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									Speech and Language                                 Beloit Health System also has a team of
                                                    counseling professionals including psychiatrists,
 N Effective Communication With the Hearing
                                                    psychologists, and social workers who will offer
                                                    their speaking services free to the community.

                                                                                                           Hea th
 N When is Stuttering a Problem?

                                                    For speakers in the field of counseling please call:
Sports/Athletics/Exercising                                         (608) 364-5130
 N The Benefits of Strength Training
 N Important Steps to Prevent Injuries              Counseling Care
                                                     N Stress Management and Stress Stoppers

                                                                                                            Ta ks
 N Setting Up an Exercise Program
 N Build Strength and Increase Flexibility           N Depression
 N The Athlete and the Age Factor                    N Parenting Strategies
                                                     N Family Issues
Technology Services
                                                     N Coping With Change
 N What Can X-Rays and Radiation Imaging Tell Us?
                                                     N Time Management
 N Laboratory Services: What Do They Tell Us?
                                                     N AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction)
 N Technology in the Operating Room
                                                     N Mood Management
Weight Loss And Healthy Eating                       N Communication Skills
 N Lap-Band Surgery—Taming Your Hunger               N Can This Marriage Be Saved?—Marital Skills
 N Nutrition for Optimal Health                      N Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
 N Why are Americans Obese?                          N What to do if a Loved One Drinks Too Much?          Offering Professional and Medical
 N Healthy Cooking Can Be Fun!                       N Grief and Loss Issues
                                                                                                             Speakers for Our Community
 N Reading Food Labels: Grocery Shopping 101         N Caring for the Caregiver
 N Holistic Health: Taking Care of You!              N Healthy Decision Making
 N Diet for a Healthy Heart
 N Osteoporosis - Can it be Prevented?              Especially for
                                                    Adolescents and Teens
Women’s Health Issues
                                                     N Mood Management or Teen Depression
 N Breast Health
                                                     N Resolving Conflict
 N Menopause and PMS
                                                     N ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity
 N Balancing Career, Family and Health
 N Women and Heart Disease
                                                     N Healthy Decision Making                                1969 West Hart Road • Beloit, Wisconsin 53511-2230
 N Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle                                                                               (608) 364-5011
                                              Suggested Topics
                                                                 Would your group be interested in any of the following
        eloit Health System would like to
        introduce you to our Health Talks
        program.                                                 topics? Other topics are available upon request.
The following list of suggested topics was                       Beloit Health System                           Maternal-Child Health
developed to assist you in planning                               N What’s New at Beloit Health System?          N You and Your Baby—Care Education
speakers for your school, church or                               N The Expert Care of a Hospitalist             N Bringing Baby into the World—Labor and
organization. The medical professionals                                                                            Delivery Issues
and technicians at our hospital offer their                      Cardiac Care
special knowledge to your group to                                                                              Occupational Health
                                                                  N Stateline HeartCheck
enhance the health of our community.                                                                             N Safety and First Aid in the Work Place
                                                                  N Caring for Your Heart
                                                                                                                 N Keeping the Workplace Healthy
    Speakers are offered at no-charge                             N You and Your Cholesterol
          to your organization.                                   N How to Prevent a Heart Attack
                                                                                                                Occupational Therapy
                                                                                                                 N Jobsite/Work Modification
                                                                  N Diet for a Healthy Heart
However, we ask that you call our office                                                                         N Is Your Home Safe?
4-6 weeks in advance of your speaking                            Emergency Services                              N Handling Arthritis
needs (or as soon as possible) for                                N What to do in an Emergency Before the
scheduling. We suggest you consider a first                         Ambulance Gets There                        Physical Therapy
and second choice of topics in case a                                                                            N Caring for Your Back
speaker is not available for the time                            Health Programs                                 N Proper Exercise for Health
requested. Please call for more                                   N Diabetes Education or are You at Risk for    N Being All You Can Be: Strength Training
information and for scheduling:                                     Diabetes?
                                                                                                                 N Cardiovascular Exercises: Your Heart is a
                                                                  N Feet Hurt? Five Common Foot Problems           Muscle Too!
   Larry Bergen, Community Education                              N Team Work and Accomplishing Goals            N Don’t Let Stress Get the Best of You
           (608) 290-4832                                           Through Support and Positive Interaction     N Injury Prevention
                                                                  N Nursing as a Career                          N Non-Surgical Options for Injuries
    Sarah Starmer, Community Relations
                                                                  N Are You Getting a Good Night's Sleep?
            (608) 364-5206                                                                                      Seniors
                                                                  N What Massage Can Do for You
                                                                                                                 N Learning More About the Lifeline Home
Thank you for your interest and your                              N Safety: Bikes, Car Seats and Seatbelts         Response System
continued support of Beloit Health System.                                                                       N The Aging Eye
                                                                                                                 N Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorney
                                                                  N How to Know if You Need a Hearing Aid
                                                                                                                 N Exercise for Seniors
                                                                  N Hearing Aids: What’s Available?              N Normal and Abnormal Memory Loss With Aging

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