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									HEA790 Non-Medical Prescribing (V300)

Faculty of Health & Social Care - Edge Hill University, St Helens Road,
Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4QP

                                  Intake 1
               Session                Day         Date            Time
             1st Session            Tuesday     04-Sep-12      9am - 3pm
            2nd Session             Tuesday     11-Sep-12      9am - 3pm
             3rd Session            Tuesday     18-Sep-12      9am - 3pm
             4th Session            Tuesday     25-Sep-12      9am - 3pm
             5th Session            Tuesday     02-Oct-12      9am - 3pm
             6th Session            Tuesday     09-Oct-12      9am - 3pm
             7th Session            Tuesday     16-Oct-12      9am - 3pm
             8th Session            Tuesday     23-Oct-12     Reading Week
             9th Session            Tuesday     30-Oct-12      9am - 3pm
            10th Session            Tuesday     06-Nov-12      9am - 3pm
            11th Session            Tuesday     13-Nov-12      9am - 3pm
            12th Session            Tuesday     20-Nov-12      9am - 3pm
            13th Session            Tuesday     27-Nov-12      9am - 3pm
            14th Session            Tuesday     04-Dec-12      9am - 3pm
            15th Session            Tuesday     11-Dec-12      9am - 3pm
            16th Session            Tuesday     18-Dec-12      9am - 3pm
            17th Session            Tuesday     25-Dec-12     Reading Week
            18th Session            Tuesday     01-Jan-13     Reading Week
            19th Session            Tuesday     08-Jan-13      9am - 3pm
            20th Session            Tuesday     15-Jan-13      9am - 3pm
            21st Session            Tuesday     22-Jan-13      9am - 3pm
            22nd Session            Tuesday     29-Jan-13      9am - 3pm
            23rd Session            Tuesday     05-Feb-13      9am - 3pm
            24th Session            Tuesday     12-Feb-13      9am - 3pm
            25th Session            Tuesday     19-Feb-13     Reading Week
            26th Session            Tuesday     26-Feb-13      9am - 1pm

Assignment Submission 4pm                       26-Feb-13
Faculty of Health & Social Care - Edge Hill University, St Helens Road,
Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4QP
                                   Intake 2
              Session               Day            Date            Time
            1st Session           Wednesday     20-Mar-13       9am - 3pm
           2nd Session            Wednesday     27-Mar-13       9am - 3pm
            3rd Session           Wednesday     03-Apr-13      Reading Week
            4th Session           Wednesday     10-Apr-13       9am - 3pm
            5th Session           Wednesday     17-Apr-13       9am - 3pm
            6th Session           Wednesday     24-Apr-13       9am - 3pm
            7th Session           Wednesday     01-May-13       9am - 3pm
            8th Session           Wednesday     08-May-13       9am - 3pm
            9th Session           Wednesday     15-May-13       9am - 3pm
           10th Session           Wednesday     22-May-13       9am - 3pm
           11th Session           Wednesday     29-May-13      Reading Week
           12th Session           Wednesday     05-Jun-13       9am - 3pm
           13th Session           Wednesday     12-Jun-13       9am - 3pm
           14th Session           Wednesday     19-Jun-13       9am - 3pm
           15th Session           Wednesday     26-Jun-13       9am - 3pm
           16th Session           Wednesday      03-Jul-13      9am - 3pm
           17th Session           Wednesday      10-Jul-13      9am - 3pm
           18th Session           Wednesday      17-Jul-13      9am - 3pm
           19th Session           Wednesday      24-Jul-13      9am - 3pm
           20th Session           Wednesday      31-Jul-13      9am - 3pm
           21st Session           Wednesday     07-Aug-13      Reading Week
           22nd Session           Wednesday     14-Aug-13      Reading Week
           23rd Session           Wednesday     21-Aug-13      Reading Week
           24th Session           Wednesday     28-Aug-13       9am - 3pm
           25th Session           Wednesday     04-Sep-13       9am - 3pm
           26th Session           Wednesday     11-Sep-13       9am - 1pm

Assignment Submission 4pm                       11-Sep-13

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