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									               Retention Practice Transfer Partnership- Steering Group

                              HE STEM Midlands & East Anglia Region.

Project Summary

Title:    Student Perspectives on Transition, Induction and Retention into Higher Education.

Aim: This PTP proposes to consolidate frameworks of successful projects for HEIs to improve
student transition, induction and retention in STEM disciplines. It is focussed on sharing proven
practice through HEI and subject centre interactions, advocating the student perception and
providing a platform for retention in STEM.

Purpose & Plan

Given the breadth of student retention initiatives and projects, the purpose of this PTP is to collect
and present good practice models specifically from STEM departments. A list of sub-themes has
been identified, splitting the project into eight core areas:

    1.   Transition Advice for students and parents.
    2.   Critical Moments in the first year.
    3.   Academic and student services support.
    4.   Curriculum Development.
    5.   Enhanced transition and induction.
    6.   Transition of International students into UK HEI’s
    7.   Social Engagement.
    8.   Evaluation of tools and monitoring effectiveness of retention projects.

HEIs with demonstrable proven practice will lead each sub-theme, further engaging with similar
projects led by STEM departments and subject centres. It will share effective practice through
ensuring there is a strategy, embedding and evaluation framework in each guide. Developed in
written and electronic formats, these guides will be launched through an event and disseminated
widely via a web repository, sustainable for future development in STEM retention.

Retention PTP Steering Group


The purpose of the Steering group is to provide advice and strategic direction for the Retention PTP
in accordance with its aims and objectives.

The guidance provided by the Steering group will ensure a co-ordinated approach between all HEIs
leading to effective evaluation, dissemination and sharing of best practice.

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Chair: Professor Kamel Hawwash, Regional Director of HE STEM Midlands & East Anglia.

    1. Professor Liz Thomas, Director for Widening Participation Research Centre (Edge Hill
    2. Hal Igarashi, Project Director Employer Engagement (Royal Academy of Engineering
    3. Michelle Morgan, Learning and Teaching Coordinator (Kingston University).
    4. John Davies, Professor in Civil Engineering (Coventry University).
    5. Henriette Harnisch, Director for Curriculum Innovation and Development (University of
    6. Mike Bramhall, Faculty Head of Learning, Teaching and assessment for Arts, computing,
        Engineering and Sciences (Sheffield Hallam University)
    7. Fiona Lamb, Associate Director (Engineering Education Centre)
    8. Ed Stevens, Regional Officer for Widening Participation & Outreach (South West)
    9. Alex Fenlon, Dissemination Officer (HE STEM Programme)
    10. Sadaf Alvi, Regional Officer for Higher Level Skills (Midlands & East Anglia)
    11. Annette Smart, Regional Officer for Widening Participation & Outreach (Midlands & East

Frequency of Meetings

The group will meet three times over the next seven months. Meetings are proposed to take up to 4
hours including lunch each time. All meetings will take place between 1st September 2011 and 30th
March 2012.


All meetings will take place at the University of Birmingham. Members will be notified of exact
timings and location as appropriate.


For further information or contribution please contact Sadaf Alvi, Projects Officer for Higher Level
Skills at HE STEM Midlands & East Anglia, by email or call 0121 414 8321.

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