous job for 6 months months… You mind telling me whats goin
on there?

Now Bob starts explaining himself… (do you see all the leverage here? Do you see
why the founder of TMF is not afraid to be challenged by ANYONE on his subject
matter, and why people at TMF succeed?! Good! )

You are in good hands. I promise!

Back to the Dialogue:
Me: Okay Bob, well that all sounds reasonable, you know what Ive found honestly is
that a lot of times when people skip from opportunity to opportunity its just because they
are in demand and can go wherever they want… from the looks of your skills sets on
your app here, you probably fit into that category… (let him hear you shuffling his app…
ps. Yes, Im that calculating, you don’t get to be Phone Pro for nothing).

ME: The only issue Im having Bob, and it’s a tough one, is that I only have one slot
open in your neck of the woods there it looks like and I still have about 10 people to

Let me ask…. Are you pretty serious about this?

Great. You sound serious I like that… and also if I choose to give you this slot right now,
when can you start, because I need to get this area going fast…I need someone who
can start within a week…

Okay great… Oh also, if I give you this slot you today, are you gonna have any problem
coming up with your starter kits fee’s, because I don’t have time to wait to fill this and
they will be due before you can process orders through your web personal web page

No problem?

Okay…hang on sec… Im thinking I might be able to do this, you seem like you could
handle this…lemme put you on hold and check real quick to make sure that position is
still not filled because there’s another guy interviewing too…

Put Bob on hold for a minute… if he‟s still there when you get back, he is probably
clutching his credit card and crossing his fingers.

Back to dialogue…

ME: Great news Bob, I have aguy who was gonna start this afternoon, but we are
waiting for him to come up with the fees, we told them for come first serve… If you want
this and you are ready to rock, lets do it…

Bob: Cool!

Now collect the credit card and put him on your email list and send him on his way to
work the opportunity and send you paying customers… or NOT his choice!

Back then I had sort of a discussion board I put up for my agents to talk to me or each
other…ask questions… After that first phone call I rarely ever spoke with any of them
again… they would go out after that and either sell or not…
Within a couple of months I had 300 of them, and about 20% of them were out there
doing a sale or two per week, and within 7 months I had over 2000 customers, and an
office in downtown Nashville and all my telemarketers did were two things:

A: Sell the opportunity just like I just showed you just now, the way I designed it, in an
interviewing fashion that gave them ALL THE SALES LEVERAGE!

B: If the agents sent us call in customers we closed them on the phone.

Is this genius or what?


So what do you mean I don‟t have to train these people?

Listen… you bought this report right?

Remember when I said a man that‟s gonna do something will take it all the way on just
basic info…and if he cant he wouldn‟t have anyway?

You think Im gonna hold your hand and give you a blanky… because you bought this
for 20 bucks?

 No for 20 bucks Im gonna show you the basic system, and if you are the type who
could have pulled this off anyway, then you can take it from here competently.

 That self motivated quality is a key characteristic of a success… So why do we
    waste so much time spinning our wheels trying to drag mules to water?

Why not just find some thoroughbreds who can think for themselves and bypass all the
headaches of trying to hold peoples hands every day and losing money and your mind
and patience and hope…? Why do that?

Good question and we are going to answer it. Right now, in fact you just read part of my

Get prepared to get chills…

300 people are going to buy this report you are reading, and about 30 of them are
gonna take this all the way… and come back reporting success stories.

Are you paying attention.

Did these 30 peoples success cost me anything?

If you succeed at the strategies outlined here, did it cost me anything to train you?
Did I have to hold your hand?

No. I just sent you a report with some basic ideas that you could run with…that‟s all I
did… still, 30 people in the next couple of months are going top report that they succeed
wildly with this…

What about the % who don‟t?

Well , they got an education that will serve them, and they know if they don‟t follow
through it wouldn‟t be the first time and it wasn‟t my fault…right?

What did I have to do with their failure? Nothing.

What did I have to do to get them to buy my instruction manual?

Nothing. Just place and ad online.

I gave good info, that‟s all im responsible for… 30 people succeed wildly with it because
they had what it took to follow through…

Does that seem lazy of me?

I told you that once you have the secret you can be a little lazier… its not in the
report writing though its in the butterfly effect…read on…:

Now I want you to imagine that instead of just teaching you how to expand your offline
army, this report was also offering you an opportunity to make 100k per year or more to
work for my company?

A lot of you would take it right?

Lets say 150 people out of 1750 said “I don’t want to do it the hard way and work for my
own company, Im just gonna sell JD’s service instead and make big commissions and
residuals…I like his idea better and I can make just as much money without all the head

Well if I sent out a report on how my company made money, and also offered and
opportunity to work for it, and 150 people took the opportunity, on top of already having
bought my report, and my report had already trained them, and 30% of the 150
succeeded in making a couple of offline sales per week…     what would happen
to my company?
It would EXPLODE with hundreds of customers virtually overnight!

Just like it what? “DID”, and just like yours can too!
Are you still paying attention?

Well when I got tired enough of doing business the hard way, and recruiting and training
the hard way.. I devised a system to do just that and that is when my business went
from the kitchen table to almost a million dollars within 7 months time…

So, now as a buyer of this report my business has recruited you. You? Sure it has,
yopu will no doubt join my forum now right?

What did it cost me to recruit you?

Nothing. I made about $3,000 selling a report though!!

Even though yeah, in all fairness it did it cost me 60 bucks to place the ad on the WF
with wso pro…and another 60 for graphics genie to do an ecover… it also took me
about 10-20 hours to write the report.

But then I don‟t have to do anything ever again, unless I want to regarding this
matter…except answer a few questions via the foprum or email now and then right?

My trainees are on auto pilot…they are all working off the report…

In the process of making money selling a report about making money offline, I recruited
150 people and 30 of them really took off and started selling my products like
wildfire…and their training was the report they bought in the first place.

Now I have 2000 customers!

Not a bad deal for me huh?

Now you see my secret?

Is it amazing or what?

You say “John, you are teaching us offline, but what we see you doing is just selling
opportunity with info products”. Precisely! Expanding, and getting paid to do it.

Just like you want to do right?

Creating call ins, and people who contact me for opportunity…growing my telemarketing
forum with every report I sell…and having it explode with new automated content every
day that I don‟t have to work for except to maintain the forum…

Brilliant yes?
I don‟t have to recruit, people are banging my door down to work with me and they are
willing to pay to do it. IMAGINE, they will PAY ME, for a chance to help me grow my
own company!

WOW. Was it worth reading all my fluff to arrive here?

You need to soak this in for a moment? Great, go pour yourself a coffee

Im about to seal it up and teach you how to get to the next level of outsourcing sales…in
a few short sobering paragraphs…now some of this report has blown your mind…Once
you see how the secrets works and even worked… you will experience a moment or
two of kicking yourself and being pissed at me for not talking about it in report# 1, but
shortly thereafter your mind is going to explode with ideas and you may have a great
epiphany about moving forward in your offline business.

This is the JEDI recruiting stuff here… ONLY THE BEST!

Here‟s the simplicity okay, we are gonna close it up and Im gonna let you go have your
mind blown for a few hours thinking of the possibilities before we see you on the forum
talking about them.

Forget selling a report though, Im gonna teach you how to crank this up fast and get
paid for interviewing people to work for your business… you will make money recruiting
even faster than you do selling websites because job seekers and opportunity seekers
buy faster than any other market, including offline business owners…

A: Create a training manual for your opportunity, and create a great opportunity for
someone to make a lot of money on commission selling your offline service to their local

B: Make it a report.

C: Offer them the opp to call in or apply to be interviewed.

D: Use the interview prescribed above.

E: Immediately start making $500 per day recruiting people to sell your offline services.

F: Set up a discussion board for them to offer support in a central location that wont
have you pulling your hair out with customer support…most of them will never report,
they will sign up but never actual get in action, so if you have 100 agents you are still
only answering a handful of questions every day..

BLAMMO let them send you offline clients!

That easy.
Now granted the second part wont kick in till you‟ve hired about 20 people, but you are
gonna hire more like 200 because you get paid up front everytime you put one on.

You are going to make cash all day hiring people, and you are going to build up offline
clients, but you never have to sell offline services to anyone…

After you have 20 people hired on, the offline clients will start pouring in…

That‟s how it happened for me.

And that‟s the John Durham original system for scaling out… Now you have it.

Write a report about your opportunity that gets people excited, place on jobs sites, in
forums, in classifieds… make them want to work for you, then call in apply, then close
them… and give them a chance to see if they can sell for you. Don‟t train them, let your
report do that…then just let em go…. Make your living, as I said, with the shift of
mentality now… NOT by selling offline services, but by selling the opportunity to work
for your company and make you money. Now youn are getting paid to hire people
instead of paying for it.

Like I said, I don‟t look at a phone for less that a couple hundred dollars per hour, if Im
even gonna spend 20 minutes INTERVIEWING you, Im getting paid for it.

Don‟t waste even 15 minutes of your time folks. Time is money, and now you know how
to make a truckload of it!

Read, reread…its all here.

Hope you enjoyed this report and were enlightened.

For now this is Phone Pro Signing out and “Wishing you the most prosperous day of
your whole entire life”!!! Now you now the secret to getting people to call YOU!

Go get em!


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