Making Quilts by 3VFLuH


An art that has been around for
Materials Needed
  You will need:
     Strips of colorful cotton
      fabrics that are at least
      four inches wide.
     A thimble
     A pair of fabric scissors
     A spool of quilting thread.
     A fabric pencil
     A ¼ inch by 6 inch straight
     A fine quilter’s needle
Step One

  Gather all the
   materials needed
Step Two

  Lay all the materials you need out on a
   good, flat surface, making sure you have
   plenty of room to work with
Step Three

  Measure your material
    There are two ways to do this which will be
     discussed in the next slide
Step Four

  Cut your material
  This can be done two ways:
    Using a rotary cutter, mat and ruler to
    Using plastic stencils which you trace
Step Five

  Decide on a design you want to use
    Many different designs to choose from
Quilting Designs

    Blocks
    Rectangles
    Circles
    Mystery (Where each person adds his or
     her own patch to the quilt)
Quilting Designs
Step Six

  After you decide upon a design, sew your
   quilt together
    Always sew on the seems of the edges to
     make a perfect sew every time
Step Seven

  Add the finishing touches to your quilt
    Smooth, bat, and make sure your quilt isn’t
     wrinkled or developed any distorted sewing
Quilting in Appalachia

  Quilting was very important to women
   during the Civil War
  Mother’s passed quilting down from
   generation to generation
    It is still widely practiced today
  Quilting is a hobby anyone can enjoy

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